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  1. LAST CHANCE TO BUY Humankind soundsets by TheUnfinished. Less than 24 hours left to grab one (or all) of the Humankind soundsets. Today is the last day they'll be on sale for a looooooong time. A huge, warm hug of thanks to everybody who has contributed so far. Amazingly, the total raised currently stands at just under £4,000! I am genuinely dumbfounded and grateful, it's remarkable. Thank you so much. That money will go to The Trussell Trust to help some desperate families - it makes such a difference to such vulnerable people.
  2. Thanks for the details in OP. Please let us know what you think once you've gotten a chance to check it out.
  3. While I love FF stuff - I'm really waiting either for a kick @***** video demo to show me what secret sauce V2 adds* or until I have time to seriously beat on it. Not really impressed by what I've seen or heard so far. The reality is that I will pick it up at some point but right now I've no urge to postpone getting something else to grab it NOW. *yes, I've seen the list but show me/play me something that will make me care.
  4. TheSteven

    Arturia OB-XA

    NM, I thought you were saying that your price for just OB-Xa ala carte is 149. I will probably go the same route for the same reasons.
  5. I'm judging by sparsity of replies that not many are dropping their current fave rotary plugs to grab this one...
  6. TheSteven

    Arturia OB-XA

    Hi ZT! Are you sure on the details? I have Vc6 and my upgrade to the V Collection 7 + OB-Xa V is $149... So that's like a continuation of the $99 to C7 sale they had recently plus $50 for the OB-Xa.
  7. My non-educational discount price is also $53.90 YMMV depending on what other FF plugs you own.
  8. I think the marketing of the new system is somewhat dishonest. It's designed to drive sales of WUP more than helping the user. Having to keep tab on which pluggins are currently being used and Wupped is a bigger hassle that moving licenses or using a USB. There are techniques that could limit the licenses to one floating working installation at a time with a minimum impact on the end user but that would require a little effort and creativity to implement.
  9. It should apply to all your licenses whether currently covered by WUP or not. This comes off off as another 1/2 @ssed method of wringing more money from their user base.
  10. Will this device keep my bass player from unsafely 'spacing out'? - remembering a gig where our bass player took a hit off of a smoking pipe that someone stuck in his face in the middle of a song and for the next 12 bars he was off key, off tempo, off planet...
  11. Download available at https://www.soundtheory.com/support Apparently I missed a number of updates... Soundtheory Gullfoss Change Log Known issues (2020-05-09) •None v1.6.2 (2020-05-09) •Fixed a problem with mouse dragging with UI scaling enabled. v1.6.1 (2020-04-28) •Fixed an issue that could prevent proper parameter saving and loadingwith VST 2. •The license dialog now appears on every launch if the plugin is not activated. v1.6.0 (2020-04-06) •Added audio quality control for both realtime playback and offline render-ing. •Fixed a bug that could reduce the audio quality in rare cases. v1.5.1 (2020-03-24) •Fixed an issue that would cause illegal instruction errors on older CPUs. v1.5.0 (2020-03-13) •Added support for 384kHz and Pyramix DXD. •Added user setting for interface scaling. •Added user setting for display refresh rate. •Improved compatibility and higher performance on non-Intel CPUs. •[MAC] Improved compliance with Apple’s notarization requirements. •[MAC] Improved graphics rendering performance. •[WIN] Fixed a bug that could lead to a frozen EQ Graph display. v1.4.3 (2020-02-13) •Fixed a processing bug that disabled any sound processing.1 v1.4.2 (2020-02-12) •Updated external dependencies for better stability. •Improved readability of the license agreement during installation. v1.4.1 (2019-11-04) •Fixed an issue that could result in erratic bypass behaviour with VST3 .•Fixed a possible cause for crashes when the host quits. •[MAC] Code signing changed for better compatibility with Ableton Live.
  12. TheSteven

    Blue Cat ReHead

    Edit: Rewrote this because I realized what I originally wrote was not that helpful or insightful. An acoustic swiss army knife of head phone(?) tools. Since it appears to be a pluging VST, VST3, etc I guess there nothing to keep you from using it as an effect. You can use this to lend some 'acoustic reality' (my quotes) to head phones, in other words to give the user the same spacial characteristics that they would from using speakers be it near field monitors (what's described as a mixing room experience in the video) or a guitar amp on the stage. Has an overall Brightness control (whose setting don't show on EQ graph - at least on the video) You can load eq curves for various headphones - I am assuming the list will grow as BC almost always tweaks their releases. You can also load impulse responses of your favorite room, guitar cabinet, etc.. and it can do all this at the same time... If you don't have decent monitors and can't afford the $200+ price tag for Sonar Works then ReHead at $34 might just be a godsend for you. For a 1.0 release it's loaded with features that are sure to be tweaked & fine tuned with future updates. That it can also load impulse responses opens up a number of possibilities As a IR handler with EQ & spatial controls as a possible studio emulator - ie mixing position responses from famous recording or mastering studios. Thinking of ReHead as just a virtual head response modeler may be limiting a number of its possible uses.
  13. Review... https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/heavyocity-mosaic-voices
  14. and LABS new libraries can be downloaded in SSA without first having to visit the web site? Don't know but... apparently I entirely missed getting Wurli and surprise! it showed up under the LABS tab as not installed, and clicking installed it.
  15. So a remake of UltraChannel with a prettier GUI and without compression and gating?
  16. Had to do a "Batch re-save" to make everything happy. Nice addition 👍
  17. Don't have either Blue3 or IKM B3 - is IKM B3 the way to go?
  18. Drool... What I would have saved if they had come out with that 10 years ago... $500 would be cheaper that just what OTS (which is mighty fine BTW) cost me... If they ever do, it'll be a monster. Eric's OCD about details..
  19. If you own Novo (full version) you should have a discount coupon under your Heavyocity account that knocks the price of Essentials down to $25 If not, is Novo showing up as one of your licensed products? - you can add it using your NA Kontakt lib serial#.
  20. Spectrasonics doesn't need to put out a lot of products because what they have covers so much ground, so well. Regarding Omnisphere... It comes with a ton of presets and there are a lot of 3rd party libraries available as well. If you want to get an idea of the sonic scope of this synth check out https://www.theunfinished.co.uk/shop/omnisphere-bundle/ Omnisphere 2 has been updated & expanded numerous times - for free. With many other companies the current version would now be v4 or higher and you would have had to pay for upgrades (rebuy it) several times so your total $ outlay would be several times what you initially bought in for.
  21. I'm not finding an email but in my user area I see I have a coupon! https://www.synthmaster.com/userarea.aspx
  22. Sonokinetic updates available in Native Access. Native Access is showing s some updates that are (as of yet) not available via the Sonokinetic Manager My installed Tutti Vox is 1.1 and Soto 1.1 This is showing as 1.3.0 in Sonokenetic Manager but NA says update came out last week.
  23. a bit out of my budget but would love to have one...
  24. Kind of reluctant to pick up yet another reverb... anything special about this one?
  25. Shopping not exactly, I waiting for when Arturia 6 to 7 upgrade hits $49.99, otherwise I'll wait until v7.5 or 8 and for Helix Native to hit $99 or lower. I've got a ton of Line6 stuff including Pod Farm 2 and all the add-on packs yet my upgrade price for Helix Native is $349 which is frankly insulting.
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