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  1. Have you downloaded the latest version (which is 5.2) from here? https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows
  2. What happens if you import the metronome audio file into a blank project. Then drag the imported track to the time ruler to capture the tempo. Take a note (or copy the value) of the tempo that is generated. Then open your MIDI project and then enter (paste) your noted tempo into there. See if that works.
  3. I have to say, I have not been tempted. Mind you, I think having RX7 Standard might have something to do with that. (Advanced is a bid rich for my blood ATM)
  4. This looks like it's actually Spectralayers Pro 6 for $US149 and it comes with a free copy of Samplitude X4 Suite.
  5. What happens iof you right click in the area between the plus and "all" and set it to the time units you wish? At the moment , it might be set to "none"
  6. The only thing I can quickly think of, is that in Preferences | File | Advanced , "On Startup Load Default Template" is deselected. When this is selected, Cakewalk will load the template that you have set as the default template. When you go to File | New, a dialogue box should appear asking you which template you would like to open. Furthermore, at the bottom of that screen, there is "Set as default template". This is to tell Cakewalk which template to load automatically when you first start Cakewalk - assuming the above "On Startup Load Default Template" is selected. I am also assuming that in Preferences | File | Folder Locations that your "templates" location actually contians your templates (Whcih are *.CWT files) I personally do not use the Cakewalk start up screen.
  7. First of all install Cakewalk by Bandlab... It's light years ahead of SONAR X3 (Note, you can, and should, leave SONAR X3 installed if you need to use X3 plugins that need X3 to be installed) Head to Preferences | Playback and Recording and increase the "Prepare using" value to see if that solves your issue. That being said, Cakewalk by Band lab includes many bug fixes and enhancements and is just about to release the 2020.5 update. One of those improvements with Cakewalk by Bandlab is the way it handles MIDI data and the prepare buffer. This might even solve your MIDI issues.
  8. Have a look in Preferences | File | Folder Locations. There you will find where Cakewalk Believes your files to be located. Look down the list and you will see items, that I believe you will have to change to match your new locations.
  9. Even if you're using MIDI, you may still be using VSTi synths that use samples. These VSTi synths may have internal effects that have tempo based delay. An example I am thinking of is Rapture Pro. If this particular synth has a patch that uses Rapture Pro's internal delay effect and that delay's time is synced to the tempo, it will produce audible clicks at the tempo changes. Other synths may have the same issue as well. It really depends of the VSTi's you are using.
  10. That can happen when some effects has any delay or rate parameters that is synced to the tempo and the project has tempo changes therein. As far as clicks during tempo changes when effects are disabled..... this might depend on the "Stretch Method" settings in Preferences | Audio | Playback and Recording. Try different settings see if it makes any difference.
  11. I think that's why they reduce the price of this (BB cinamatic percussion) - Sonnivox won't (or can't) work out what the issue is. For what it's worth, I sent Cakewalk support a ticket (with a crash dump) to see if they can do something (Of course, they might just say "not our problem"..... but you never know...)
  12. Promidi


    Full version of Kontakt Required (4.2 or higher)
  13. Your digital piano is an external device, yes? Then you need a way to get the resultant audio from that digital piano to an audio track into Cakewalk. If your Cakewalk project only contains MIDI data, then there is no audio data to export. This is why when you export, everything except for "track template" is greyed out - no audio. While Cakewalk is playing your MIDI performance on the digital piano, have Cakewalk record your digital piano's performance into an audio track. Then you'll be able to export that to a wave or an MP3 file.
  14. There does not appear to be one.
  15. Definitely a job a a well crafted CAL script.... I have not seen one that exists that does this. Perhaps some enterprising person can write it.
  16. Note: For full retail Kontakt only.
  17. I am not sure what the problem is as I do not have enough information. However, I am sure you would have less issues with a proper audio interface than with the built in Reatek sound device. The first thing you might want to try is head over to the realtek driver webpage and download the latest drivers.
  18. Are you planning on getting a USB audio interface at some stage?
  19. Exactly what do you mean "deleted prochannel"? Do you mean you pressed "i" to hide it (in which case you press "i" to show it again?
  20. Is the Realtek your only audio device? Do you have an audio interface that come with native ASIO drivers?
  21. Promidi

    Flash Sale - XLN XO

    I've never had an issue with AD2's licensing....
  22. In the Piano Roll View, make sure the controller lane in visible. You might want to deselect "Show Multiple Lanes" Add a controller and just type 0 in the "value" field Then you can just add the values where ever you want in the lane - in your case 40 to activate something and 0 to reset. Note: These values are decimal, so if your manual gives the values in hex, you'll have to convert to decimal. Of course, you could also use Event List and enter the Controller events there as well.
  23. Move your NOW cursor to where you want your project to end, then Select all. Then Select EDIT > Select > "From=NOW", then delete special > select all you can > then hit OK That should delete anything and everything to the right of your NOW cursor. Now your project should end where you have deleted everything.
  24. What have you tried so far? How is it not working? Won't install? Not scanning? Not visible in CbB? It's showing up but not doing anything. I little info goes a long way. 32bit or 64bit plugin? What version Cakewalk (numerically - don't just say "The latest")
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