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  1. And no Kontakt Full required......
  2. Until they add these to the clip context menu (if they even do), you can always assign these functions to keybindings.
  3. Give it another try. My confirmation email came in seconds.
  4. Link works fine here. FF 101.0b7 (64-bit)100.01
  5. I just created a folder and a bunch of tracks. The folder was below the tracks. I selected some of the tracks, right clicked on the first one and then moved to folder. Every time, the order was retained. I tried this with MIDI tracks and Audio tracks. There might be something going on at your end that is causing the reordering at your end. You might want to drop an note to Cakewalk support https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  6. The Piano Roll View allows: For more granular editing (you are not limited to exact divisions of measures when placing notes). The editing of controller data - like pitch bend , expression, volume, pan, filters, etc. The only thing I use the Staff View for is to enter lyrics synced to notes.
  7. Promidi

    Midi export empty

    Are there any MIDI tracks or Simple Instruments Tracks in your project that contain MIDI data therein? If not, that's your issue. If you do have MIDI tracks or Simple Instruments Tracks in your project that contain MIDI data, then it would be better to save it as MIDI file rather than export. That way, any tempo changes will be included in your saved MIDI file. I produce many MIDI files using Cakewalk by Bandlab, and this is how I do it.
  8. Built for Kontakt 6.6.0 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required....
  9. I have send a ticket describing CC95 and CC98 and CC99. Chasing 121 onwards would be handy..... I do use CC126 to mono a track from time to time (GS/XG standard) I would not be concerned about CC's 98/99 and CC 100/101 as I use NRPN and RPN events natively as those event rather than the CC pairs. NRPN and RPN events are chased. It would be good if aftertouch events are chased as I do use these in many of my projects. Of course I have a work around (putting the aftertouch events before any notes that require it), but the aftertouch chase would be handy there as well. Maybe under Preferences | Project | MIDI > in addition to "Include note Events" , add "Include controller Events (0 to 97)", "Include non controller Events (97 to 127)", "Include aftertouch (Channel and Key) Events", "Include NRPN and RPN Events (0 to 97)", "Include patch change", etc
  10. No worries. I have also logged a support ticket with Cakewalk Support..... with a short screen recording demonstrating this issue.....
  11. Confirmed here as well. In fact, I did a test with MIDImonitor. Any CCs 98 or above does not chase. Any Aftertouch events are not chased either. I think this deserves a note to support.
  12. I just tried to MIDI chase CC7 and is worked fine here. I started playback mid MIDI clip with a CC7 event before the start of the clip. The CC7 was chased and responded to. I changed the value of that CC7 event, and every time the correct value of the CC7 event was chased and responded to. I also tried it with CC64 events and this also chased as expected.
  13. Promidi

    crackling noise

    Regards C-states and Intel Speedstep, they are not typed in. They are either enabled or disabled - but it’s done in your BIOS. If you are not sure how to access your BIOS, then you might want to get someone who knows what they are doing to try this for you. Changing the wrong setting in the BIOS could render your PC unbootable.
  14. Preferences | Project | MIDI > select “MIDI Event Chase on Play” This always works for me and I use many CC events in my projects.
  15. Try this... Exit Cakewalk by Bandlab, go to the following folder "%appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core" and rename AUD.INI file to something else. When you restart CbB, a new AUD.INI will be rebuilt.
  16. Promidi

    crackling noise

    Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers ? (Now at 512.59) Try disabling C-states and Intel Speedstep (This is done in the PC's BIOS and the method varies between PCs) Have you tried updating (you said changed, not updated) your audio drivers? (using manufacturer's websites rather than Windows updates) Try Start + run "control powercfg.cpl,,1" (without quotes) and set CPU Min and Max to 100%
  17. If that’s Syntronik 2 - GS-V, then that's one synth I am giving a wide birth - I feel I already have other synths that cover what this has.
  18. Title says it all........ I see you shiver with antici...................................................pation.....
  19. With deals like this, it makes me wonder if anyone ever pays MSRP...... (unless they want it 90 seconds ago)
  20. Just install Syntronik 2 CS and then the content. That's what I did and the Syntronik 2 synths are editable with the new editing paradigm. I activated the content in IK Product manager first. However, I download the sound content manually from my IKM product page.. I just don't trust the IK Product manager quite enough yet do use it to download the actual sound content - based on my recollection of some forum posts. Also, don't forget to backup the installer zip files (180 day limit and all that).
  21. I would have thought Synthmaster 3 might have been completed and available by now.....
  22. This library requires the full version of KONTAKT 6.7 or higher
  23. From what I have gathered in other forum posts, when a MIDI controller is configured as a Control Surface, it takes over your MIDI controller entirely. Does your MIDI controller provide two MIDI ports to the PC? I know the PCR-800 does. The PCR-800 shows up in Preferences | MIDI | Devices as two ports: PCR 1 and PCR 2 So I believe that if I wanted to configure my PCR-800 as a Control Surface, I would need to do the following: Configure the PCR-800 to send keyboard note events to both ports (I just checked my manual and this is possible). Then in Preferences | MIDI | Devices, I would simply enable PCR 2 - then select that as the input of any MIDI track or Simple Instrument Track. As I do not use my PCR-800 as a Control Surface, but as a simpe MIDI contrler, I just enable, and use, PCR 1 as my MIDI input(s) in CbB. To know how you do this with your MIDI Controller (or if it’s eve possible), you would have delve in your MIDI Controller's user guide.
  24. Is your MIDI controller configured as a Control Surface by any chance?
  25. When was this stated? If you say around 2017 to 2018, then I would have thought “in the near future” would now mean “by now”....
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