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  1. Thanks, that ran perfectly like that! I really like those rollback installers! 👍
  2. The only drawback is that BA decides the download version on the current system. If there is the last version installed, then it only downloads an update and if there is the current version you are unable to download it again (except when you uninstall). I ran exactly into this problem. But nevertheless I want to thank you so much that you provide a offline installation now, so cool! 😃
  3. I guess "deactivates" means on local system only! In the first moment I thought I had not made clear that my Editor and Essential license are 2 different ones. But then I have understood. 😉
  4. @Noel Borthwick Thanks for the infos! I have Melodyne Editor 4, but at the moment I do not have the cash to upgrade to version 5. Thus I have the following question: Is it somehow possible to use both Melodyne Essential 5 and Melodyne Editor 4 in CbB ? With 2 region FX entries ?
  5. For the main part I am afraid that there will happen bad things when I use "Ripple Edit All"! E.g. when I have 2 consecutive clips left of my now position and the 2nd one has position lock enabled, but it is currently not visible on the screen. If I use "Ripple Edit All" now to delete say 1 measure at the current position, then the 2nd clip (locked) overwrites the last measure of the first clip and probably I miss this at the moment, do a lot of other changes and save the project! Like that things may happen that later on you will wonder about and ask yourself what was my intention really??? 😆
  6. @Starship Krupa Thanks Erik for your statement! But in general I think that like "Ripple Edit All" works in CbB today is nonsensical or even absurd, because the persistence on locked clips to be "unremovable" leads exactly to a LOGICAL MOVE of them !!!!!!!!!!!!! and may even overwrite other clips! 😡 Consider that adding a new part moves all (position) locked clips behind forwards and removing a part moves all locked clips behind backwards (from their logical position within the part). Isn't that crazy? It maybe even out of your screen area and you don't notice it at the moment! Does there exist any logical explanation why this could make sense? 🙃
  7. Well, that's exactly why I prefere offline installations! But nowadays this gets more and more difficult each day, because there are so many software providers that rely on fxxxing online installation/autorisation! And you never can trust Microsoft, they always change some of your settings in any new release! But this is the future, the 21st century, progress, ... I hate it!
  8. marled

    Melodyne 5 released!

    I wonder how this is possible, because there is only 1 Melodyne VST3 dll without a version number (Melodyne.vst3) ? And even if you would rename the old one (resp. other version) would you be able to use both as Cakewalk "Region FX" ? Maybe only the standalone versions are separate ? But it would be cool if it was possible, because I could test the new version 5 with my Essential from Sonar (upgrade to v5 is free) along with Editor 4 on the same system. 😄
  9. Even if it is X4, the UPGRADE price for the X3 Suite would have been 199 EUR for me! And that means no new serial! Very strange pricing of Magix. ☚ī¸
  10. Yes, you are right! But there was not written a lot with the runic system (here in Sweden you can find some dozens of rune stones). Clergy and nobility wrote mostly in latin in the early Middle Ages.
  11. I knew that such an objection would come! 😀 I am/was always very interested in the ancient world in Europe and wondered about the Germanic and Celtic history. I did a lot of self-study after school about this subject (books, internet). The more I was digging into the question "what is the difference of the Germanic and the Celtic tribes" I have come to the conclusion that there is essentially no difference. There were NO tribes that called themself Germanic or Celtic! Although there is a lot of dispute about this subject in science. But even the separatists cannot assign all tribes clearly to one group! Originally the grouping in Germanic and Celtic tribes was developed by the Romans, by Julius Caesar. The tribes that were conquered and integrated into the Roman Empire were called Celtic and the ones that were still enemies in the north of the Empire were called Germanic. That is the only logical answer that I have found in all the history documents about them. You can also find a lot of places in documents where they confirm that all those tribes could easily talk with each other at that time and documents of the vocabularies show that their languages were almost the same (very similar to Swedish and Norway, because those 2 languages have not changed a lot over the time; e.g. in the Swiss language you can find astonishing equality examples to Swedish). But the 1st and 2nd world war were another reason for peoples to insist on the old Roman "difference" of those tribes. Till today there are a lot of people on the islands that don't want to accept the real history. By the way the Normans had come originally from Scandinavia (Germanic territory) to France before they populated parts of Great Britain (especially Scotland) and they brought names like "Johnson". But I know that there is no absolut truth concerning history. There are a lot of assumptions and there is no real consensus about many subjects. There are devided opinions! But there is also a lot of willful blurring caused by politics. 😉 But now I stop to bore the forum people. I have shown enough that I am a freak! 😃
  12. Locking clip positions: Because I am not a real artist in using the mouse ☚ī¸ it happens often that selecting a clip moves it a tiny bit. Sometimes I even don't realize this at once. That's why I got used to position lock the clips as soon as they are at the wished position. Counter intuitive: IMO the clips would actually not be really movable, they just would have to remain at the proper position of their individual parts! E.g. a clip that is in the 2nd measure of the solo has to stay there, even if I insert an additional chorus before the solo (and irrespective of the position lock)! That would be common sense or how a musician (maybe not a developer! 😆) expects the "Ripple Edit All" to function!
