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  1. It is! But my favorites are still Heal It Up and Mexican Moon though! 🙂
  2. Of course, you've gotta like a guy who's real name has Bacon in it, ya? 😁
  3. Couldn't decide, so here's four about individuals who may or may not be blonde! 😁 (My favorite songs from them not included since I've already posted them here enough - lol!)
  4. More narcissism issues perhaps? Try it again with a wePad! 😆
  5. Guitarists don't talk to bass players unless it's to yell at them for being off-beat. 😁 (Also, he's a smart guy and wouldn't want to accidentally fall off the stage. 😜)
  6. Anti-Darwinism is a thing in these forums. 😜
  7. That must be why they came home with so little money, ya? 😁
  8. I noticed that the Pink Floyd with Korn was a bit undercooked and would have preferred the Hot Tuna. I'm also surprised that nobody wanted Cream on their Peaches and Herb.
  9. There's another issue that truly degrades any viewing experience (besides injecting BS political agendas into EVERYTHING). They speak in low-educated chat-speech! My roommate's currently watching some series that supposed to take place back in the late 1,700's (I believe), yet some of the "dialog" includes sentences similar to "I know! Like, what we do Bro?"
  10. I believe we gone down this road before! My favorite follow-up to that Bowie song (and one I actually like better!). 🙂
  11. But of course Doctor! I meant to make it a statement, not a question! 😉
  12. A Grits and Beans pizza sounds awful! 🤢
  13. It's a bass player, but working his day-job as a pizza delivery boy (and failing!). 😁
  14. Yikes! Strummy with a "Video Unavailable" three-fer! 😮 Since the last one (the Stranglers) IS apparently available, I won't put replacement links here. Weird though!
  15. Because my parents used my tender age as an excuse, I lost the chance to see the Beatles in 1965... I think the first rock concert I saw was Bachman-Turner Overdrive at Knott's Berry Farm in 1973.
  16. Probably a singer. Doesn't have the right key and doesn't know when to come in! 😁
  17. I remember going to meet one of the members from another forum when his band was playing near where I live. It just happened to be my birthday, but that's also meant it was right before Christmas so people had a lot of other things to do apparently! For their entire first and second sets, I was the only person there! To their credit, they played as if the house was full (something I found out later was the usual for them). It made for a killer birthday! 🥳👍 Oh, and during their third (and final) set, I was joined by someone who probably was a homeless person who sat in the back playing a pair of drumsticks on his legs the whole time - lol! 😆
  18. WHO are you referring to? 😁
  19. Two for Tuesday! Er, Thursday!!! 😁
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