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  1. Thank you @mark skinner for taking the time to listen. When doing live sound engineering I like to have two mics stage left and right and two mics at the back left and right. I use these for the IEM which gives the artist more feeling and not like they are locked out from audience. If someone speaks on the left... they can literally hear it in their ears. Not many artists like IEMs.. but they have never really had the engineer mix it correctly for them. I have my own IEMs which have built in Condenser Mics... love them!!! Which just gave me an idea... maybe I could use these as a binaural recording device... mmmm!! The brushes you hear are a set of congas for the lead singer.. miced up with a single condenser mic. The upside of this was I was using my Presonus Studio Live III mixer which allowed me to record all of those channels... hence this mix.
  2. OK... Ill take a listen. Thanks
  3. Cant believe I just watched that all the way through!!
  4. But... not about trolling,, I don't troll!! I really cant be arsed following the crowd... that's why I asked the question!! I just don't get it!! I was hoping for someone to explain it to me!! The euphoria about the Beetles also I don't get!! Music to me (me talking) has a feeling and experience that you will never forget. It is an expression that is a once in a life time thing if you wrote it. It never existed. until you wrote it!! No one can make it or reproduce it until you write. That is the fascination of music to me!
  5. garybrun

    ya ba da ba do

    LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BpGkK7B440
  6. Going on my topic on a pervious thread... Pink Floyd!!! - The Coffee House v2.0 - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum What are your greatest musical influences' and why??? Looking forward to reading your replies.
  7. I love 50's and 60's music. Seem so simple (maybe the same) but you seem to know what is coming next. The one hit wonders of "two pints of lager and and a packet of crisps please" and other covers of old artists... but not may originals. I love music... cant explain what it is. I work a lot with youth and church music, write my own too. To see people with Alzheimer's and how music influence's them and brings them back to normality... just lows me away. Music can make me cry, happy... just one record can take me back to years ago... the sight, sound, smell... emotional roller coaster ride!!
  8. That must be it... I have never done any drug in my life!! Beatles... get some of that too.... but not the worship stuff!!
  9. I was born in 1964... 11th feb to be exact!! Same here...lol
  10. I have here the vinyl LP of Dark Side Of the Moon here... only played by the Mrs a few times. This is what I dont understand... what is so special?? I dont get it?? Money with a cash machine ringing out.... I am a musical person... but dont understand!!
  11. This is going to cause a few discussions.... but!!!!!! I am 57 years old and have just listened to Pink Floyd for the first time ( I have heard another Brick In The wall before as a kid) But seriously... can someone please explain to me the hype.... I dont get it!!
  12. Not many guys in the first track You cant beat choirs. We are made to sing and our ears are made to appreciate it!!
  13. garybrun


    Seriously pal... that is one hell of a groove. Brilliant--- and cudos on the mix too.!!!! LOVE IT!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to listen. I am using I.K. Multimedia Tubes (just trying them out) and they seem to enhance the bass quite a bit... so I dialled it all down as I listed in my van and on headphone... it was miles out!! On this mix I am using Alitverb (little for a more live atmosphere), on the master buss goes Slate Digital Fresh (Little more top) Soothe... just to do what soothe does!! mixed via Slate VSX. On my monitors I do here quite a few plosives... but I dont want to make it perfect. My reference track is this one (but Im more top heavy) Super sexy voice!! Sounds better on Spotify though... https://open.spotify.com/track/5IOBG1sXMviaMar5KSXl8O?si=coWYj8RSRLuDx07_H5GaWw
  15. Very nice recording. The arrangement is top notch. Beautiful calming voice. Good work.
  16. This is a track I recorded live in 2016 which I have come back to and remixed. I have left some of the plosives in... I believe it gives it more of that live sound. Is the tube chain giving too much distortion? Thanks for taking the time to listen.
  17. garybrun


    Very nice. How many different reverbs have you used on this? I believe I can hear quite a few?
  18. I'm gonna get shot for this one... But his wife recently bought him a cheese grater for his birthday.* he said it was the best book he has ever read!!! (RUNAWAY:: RUNAWAY)
  19. @Glenn StantonI got those colours from the book "My Mix Sucks" 🙂 I have recently been trying some light colour schemes as I have always used dark. Your template looks amazing in "FLAT WHITE matcha" and I have kept your colour scheme too! Happy now!!! 🙂
  20. I use these:- Drums = Red Sound FX = Yellow Bass = Dark green Guitars = Light green Keyboards = Blue Orchestra = Orange Backing Vox = Purple Lead Vocals = Pink After consulting an expert in color psychology to assign those colors. 🙂
  21. This was an interesting discussion. Thanks for sharing. I am working on track templates at the moment. Usually I have just started from scratch every time on each new project. Somehow I got to think more of how to produce the song and what I could do with it. I know it takes a lot of extra time. I bought the Groove template video quite a while ago... but never really got around to implementing the recommendations. I have just downloaded your template Glenn (thanks for sharing) and I am now customising it a little with just track colours as mine are different. Also need to get my head around you midi workflow. My workflow seems to be the same as @Teegarden but the "noise" is a new one for me... do you mean this for the pink noise mixing method? Gary P.s. I have just recently purchased the Slate Digital VSX system and can recommend it... very good. Hence looking at the monitor section of your template Glen.
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