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  1. Considering 14% of the worlds pc still uses windows 7 even after the support are gone it would be a mistake to let CbB be unusable on windows 7. It would need some outside the box thinking...and as the time fly by it seems they're back to the old pace i read about and those bugfixes that don't remove but instead put in the bugs.
  2. Noone care, i know. But lack of rollback is why i move over to Reaper.
  3. It's the opposite of Reaper. Reaper expects the track first and everything else inserted into the same track. Cakewalk is more everything on its own track. Instruments first and tracks second.
  4. Kurre

    FXchain custom ui.

    Thanks. I'm not sure if you can do so much more "themes" out of all the objects. These three was the obvious ones and used as examples of the quality of the graphics. With fxchains you replace one object at a time. You can use red knobs with the goldie body if you will.
  5. There are some photos as background. Those are from my fathers digitized slides. I declare these cropped versions and the rest of the graphics as public domain. Body is the same as background. Knob is the same as rotary. Nameplate...well, isn't it obvious. CbB in a file name refer to the pastell colors, red green blue yellow(ish), used in prochannel graphics. I picked those colors and used them for a bit of color coordinating on some of the objects. The theme folders is mostly for organizing. It is about creative graphics and not to copy some hardware look. When you're tired of looking on the same ui all the time, you now have the ability to liven things up. Download zip from here: Gofile.io changed to a time limit for files. Info on snapshots: Wood - brown theme, button onoff blue and nameplate silver. Blue - blue theme. Goldie - Yellow theme.
  6. I just skipped the X and went direct for the conclusion. Seems i nailed it perfectly. Well, minor problem. I adjust as always.
  7. Yes it will. Windows announced big changes to the underlying code structure in Win10. It is going to be more and more incompatible with earlier windows versions. Which means that sooner or later CbB devs will have to take a decision if they should allow their code to grow only for the sake of win7 and 8 compatibility. Maybe future Win10 code can't coexist with earlier code without massive amount of extra code. If that happens Cakewalk moves from Windows only to Windows 10 only. And without a Linux or Apple or Android version the future is...? Well, they have to rely on online Bandlab to be a huge hit.
  8. Have you checked that your win8 is 64-bit? You need that for CbB to work. If so, on this page: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/older-downloads/ go down to "Redistributables and build tools" and expand it. Go down to "Visual Studio 2013 VC++ Redistributable" and download the x64 version.
  9. That is avoiding the question. You probably took the political route of being vague to protect your back. I take that for a yes. Because if it can not be answered with a definitive no, it surely will happen at some time in the future. You all feel free to say what you want about windows versions now.
  10. Lazy me learned hexadecimal to work with sysex.
  11. Would there be a time when the refresh activation from BandLab assistant refused to do it because of me don't having the latest update? Or "some update". In other words, does the Bandlab activation react to existing update version? The answer is NOT dependent on windows version. PLEASE do not mention it and ruin a perfectly fine question.
  12. Don't make contact. I can't stand kontakt.
  13. You can do a Custom gui for fxchain/prochannel. The button is a strip of 5 buttons. Only button 1 and 4 is used. Why is that? And is there any circumstance when all five of them is used? I know it is assigned to an on/off button in the effect pointed to, but why have five of them and not two? (Would be nice if you could step thru them by clicking. Could expand the idea by having more buttons on the strip and assign to a range.)
  14. If you read the manual, it says that you have to mark each note yourself to be able to save as midi. It's extemely hard to extract midinotes from multiple instruments at the same time that's mixed together in a song. It's a big miss that they didn't allow for the import and selection of a single instrument to midi. If someone could "AI" that midi conversion so the midi notes didn't need cleaning up afterwards, that would attract buyers.
  15. My personal guess is that the devs have thought about inputs and outputs. It's harder to manually add audio outputs than it is to add midi inputs. Thus leaving it to the user to decide how many midi inputs they need.
  16. Kurre

    CbB Updated

    Aha, gotcha... So it's here you're hiding. I knew there had to be a win 10 war somewhere. And here it is in the notification about Cakewalk update.🤗 Windows 7 pro R U L E S !
  17. It's an old gif i found when going through all of my graphics folder. In search of things i can use when making skins. It probably is 10-15 years old. I'm a compulsive downloader. If it's free and somewhere on the big wide net. I'm gonna find it and download it.
  18. Oh, mummy want to hear from us! Rush to the net.
  19. It isn't really apparent if you have an audio sample in your audiotrack that sounds "trial" or if it is a notification with the written word "trial". If soundsample - get rid of it. If notification - usually there would be some lead on what program is generating it. Get rid of that program. Yes, not very helpful but not much else to do.
  20. I wait a bit. At KVRaudio they say it's 32-bit but one of the guys offered to make it 64-bit. We'll see how that goes.
  21. Sounds right. I have my CbB running and go do something else for a couple of hours. When i come back, the first thing to do is turning off the audio engine and then turning it on again. That wakes CbB from the dead. Well, at least for me.
  22. I just started with fx chain. As a person with extreme low income i have to explore all free ways first, like googling and doing my own. It would take at least 6 months to figure out if paying is the solution. But $4.99 is ok and in my price range.
  23. When i made my own fx chain this came to mind. It would be nifty to have a task scheduler as some sort of fx chain. The scheduler is first in the chain and should trigger on/off the other fx individually at certain points in the timeline.
  24. It's cool. You probably should have posted in the "Feedback loop" forum. The name is awful but it's the place for feature requests.
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