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  1. Hey Doug, yeah, a cool 60s feel on this -- if you revisit the mix, perhaps take a listen to the eq -- some warmth could be added to the mix. ~~Allan
  2. Hey there Freddy -- as I was listening to this two thoughts came to mind -- 1. I'm digging this and a tad hypnotized by the delivery and 2. your vocal reminds me of someone I like from the 60s -- the overall timbre and such -- NO, not McCartney! -- I can't think of who it is but I like it. As to the recording, there are timing issues in places where the feel isn't quite right . Also, I think that you could pan out some of the instruments to give the mix more space. I like that bass. I enjoyed this and wish you a Merry Christmas!~~Allan
  3. Hey macce, thanks for listening & commenting -- much appreciated~~Allan
  4. Hey Tom, I'm pleased that the song resonated with you--thanks for your comments~~Allan
  5. Hey Douglas, thanks for the kind comments mate -- I'm glad you like my demo.~~Allan
  6. ABull

    Tamiami Trail

    Hey Freddy -- on the opening drumbeat I thought it was Rainy Day Women -- it got even better after that. Love that raunchy guitar tone. Drums could be up in the mix a bit mate (maybe cut back some reverb). As to be expected, I enjoyed this from you~~Allan.
  7. Hey Bob, very very cool -- as usual~~ ~~Allan
  8. Hey mate, thanks for listening and commenting.
  9. Hey mate, good sounding mix and a very nice listen -- I enjoyed this~~Allan
  10. Hey Old Joad -- happy you like the tune and that it made you feel happy to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Hey Paul -- I'm glad you like the song and such--thanks for listening~~Allan
  12. Hey mate, thanks for listening and commenting -- much appreciated~~Allan
  13. Glad to get that toe tapping mate! -- thanks for listening~~Allan
  14. Gary, thanks for listening and commenting -- glad ya dig my little demo~~Allan
  15. Hey Douglas, thanks for listening and commenting -- I'll take a listen to dat bass level~~Allan
  16. Hey mate, thanks for that complimentary comment and thanks for listening~~Allan
  17. Hey, thanks for listening -- I'll keep your comments re the mix in mind--glad ya like the song & the demo. ~~Allan
  18. Hey Freddy, thanks for listening and commenting me ol' mucker -- glad ya like the song esp. dem vox.
  19. Hey Tom, glad you like the song -- esp. the vocals. Thanks for listening and commenting mate,.
  20. John, thanks for listening and commenting -- I'm glad you appreciate it -- esp. the vocals~~Allan
  21. ABull

    How Will You Know?

    Hey, this is a terrific demo of your song -- the mix is great -- I like your reverb choices a lot. Another good from one you I'd say.~~Allan
  22. ABull

    Light Up the Dark

    This is a good demo of your song -- clear mix and the arrangement is interesting -- solid work. ~~Allan
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