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  1. I got off the bandwagon myself. I like what they are doing, but if you skip a couple of upgrades they hit your wallet $$. Plus I have decided my old brain can't keep up with all this technology. YMMV.
  2. Are we there yet 😆
  3. That is a great idea Pete! A combined MIDI controller and HD promotion. Of course I get the MIDI Controller for free including S&H
  4. Pot Roast in the Electric Pressure cooker with A1 as the liquid really does at flavor.
  5. Sorry I'm an A1 steak Sauce person myself. Think it stems that where I grew up in the city, all the summer BBQ events had A1. Now it is a staple for me. For that matter I got my one daughter hooked on it too! Maybe IK should start naming Synths after Condiments 🤣
  6. I thought I would get in tonight to help it over the top. Looks like it will make it before I get home from work today. Which is totally fine by me
  7. Wait! IK is now selling ketchup ? Sorry I'll get my summer jacket........
  8. Be quiet about that. The King is never supposed to let his subjects know he is weak 😆
  9. We're going to make it Where is the link for the super discount on another HD Pete?
  10. I just looked up the CDC map and my whole area and surrounding counties are in the Red zone
  11. Hope you turned the tide Shane and are feeling better!
  12. It seems that way doesn't it. We were supposed to go the Summer of 20 right after my daughters got out of school to visit cousin. We were going to stay at her place and she was going to take us around NYC area. One of these years
  13. A few patients have been hospitalized but thankfully none so far in ICU.
  14. My wife is getting just as many calls again dealing with Covid as she did in Jan wave. The whole medical office where she works is totally burnt-out. The big bosses have also decided that all out patient office will now over covid shots. Problem is that the offices don't have the staff to watch the patients after the shot or a place for them to wait. All the offices are overbooked as it is.
  15. Beef or Chicken Flavor? Also only Wyler's brand will do 😛
  16. @Shane_B. I'm shocked they didn't give you a antiviral prescription to start taking. Hope you feel better soon.
  17. You probably right especially if I needed to capture the bullets too as I'm no Superman 😆
  18. I should of had my portable recorder when I went to a Civil War enactment. I could of had all the blasting sounds I needed 😆
  19. For some people I want the remote to shut them down and let me throw away the remote
  20. But at the church we play at we were not allowed on the alter for music. I guess we are not Holy enough 😆
  21. Maybe it will only take them 8 years this time.
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