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  1. 11 minutes ago, scook said:

    For now, use patch points to send audio from one track to another. Patch points may be created in the output and sends on one track and accessed in the input of other audio tracks.

    Aux tracks are based on patch points.


    Thanks. Scook. I'm familiar with it, yes. It's not as powerful though. I have another way to do Aux and Vocals that way - it's just a longer way and 4/5 tracks later just for this method/effect. 

  2. 11 hours ago, Josh Wolfer said:

    Are you wanting to add a send on an audio track and route it to the input on another audio track? 

    If so, that's not an insert, which has an entirely different use. I'll accept that it's close enough to a side-chain, that the term works. 

    If that's what you're looking for, what's wrong with aux tracks? 


    If this isn't what you're looking for, I'm gonna need a better description as to what exact routing you're asking for and why. Maybe draw it out. 


    No this not it, but I hear what you say. To get a better understand - insert an instrument track, than create an audio track and route the audio tracks input to the intrument track. It is another way of sidechain or for a wet and dry effect. I'll insert a video/Gif. Just bare with me. 

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  3. I'm just going to keep on annoyingly asking everytime the same things until someone answer LOL. My requests are never for nothing. Reason is - the biggest genre's out there, is your EDM; Future Bass; HipHop; Dance and House genres - and to not be limited to only three sidechain methods by the daw itself is ridiculous and should be catered for. 

    As stated in one of my previous posts, it's the ability to route the input of an Audio or Aux track to every other track inserts. Right now, this is only possible with "Instrument tracks." and to be able to do different kind of "Side chain" such as a dedicated side-chain track, is extremely important.

    To try to understand what i mean. . . Create an instrument track and record something. Insert an "audio track" and route it's "input" to your instrument track - voila! Another form of "Side chain" and a Wet/Dry track. 

    I hate running to pro tools every time I have to work with these genre's and methods - as I've been extremely comfortable in CbB workflow for years.


  4. Hey Jim Howzit?

    Why don't you create them as templates with the correspondent workspace? I got the idea from my "Empty Project" template I had created with only a Master bus and my personal settings I like. 

    So when you want a specific "Workspace" you open them with the saved template. This way you have the option to move around with your templates and desired workspace if it's needed in a different studio environment other than you're own. 

  5. Good day Bakers, CbB staff and CbB members. How ya'll doing? 

    Busy times with project requests as we slowly coming out of this world-wide pandemic. 

    So, I was busy working on some drums and inserted the free SSD5 drums - tweaked it to taste, to create the "Motown Room" feel. So, now as I'm busy inserting my reverb - an idea came up. I then went to the vocals and guitars and tried this idea on them, but with no luck. There's a few work arounds, but they're useless and not that great. So here it is . . . 

    Step 1: Insert a virtual instrument of your choice and lay down some chords or notes. Set all it's verb and delay FX to dry. (Or leave it as is, as this is only to demonstrate the request.) 

    STEP 2: Next to your instrument track, create an "Audio Track" and route it's (audio track) "input" to your instrument track as "Stereo." Insert a reverb or delay set it to wet and Voila - now you have an independent "sidechain or Dry/Wet effect track. Great for EDM, Future Bass, House and similar genres

    Now what I have noticed is . . . This can't be done with Normal Audio and Aux tracks to work on guitars or vocals this way. Would it be possible to add this feature for both Audio and Aux Tracks too?  For Aux tracks, it will simply be for effects on group tracks - and for audio track, it will be to create your own Wet/Dry "effect " with some compressors that dont have the wet/dry feature build in. This will also be another independent way for sidechaining your 808Kick sample or bass guitar or other audio bassline files. It will be extremely beneficial, especially when doing "Mastering."


  6. 2 hours ago, Colin Nicholls said:

    I use Studio One for album mastering but I'd love to be able to stay in Cakewalk. One feature that seems like a no-brainer now that we have the Arranger lane is multi-track export.

