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  1. Ah, I figured it out. After getting the EuCon installer, I discovered that there is still a softkey layout here: C:\Program Files\Euphonix\EuCon\SQRL. However, it's named SONARPDR.xml, and doesn't work with CbB unless you copy that and rename it to Cakewalk.xml. Thought I'd post here in case some unfortunate future person finds the same issue.
  2. I went ahead and asked support for the file as well, and they sent it to me no problem. I also asked if I could post it in forum, but they neglected to answer that part, so... Anyway, it seems to work OK, though not as complete as I was expecting, at least compared to how Cubase is configured for EUCON. There don't seem to be any soft keys set-up by default, and the meters in the Avid Control app don't work.
  3. I know it's beside the point, but I have no trouble logging into my Waves account with Firefox 85.02.
  4. I wish (now more than ever) that Cakewalk could use my Bandlab account for cloud collaboration, the way Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration works. I don't want to use the Bandlab DAW as an intermediary, I just want to host and sync projects in the cloud and have collaborators able to work on them from within Cakewalk. My next step is to try VST Transit, but why use a Steinberg product when Bandlab has all the technology they need to realize this and do it well?
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