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  1. @Bob Oister Hi Bob. Thanks for the comments. I didnt delete the tip becasue you hadnt answered me 🙂 I thought maybe I was maybe coming accross as a little bit of a big head.... (Im not like that) as I also posted on another thread a tip. Thought that if people share what they do to correct things, I thought it would make the area more interesting and help people improve on their mixes. So seriously Im not offended. I have one internet forum that I run has over 25000 members so I have a very think skin. Promise it wasnt becasue you hadnt responed ... but thanks for thinking about me anyway 🙂
  2. garybrun

    The London Way

    Brilliant Lyrics. You know how to tell a story.
  3. My control room... Will post more pictures of the other space later.
  4. Clever arrangment and nice lyrics. I would comment on maybe using a de-esser?
  5. I only have one word "WOW" what a legacy!!
  6. Thanks a lot guys. Some great input there... I’ll discuss it with other members.
  7. that’s very true. i have 2 dogs, three cats, 5 horses and a wife! I am willing to trade the wife for another dog. check this out and see if you have the same problem. Lock wife and dog in the boot of your car for an hour so. Which one is pleased to see you when you open the boot???
  8. thanks for the comments and taking time to listen. this is not a mix in anyway shape or form. it is a recording from the practise... putting the song together. i just wanted opinions on the song and it’s structure...
  9. This is one of our other songs we are working on. Recorded live from band practise. No fancy mixing etc but your thoughts on the song itself and its structure would be appreciated. Im lead vocals and Håkon is backing. Thanks again. Gary Note. this is not a mix... it is ideas for a new song that we have written. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Going 100 miles an hour - Time is passing by The pedal is on the metal - Watching white lines fly Looking in the mirrors - And what do I see Sun shines on the river and it’s blinding me I’m moving on. Yeh yeh yeh. I’m moving on. The past is behind me - Lord.... I’m moving on Fast roads in the open - Somethings up ahead Everything’s in motion - Back on track again Wipers got a rhythm – Like-the-one on the radio Skies are dark and crying leavin’ tears on my window I’m moving on….. White lines are flying x 4 White lines are flying/Movin’ and groovin’ x 4 I’m moving on….. Suspension taking a beating, Shocks going up and down. Speeding on a country road heading out of town I’m on the move, travelling fast, got somewhere that I gotta be Movin’ and groovin’ is such a blast, I’m right where I want to be I’m moving on In the middle of a showdown - It’s easy to get screwed, but The other side of the rainbow - Dreams are coming trough Driving through the desert - Flying over hills Life could not be better - This journey is a thrill I’m moving on
  10. @SPAK thanks for the comments pal.
  11. @fogle622 thank for your comments. I have been experimenting with just mixing in mono until i hear my mix right and then pan hard left - center - hardright. I will take a look at the high hat. Thanks a lot. Gary
  12. garybrun

    Just be With You

    Thanks for comments Tom 🙂
  13. I liked this song a lot. I would bring the drums up in the mix.... I would really like to have ago at mixing this song if you wouldn't mind sharing your stems. Love it... know exactly where your coming from too! Feel free to contact me on PM if so.
  14. Hi Jesse To be honest I really dont know how to say this in a polite way (dont shoot me folks) Are you joking or serious? Very Experimental??? It hurts for me to listen to it. Sorry... but thats the truth!! But I did listen 🙂
  15. garybrun


    Nice vocals. You should be proud of your song. For me getting backing vocals is always the hardest until I learnt this trick not so long ago. Many vocals these days are doubled and tripled. I use this when I have more than four harmonies. Try panning more of the lowest vocals towards the middle and the highest vocals more towards the outside. Low vocals wont get int the way of the lead vocal as the lead vocal is usually higher If you have more than four,,, pan the middle less than the high vocals. To increase the energy of the back ground vocals in each chorus I gradually increase the level of the high vocals by half db first chorus, 1db next chorus, and so on until the song is finished. Its subtle.. but it works. Now Im not saying you should do this to your track... it was just while we are on the subject of vocals thought I would share some tips
  16. garybrun

    Just be With You

    Thanks for listening Darl1968
  17. I dont have that much to add. I think Kuusniemi has given you very good advice.
  18. I enjoyed this one. Very difficult song to mix as there are so many frequencies over lapping which makes it hard to keep from getting muddy. I think you have done a grand job... but to my ears it does sound a little muddy in the 200-400hz range. Your composing skills are good. I personally could not compose this sort of thing as I wouldn't know when to stop adding different things. I think the secret in this style is to keep surprising people with various different types of ear candy as it can get repetitive 🙂
  19. garybrun

    Song in E Major

    Very clear mix, Reminds me of Norwegian artist Morten Harkett from the 80's group Ah-Ha. His music is very similar. I enjoyed the reverb and thought it was well done and the mix was wide Nice mixture of different electronic instruments I can hear thereverb tails well on my Focal monitors.
  20. garybrun

    Just be With You

    I use them for ideas. I also have the Valleta II amp they made. My pain amp is a Fender Deluxe Reverb which has been modded with original 1960's tubes and a little studio mod. Im not really a electric guitar player... my son is though.
  21. I understood what you where trying to achieve but I believe a tempo change would help the mix a lot more. My brain couldn't track all the different parts so quickly... I kept wanting to go back and listen to a part but it was gone in a flash! 🙂
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