    I would love to see the EXPORT module allow me to save a project out as a series of named FLAC files (or even burn to CD!) using the sections defined in the Arrangement:


    In this use-case, for example, I have recorded two sides of a tape cassette that I am restoring for a friend, and I have defined the song/track breaks using the Arranger Track; set up stereo adjustment on each recording run; I have mastering effects in the Master bus (not shown), and at this point I have done everything I need to the audio. I just need to GET IT OUT of the project, as separate MP3, FLAC, or WAV, or similar. Or even straight to CD. Cakewalk has CD Burning ability but it requires mixed and rendered WAV files on disk and, dammit, everything I need is right here in the project. Including album/artist  information in the Project Info dialogs...

    Being able to set up an alternative track sequence (using the Arranger) and burn a test mix to CD to listen in the car would be JAM.

    Please consider adding this feature to the development hopper.

    I'm understanding you correctly, do yoy want to export the stems individually as it's in the project?  If so - this can be done in Cakewalk. 

    Step 1: 


    Step 2: Choose your channel format. Best to choose Follow Source. This will render Mono and Stereo tracks in their individual formats. 


    Step 3: Choose your file type1255495017_FileType.thumb.jpg.489fa68b47abdefc72367d01ad221c21.jpg

    Hope this is what you were looking for. forgive me if I'm way off track here, but that's how it works for me. 

  7. On 9/24/2020 at 6:46 PM, Justin P Brown said:

    The recording I attached is not of the original recording. I posted it only as an auditory example of the popping effect through the speakers. I have no idea how it was recorded. There are probably all sorts of background noises present.

    Its highly Audible on my phone too. Sounds like no Pop filter? 

  8. On 9/28/2020 at 10:57 PM, brandon said:

    I struggle to get to grips with the 'freeze' facility.

    In a nutshell is it purely to save CPU power? If so, this has been a feature for many many years when processing power was at a premium. Now that processors are ten times faster is there any real need for it or is it because VSts and effects require more power than they ever did?

    And secondly  - I watched a video of a guy converting a midi track to audio. But first he used the freeze command on the track and then used the resultant audio and saved it as an audio file. He then imported that audio file into the project. That seems to be beating about the bush a bit i.e.  the long way to go about doing something that should be very straightforward.

    I feel I may be missing something here (as I don't see me ever having to use this facility) and would welcome any comments on this subject that may enlighten me.  


    I've argued this recently on the forum. It only "converts" the instrument file to an "audio file" - It does not render it to a "wave file," which I requested and argued for plenty reasons. One would be -- "Freezing" brings certain limitation for me. I can't manipulate the file 100% as what I'd like too. So, I rather record it in-house to an Aux track. It would've been nice to "Bounce/Render" it to a "Wav.File" in-house though. 

    One benefit of freezing is the ability to "Undo." 

  9. @Jeremy Jensen This is how I do my Wet/Dry effect. Plus, you have more control over the effect too.  You can add a Mono effect with the interleaved set to mono - it does not affect your Stereo instrument track at all. 

    GIVE AWAY TIP: Extremely handy step when you're doing Mastering. SHHHH!

    As soon as I can get this GIF to insert URGH!

    The site don't want to take the GIF sorry. It shows a (-200) ERROR message - so pictures it is. 

    1: Insert your instrument track and record a few notes30390457_Cakewalk1.thumb.jpg.92eb393503c73bd8e71e2bde82cb6bd5.jpg

    2: Insert an Audio Track37094983_Cakewalk2.thumb.jpg.72c4facaf2d0097812596418c3d8575e.jpg

    3: Route the Input of the Audio Track to your instrument track. 269094603_Cakewalk3.thumb.jpg.e20b07fa284db672d2cbeb02025b8c3f.jpg

    4: Mix to your desired taste by lowering the instrument fader to balance out the volume levels with the newly created wet effect and vice-versa. It makes good work for side chain too.  


    Note: This routing method does not work by sending the instrument track output to an Aux track and works only on "Instrument Track Inserts


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  10. On 9/28/2020 at 3:27 AM, Jim Fogle said:

    @Will_Kaydo, I apologize if you believe I'm busting your chops.  That is not my intent.  I'm curious, that's all.  I would think it would be easier to periodically bump a thread than it is to re-write it.  Again I'm sorry you took offense.

    Lol. None taken, I know it was with good intention. I was merely just throwing in some humour. 

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  11. Good Day Bakers and Members. 

    I see when selecting two or four tracks to resize together does not work. It never bothered me until a few weeks ago. 

