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  1. i understand what you are saying... but the way things are mastered have also changed. I do my i own mastering on my own stuff... i’m not very good at it.. doesn’t work as I am to connected. when I master for others... that’s a different story.
  2. I thought this was well done. Sounds great on my Focal Trios and wide too. Good work.
  3. Also times have changed on how we used to listen and perceive music. I myself am guilty of using to much reverb due to todays charts.. but when I grew up reverb was a big thing in the 80-90s. But it seems like its coming back into fashion again.
  4. harsh and hurts my ears.
  5. Sounded very trapsih to me... but not my genre, low-fi was good. record distortion too. All the best. g
  6. garybrun


    Well it sounds nice!
  7. You have a great voice Barry.
  8. garybrun


    Beautiful. Now my sub can hear the bass 😉 Was it the upper harmonics ringing out before because it was fretless.
  9. Hi. Comparing Itune mix to soundcloud you just posted. Very clean and precise, modern sounding. What is your mastering chain?
  10. garybrun

    invisible obvious

    Thought so 🙂
  11. garybrun

    invisible obvious

    Are you influenced by Gary Newman?
  12. garybrun


    This could be just the way I am used to listening. When I play your track through the Avantones the bass sounds good. Maybe its just the volume of the bass? This is a good trick if no one knows about it-. I'm questioning my room tuning now!! 🙂
  13. garybrun


    Very nice... Loved the horns and guitar We all paint different pictures... I would like a warmer sound on the bass and a little more prominent.,,, butthen again it comes in more around 2.17 as you go up the register.
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  15. garybrun


    Very nice mate. Sounds brilliant now.... nailed it!
  16. why would it get removed? Congratulations and well done Keith.
  17. Did well here jack. Loved the panning at the beginning on the twinkle.. caught my ear and made me concentrate. Somehow was very eastern orientated (yoga based) 🙂 As Lynn also commented on.. you put quite a bit of thought into this one. we all paint very different pictures.. the strings I found grinding.. and harsh.. maybe a little verb?
  18. garybrun

    The Quicky

    Well done Bill. Don't be shy and bring up the volume a little on that bongo in the Right hand speaker? we all paint different pictures... that's how I would paint mine,
  19. But so many people taught us over the years so many different things? I mention it out of respect for others! Going to church doesn't make you a Christian as going to Mc Donalds makes you a hamburger!! I can make an noise like and aeroplane ... but it doesn't make me an aeroplan?
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