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  1. And here I am thinking of selling mine....
  2. FYI, I downloaded this. This is the exact same pack they gave away last year. So, if you got it last year, skip this one. If you didn't, get it - the price is right.
  3. I have a soft spot for Falco 3. It's the first tape I ever bought. I still think it's a fantastic example of 80s pop.
  4. Agree with Larry - put the OS on the 500gb SSD Put the NI and EastWest on the SSDs Use the 7200 SATA for projects, samples, installers, etc.
  5. husker

    My Cure for GAS

    To be honest, I really didn't mind it. I'm kind of a computer guy, I cut my teeth on building PCs and OS's back in the day. Its almost kind of relaxing to me. The DAW stuff, however, can be trying. It makes me thankful for companies with good downloaders/installers (Native Access, Arturia Software Center, Waves Central, etc.). Click and forget.
  6. husker

    My Cure for GAS

    I've found (at least a temporary) cure for gas. I recently picked up a new midi interface (a MioXL, replacing my old Motu), which resulted in a needed planned re-cabling/reracking of all my hardware. After that was complete, I figured I should look at the DAW computer. I thought what the heck, I'll just rebuild that as well....from scratch. Wiped the hard drive, installed the latest Windows 10, Cubase, etc. It took days of work to reinstall/reauthorize/reconfigure all the VSTs, Kontakt libraries, etc. What a total pain. And a clear fix for GAS! (Now how long is that Ethera sale on?!?!?!?!?)
  7. husker

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    Last year was so much better!
  8. I keep a password protected Excel sheet with usernames, emails, and obfuscated passwords. I use a generic password, but in 100s of variations. In my sheet, I might put "with J2*" - which means every second J is capitalized. Not NSA proof, but good enough for me. For my installs, I keep a large Word documents that has all my plugins, with deactivation and install instructions. It includes all the serials.
  9. Can someone in the States run Native Access and see if you can connect? I just stopped being able to connect on three computers (on two different networks). Thank you.
  10. Does anyone else get an obscene amount of email from Musicians Friend? I got 5-8 a day; I finally just unsubscribed - it was too much. I figure the best deals would be posted here anyway.
  11. If I hadn't just had Koby move me from Diamond to Horizon, this baby would have been mine....
  12. Most products list these fixes Presets can not be saved as Factory Presets anymore AAX is now correctly detected in Pro tools Improved program change handling in vst2
  13. Run Arturia Software Center for updates. 22 of the 25 V Collection V products have updates.
  14. husker

    8DIO Christmas Sales

    I have Requiem. Totally worth $88.
  15. husker

    Zero G BOGO Deal

    I'll take it Lars!
  16. Brauer Motion is a great choice. It does some really cool things.
  17. I have a code for the full collection. First come first served.
  18. I like SFM. I got it last year for not much, I'll definitely give them $9 this year.
  19. Thank you for everything you do for us King Lars. Happy Thanksgiving.
  20. Does anyone have both FM Tines 1 and 2? I love those cheesy sounds. I have Version 1, but not sure if Version 2 is worth the money.
  21. Thank you. I think you posted last year that B&H had them $300/pair with free shipping. Hope someone does that again.
  22. Direct download link for Windows is here
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