    The Auto Zoom on tracks works just fine. I see the Shift+Z command has also been disabled to be manually added in keyboard shortcuts - which is not a deal breaker. 

    What is though, is the ability to highlight selected tracks to resize in on tracks with Ctrl+Drag option on highlighted tracks alone. 




  12. Good Day Bakers and Members. 

    I see when selecting two or four tracks to resize together does not work. It never bothered me until few weeks ago. 

    The Auto Zoom on tracks works just fine. I see the Shift+Z command has also been disabled to be manually added in keyboard shortcuts - which is not a deal breaker. 

    What is though, is the ability to highlight selected tracks to resize in on tracks with Ctrl+Drag option on highlighted tracks alone. 

    Any thoughts on this from anyone? 





  13. 9 hours ago, Vernon Barnes said:

    No - not it, I have disconnected the Ethernet port again and the problem persists. In Waves Central the ID of my C drive has changed with a connected local drive C with no licenses and a disconnected drive C with the licenses,


    Support case opened with Waves.

    Windows defender - I hate it. When you update windows, always disconnect or uninstall any antivirus you might be running during this process -- especially Avast. 

  14. 14 hours ago, Jim Fogle said:

    @Will_Kaydo, I've got a curiosity question.  You stated



    Let's say each request gets 10 positive responses.  At 4 requests for 2020 that's forty positive responses.  Do you think forty positive responses on one post would carry more weight and has a better chance of being implemented than 4 requests from the same person?

    Well, It didn't get 10 or 40 responses. So, I'm gonna keep requesting until it get's picked up. 

    Why do you find my four requests problematic? Everyone has some idea's that falls on deaf ears a few times, before it eventually gets noted. This will benefit me in my workflow and I'm sure for others too who hasn't seen the request yet. 

    Why hide the strip with the global on and off switch of the pro channel when hiding the eq module? Just because I don't use the channel EQ doesn't mean the entire pro channel features should gets hidden. I do use the channel compressors, tube and saturation  especially the console emulator. 

    @Jim Fogle Don't bust my man parts like this. 😭

  15. Good Day Bakers. 

    We all know the comfort of working with keyboard shortcuts and how it saves time, right? 

    Another add-on option to an existing keyboard shortcut would be amazing to have at our disposal too. Can the option of choosing a "Mono and Stereo" Audio or Midi track output be added in the box below when pressing the "Insert key" on your keyboard in both pictures? The option is already there for instrument tracks - can we just add it to Audio tracks too?


    This option on the computer keyboard is an instant insert for audio tracks. So whenever you hit "insert" on your keyboard the option should follow all the properties chosen for this feature and should the need be to choose a stereo audio track - it should be with Alt+Insert. 


    Having it available in the second picture will benefit other users too.

    It would be extremely awesome to have it available in all aspect of track inserts, as all of our workflow and creativity differs from one another.  For instance, I'm a shortcut and floating window nerd - so I hardly do the mouse click inserts.  

    I pray that this reach someone's attention. 



  16. It's probably my fourth time requesting this for 2020. 

    When hiding the "Pro channel" under the module tab in the console. Can we get it to only hide the visual eq square and not the "Post; Clip indicator and on/off button." 

    I like to work with as minimum visual as possible. However, the pro channel on and off switch/button comes in handy a lot. I rarely use the pro channel EQ that's why I hide it's visual box,  (called ""PRO CHANNEL" under the Module tab in console view.) but I do use the Console Emulators on every track and one or two FX dials. Having the global Pro Channel on and off button visible is essential - I don't see why it should get hidden with the clip indicator LED and post button too. I've requested this a few times. 


    Please bakers. 😭

  17. On 9/22/2020 at 10:08 PM, greg54 said:

    I was playing around with some things in CbB and was wondering about the stereo/mono button on my mono tracks.    On vocals, when I press it to Mono and hit Play, the vocal is a little louder.   My question is whether it makes a difference on vocal tracks, other than the loudness.    Does it matter if I keep it on Stereo or Mono? 



    CbB - edited 2.png

    1: Go to preferences.

    2: Under Audio Tab select "Driver Settings." 

        • Click Stereo Panning Law

        • Set to 0dB center, balance control. 

    3: Apply and do a test. 

    Record in mono, set the interleave to Mono and do a pan test - this should work for you. 



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