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  1. Hi. Little Alterboy is a favorite for doing creative stuff, along with Brauer Motion from Waves and Noveltech Character (PA). I also find delays fun to work with, in parallel/sends and automation. All the best.
  2. 😁 It common around here to write more or less phonetically when not bothered otherwise 😎
  3. Play more with some of the older tracks, then 😁
  4. Lyrics are now up at Soundcloud.
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback, Bjorn. Bapu taught me where my vocals were supposed to be volume vise, but I might have exaggerated it πŸ˜‰ But metal vocals are loud 😎 I'll upload the lyrics to Soundcloud, and perhaps here as well. All the best
  6. Thanks, Øyvind 😎 If it's a good touch, I'll take it πŸ˜‰ Takker for positiv tilbakemelding. Blir ofte smΓ₯ variasjoner nΓ₯r jeg synger harmoni vokalen pΓ₯ versene.
  7. I try to take influences from all kinds of music, and that part of the vocal is somewhat inspired by "an operatic'ish" way of splitting (vocal) lines. Again thanks for the kind words, Steve 😎 All the best.
  8. Thanks a lot, Daryl for the positive feedback 😎
  9. The pleasure was all mine, mate 😎
  10. The MIDI track was cut short. Will fix it. Otherwise thanks for the positive feedback, SPAK 😎 All the best.
  11. Stealing Soul ft Bapu on bazz & Jyemz on solo shredding. Feedback appreciated. Stealing Soul ft Bapu & Jyemz All the best
  12. Hi. In my account, there was a license for 6 months, not a permanent one. Have tried (trial version) the full studio version earlier, and it's good. I even thought it was better than ARC, which I use now. So I was a little disappointed after the initial excitement. All the best.
  13. Zargg

    A new beginning

    So it begins 😎
  14. Happy New Year, peeps 😎 All the best.
  15. There are still some NagBap features not fully integrated yet, but will be fully supported in Win 23 X386. There's only a one or two millennia left for full integration 😎 1st post on my new (1st one in 10+ years) laptop 🀘
  16. Welcome to Cakewalk. Greetings from Norway.
  17. I'll join the metal choir 🀘 I shout some with Bapu and Jyemz in BJZ, and make other kinds of noises for my project Zargg when alone. (That didn't come out right, roight? πŸ€ͺ) All the best.
  18. Bapu is free?? Of what?
  19. Cool to get a deals section here as well 😎 All the best.
  20. I have the same box and agree with the logo. Simple but cool.
  21. That's why they're random. Could probably make a whole sentence with coffee πŸ˜‰ It's a vicious circle, I tell ya.
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