  13. First of all IMO we have to distinguish between "language" and "writing". The Germanic/Keltic languages (English, German, Dutch, Scandinavian languages) already existed before their writing began in the Middle Ages (before they only wrote Latin)! Also we have to keep in mind that the concept was phonetic spelling/transcription at this time, i.e. there were no rules for individual words, but how each phoneme has to be written (very easy straight forward concept). The rules were somehow different in the individual contries/regions, but very strict! I know a little bit 6 of the European languages and I realized that only Swedish and Italien have really preserved the old concept. This is a huge advantage for people learning to write those 2 languages, because it is simple, you can learn it in 1 year without a lot of effort and you are able to write words that you even don't know the meaning of! On the other hand English is the writing that has departed most from the original concept as far as I know (a mix between different phonetic systems). I guess (but don't know) that English writing was very similar to the one of the other Germanic/Keltic languages, because the Germanic/Keltic languages were very similar 1000 years ago (that 's a fact). The writing in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands was almost the same! People could easily understand each other across country/region borders. It's a pity that the English writing got so chaotic as it is nowadays! ☚ī¸ And excuse the writing/language mistakes that I surely made above!!! 😆
  14. Today clips that are position locked are not moved when a section is inserted or deleted with Ripple Edit "All". IMO this does not make sense, because clips (even out of sight) maybe overwritten (adjacent clips) or be misplaced after the Ripple Edit operation. It makes Ripple Edit fault-prone because you may forget to unlock some clips. I don't see any logical reason to keep the position of those clips concerning the Ripple Edit and don't think anyone expects this. So please include position locked clips in Ripple Edit operations.
  15. I would like that position locked clips are allowed to be bounced. Currently the "Bounce to Clip(s)" menu item is grayed if the clip is position locked.
  16. Exactly! IMO this would make more sense, because I only set the position lock to prevent inadvertent moves with the Smart Tool (I am really no mouse hoofer! 😀). In contrast a Ripple Edit operation is something the user does deliberately. I think that position locked clips are not affected makes the Ripple Edit more fault-prone (I always have to ensure that all clips are unlocked also those out of sight!). I am convinced most people expect that if they insert a new section at a position (with Ripple Edit) that everything behind is moved by the length of the insertion. I don't think there are a lot of senseful examples for the converse!
  17. I have realized that clips that have position lock are not moved even when I set Ripple Edit to All and insert some new measures. IMHO this does not make sense with Ripple Edit, because the lock position is logically moved, so the clips have also to be moved!
  18. You can also download this plugin at http://www.vst4free.com! Anyways there you will find most of the free plugins and unlike to other plugin lists you can search for types, developers, newest plugins or plugin name. They also display whether the plugin is x64, linux, mac. The site does not look modern, but nevertheless IMO it is the best free plugin site!
  19. To me the Melodyne zooming (and scrolling) feels terrible! And I worked/work a lot with Melodyne, but till today I never get comfortable with zooming and scrolling! And there is no way to redefine it (like in Samplitude)! I prefer the zooming and scrolling of CbB with Alt+mousewheel, resp. Ctrl+mousewheel! I have even reconfigured Samplitude to zoom/scroll that way!
  20. I think the real problem is their sophisticated "shell solution". In fact with Waves you have only 1 single plugin, the shell. This shell handles the autorisation and all the other plugin stubs. Firstly, this is very tricky if you use different versions and secondly, this causes that the DAW plugin scanner cannot see whether a Waves plugin has changed, i.e. the Waves plugins have always to be scanned! This causes longer plugin scanning! Also like that you cannot organize the plugins like any others!
  21. Yes, I noticed this also. But I was to lazy to complain about! 😆 One other old bug that I found in this context (volume change) is the wave form graphic issue that happens sometimes when you change the volume of a PARTIAL clip more than once in the same clip. The waveform gets quiet (-90dB) in the area between the changed and not changed part of the clip (in high zoom level) and if you alter the zoom level then the 2 seperated wave forms move, i.e. the gap increases or decreases. When you zoom out, then the wave forms join again and it looks okay, but as soon as you zoom in the same mess again! Then it is nearly impossible to do detailed selections anymore. Even bounce to clip does not help, only if you do it more than once with some kind of change!
  22. To me it only happens with Drums Vsti audio tracks that I have set to mono. But it only happens if I use some audio outputs in mono and some in stereo of the same drums Vsti (e.g. AD2). When I freeze them, sometimes there is an immediate level increase of +3dB, other times it stays correct and first when I reopen the project the level is increased. But I am sure that in some cases the +3dB level increase is not transparent. Like that I have found out, that at times it makes a difference whether you export a frozen mono Vsti audio output or if you copy the frozen audio to a new mono track and export it from there. And this is surely not how one would expect!
  23. I do something similar, but use a combination of splitting/moving clip contents and audio snap. Like that I am quite fast. I split my audio clips into phrases (short components) that end with a long note (most of the time). I move the contents of those short clips (with Shift+Alt+drag: moves only the contents, not the clip!) into a compromise position so that all notes have minimal distance to the targeted positions. Then I set the track edit filter to "Audio Transients". I zoom in and correct the detected transients manually without stretching the audio (drag the transient at the diamont position). I select this clip, open Audio Snap (alt+A) and click "Quantize...". I set "Swing" between 47..53 (according to the original playing) and "Strength" somewhat lower than 100%. With the "Audition" (preview) button I search a proper setting. After pressing okay I bounce the clip (this is not necessary, but releases resources and avoids accidental (re)altering). When I have done all the short clips of a part, then I set manual crossfades between them (and bounce them together). With the approach above I reduce artifacts I retain some of the natural rhythmic divergence of the original performance. I really like the results, CbB is a great program with a lot of possibilities!
  24. If Elvis was the King of Rock'n'Roll, then Little Richard was the emperor of Rock'n'Roll IMO! Oh my soul! What a powerful voice (up to B4), what cool songs (made by himself)! I really prefer Little Richard! 😉 Elvis was more a beldam Rock'n'Roller (please don't feel attacked, you Elvis fans out there). 😜
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