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  1. +1 for keyboard short cuts for the tools, except I use D > draw, S for Smart tool, m > move, e > edit
  2. Only someone with CHS9 will be able answer that......
  3. Yeah, I know CALs are simple text files.... I just edit them in CPA9 so that I can test them in a Cakewalk like environment - being careful to avoid commands that crash CbB. Same with StudioWare panels - I create/edit them in CPA9. At least CALS and StudioWare panels still open in CbB and should for a while yet (I confirmed this with CbB support).
  4. My Cakewalk by Bandlab opens my 1998 Cakewalk Pro Audio files all the time.
  5. It would be good if the devs could update CAL scripts. They can be run in CbB. However, they cannot be edited in CbB (You need a version of Cakewalk prior to 2002 for that) Also, CAL scripts are generally used to programmatically manipulate MIDI events only. That being said, I would be lost without them as I have written many complex custom CAL scripts that speed up my MIDI editing workflow by a lot.
  6. Promidi

    Lyrics - extend a word

    I have always entered lyrics in staff view - pressing a dash after a word jumps to the next note event . Words are always aligned to notes that way. And even if I've moved the note but not the lyric event, I have (written) a CAL script that aligns a selected note to the selected lyric event.
  7. It's the truth though.... and I would still state the need to get decent kit, even if it does result in the odd bash every now and then.
  8. I had the same issue in CbB with the Originals, so I restored the previous versions from a backup. I think it may have affected the VST3 versions only....
  9. Confirmed here as well with CbB 2021.11 Build 18. Tried with the latest Sonar Platinum and the Scrub Tool does not cut off after 3 seconds... Maybe drop a note to Cakewalk support. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000025633
  10. This is an important update for those who have version Sampletank 4.14. Sampletank 4.14 had an issue with some patches where if the attack was a non zero value, the attack for that patch became zero when a high velocity was used. (I reported this to IK support) I tried this with a Sampletank 4.14 project that manifested this issue and I can confirm that this has been corrected in Sampletank 4.15.
  11. Promidi

    Windows 11

    Even if my PC did support Windows 11, I would wait for it to be around a while longer before I upgraded.
  12. If I had Kontakt Full Version, I would buy it, but alas, I don't ,So I'll pass.....
  13. While I do not use or have ever used Firewire, Here is my take on this. Blue screens on start up (I am assuming you mean Windows start up) usually indicate buggy drivers or faulty hardware. Strictly as a troubleshooting action, you might want to completely remove your Firewire PCIe card and drivers so that you only have the USB 2.0 Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 installed. If you still get Blue screens, then you know that it’s very unlikely to be the firewire It might also help to get some information from the blue screen - sometimes it can tell you the file or driver causing it.
  14. Uninstall Bandlab Assistant and then download the latest version. https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows If you are using Bandlab Assistant solely for the purpose of installing Cakewalk by Bandlab, then you might want to consider not using Bandlab Assistant and use the Web Installer instead.
  15. Promidi

    Grayed out stuff

    Maybe put in a feature request here. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/8-feedback-loop/
  16. What happens when you try it in this case?
  17. Did you enable ripple edit before the delete (or Cut Special)?
  18. With CbB 2021.11 015, I was able to drag MIDI clips to the desktop. There were named clip(1).mid, clip(2).mid, clip(3).mid, etc. I run CbB using an account that is a member of the local administrators group - but I cannot imagine you changed anything on your PC in this respect. As a test, create a folder off the C drive and try dragging the clips to that folder and see what happens.
  19. I am finding myself agreeing with you on this one. The Workspace on a fresh install of CbB should be set to "None"
  20. Or you can press "H" and the track pane appears in the right hand part of the PRV.
  21. Here are some things that get me out of a situation like this. 1) Set each MIDI track’s channel to a specific channel number (1 to 16) rather than “None” . (can be done in inspector - press i ) 2) Set each MIDI track’s input to a specific MIDI controller rather than All and Omni. 3) Make sure you disable “Enable MIDI output” on all VSTi plugins. (This is done in the VST plugin window menu - the down arrow next to “VST2” or “VST3”)
  22. Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher required
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