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  1. Load the Assistant, click the tab, select refresh activation. I'm posting this because it said SOLVED and I had to read all this stuff, rather than get a simple answer. As far as being 'offline', why would you want to do that? What if you need some help? Or Addictive Drums goes deactivated?
  2. I have 2019.12. Is that the last version that ran on Win7?
  3. Please let me know how this goes, as it is my current understanding that SPLAT and likely BandlabCake are tied to your mobo ID signature, and WILL NOT migrate. Hope I am wrong here, but would really like to know.
  4. Dude! First off, you can simply insert Ozone on the Master Buss when the mix is complete. Secondly, novice use of Ozone is FULL of pitfalls, like the 'louder is better' trap and wind up smashing the mix into a squashed wave with Ozone's limiter. Use K14 on your meters. Lastly, unless you have some really good monitors, and you have tested your listening environment with RoomEQWizard 5.0 or the like, your mastering efforts are doomed.
  5. Bandlab assistant will NOT let me log-in, authorization error. However, if I do the Facebook login, I could actually get in and update the app. Weird.
  6. How do you update the program? Bandlab Assistant was updated ... today. When prompted for password, it reports 'Authorization Error'. If I click 'forgot password', I log into my webpage, as if my password was somehow valid. While logged in, I can successfully change my password, but Bandlab Assistant still says "Authorization Error' with the new password. Huh? What am I missing?
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