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  1. Yes. I have to close mine manually and it is always the last instrument that was used. It doesn't crash the DAW - so, thats a thumbs up, but it is still weird.
  2. Every single time I open a project the last instrument that was used - opens with the project load too. Anyone else experience this, or know what might cause this? I have looked everywhere in preferences for a setting like this, can't seem to find any.
  3. Will.


    πŸ€” How did they do a rescan of a missing plugin back then? 🀯
  4. Feature request: Can we have an option when bouncing multiple audio clips on the same track to not link up as one clip? Also . . . For midi clips to not crop itself to the nearest note at the beginning or end where there are no information on the beat count. Sometimes when you do cuts on a midi clip, to rearrange the chords, from middle to back, or back to front - it crops itself when they are bounced together. This requires the user to drag the clip out to fill the measure/bar and then do a groove clip so it can retain the size.
  5. HUMOUR: 😭 You let me waste 10mins to record that audio clip and to make the video just to rephrase the OP? 🀣 On a serious note: 😐 Isn't it maybe for reasons such as: you can easily change your mind and choose a different preset or a totally different VSTi - last minute in the project? So keeping a name would not make sense if you go from a grand piano to a flute.
  6. I own a Toshiba i5 7800K laptop with 16GB ram - a standard machine for all-purpose usage. About two weeks ago I installed SPlat and CbB last. Everything worked great during that short run on things. The next day: I grabbed my external to get a project I'm recently working on and threw in the project folder, unplugged the hard drive, and took it back to its original place. I then returned and worked less than 30mins, and BANG! it crashed. At this point, I thought it was probably driver's issues and got up again to get my secondary Focursrite 2nd-Gen, but to no avail. It kept crashing every time. Four days later and it was just annoying to get these crash issues, but looked past it. Then I thought of something I don't have on the main system - "SPLAT." I decided to uninstall SPLAT and what do you know -- no more crash problems to this day on this little thing. This got me thinking - can SPLAT be the cause of all these crash reports? I never have any crash issues on the studio system (with no splat.) So why did I get it on the laptop with both on | and | once it was uninstalled the issue magically disappeared?
  7. Well, it's probably because you're encountering phase cancellation with your recording and playback.
  8. Help on what? What help is he actually seeking? It's not clear if he wants help or not. His first complaint is about Digital Performer and then strawberry ice cream? πŸ€” not completely sure.
  9. Will.


    Voodoo! 🀣 Welcome to Cakewalk. πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
  10. Another great addition to this: When the lanes are collapsed and all your envelopes sits infront on the clip - the ability to do cuts on a region is disabled. This make it impossible to do a quick cut for some comping or other form of edits. So if we can do some cuts when the envelopes sits infront and also gets cut with the clip - would be great.
  11. Definitely send Output support a complaint as well. It is highly important to send CbB support one too. I had found a problem where a plugin that was working in Vst3 doesn't work with the new release only the vst2 does. So I rolled back prior to the Update1 of 2022.02 and the VST3 installation works again.
  12. No, I don't think it does. I trade the old car in for a newer model after every 12 months payment - as soon as the insurance allows me to.
  13. In case anyone is wondering. It reads: "a problem caused the program to stop working properly. Windows will close this program and let you know if a solution is available."
  14. (Read with a sense of humour.) Stop right there young man! This post is illegal. Here we only post bad things about CbB. Haven't you seen the forum? We only say Goodbye and we're not going to break that tradition now - even though we are still in the month of love. Wait . . . are you being sarcastic perhaps? mmmm . . . Interesting!
  15. That's because most forget to apply and save their workspace settings. Its really important to do this. On the first page right at the bottom it need to show the tick. βœ”οΈ
  16. So 11 is out. Well, I guess the only thing to do now - its to consider both. Maybe, the two don't play well together? Or the new driver updates of your Audient? To narrow it down, try both on a simple one track project. If the issue persists - contact all 3 developers support team directly. Cakewalk, Icon, and Output.
  17. Dang it! I don't know how to feel about this. I own both. It's actually the first time I hear about a fire incident with both. Should i be worried? Its my 4th Audi in 7 years and probably 100th Samsung phone.
  18. That's what I said with the iKeystation after a having it for a year. Look at me now . . . problem free. You do realize it wont hurt you to try it right? When did you update to 11?
  19. πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Icons? πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ A test quick: First save the project as a "copy test project" > unplug your interface and do a export without the interface. Before you export though - make sure that all the main outputs (that was set to the Audient) are going into your "Master Bus." Reason: I have the 5x Pro iKeyboard that CbB don't want to be friends with. Might not be your case here, but it's worth a test. Could be those plugins too, yes.
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