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  1. Now is the time to come over to the dark side or the light side. Is this the dark side? Luke feel the force and don't be tempted by the dark side. But master Pink Floyd is on the dark side of the moon? Where is this all going?????? I have no idea but I just felt like typing at the moment.
  2. Oh me and Moose are engaged, don't you know😃
  3. Blade got me thinking of going for the Presonus one. I got Studio One 4 now and at least I know the Presonus unit will work with Studio One 4.
  4. Amazing how far Computer Generated graphics have come.
  5. Hope you get it Jesse G.
  6. If you don't turn off the light at least change it to an LED light bulb please. Think of the environment.
  7. Thanks for the information Jim. You're always helpful in steering us novices in the right direction for hardware
  8. They are chugging along. Glad I got it when Gibson shut cakewalk down. Still Cakewalk will probably be my first choice DAW.
  9. I didn't know it was on Amazon Prime. Yay! I check Netflix and only available as 4 episodes per DVD. Looks like I can see if it clicks with me.
  10. Sure , you really making me want to watch it now.
  11. They look nice but I can't justify the cost of one of those beauties
  12. Hey Meng, Noel, Jesse, Hoping you have a great NAMM show !
  13. i will have to check out "The Orville" show
  14. I think they have a few surprises for us. I'm more hoping they will have an add-on store up and running. Think it would calm peoples nerves about how is Bandlab going to survive without any revenue.
  15. I also think STTNG had better story lines than the first ST series. I also am a fan of the star trek voyager series.
  16. Oh shoot I gave away his identity. Please don't hurt my Rowlf. He is a gentle dog/muppet.
  17. Only is you are a 00X agent and licensed to K*^# If not please hand in your weapons
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