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  1. Definitely! I'm FINALLY replacing mine after many years of use and, mostly, because a dying power supply damaged many of the components. It was an AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor at 3.5 GHz with 16 GB of RAM. Jim's building me (right now!) a new box with an i9-10900k CPU (ten cores / 20 processing threads) at 5.3GHz. I'm starting with 64 GB of RAM, but with only two sticks so I can easily go to 128 GB if ever wanted (I need the machine for a database number-crunching project I'm currently programming and that WILL use the RAM!). Down the road, I expect this box to become my new DAW and I'll probably get AMD for a gaming computer (once I have the time to actually game again - lol).
  2. Apparently, it's hereditary in their family. That's his Dad in the picture with him.
  3. Of course, some things are not all they're cracked up to be! 😁
  4. Not only does that live video truly showcase what Beck is capable of, it was pretty much the moment that everyone was introduced to the talent that is Tal! When she goes into the zone during the show, you can see Beck smiling in that "the girl HAS it!" type of look. Good stuff!
  5. *Phew!* I was worried this thread would have a picture of Betty Ford topless! 😁 (Not sure what that will say about you if you actually get that! 🤣)
  6. All these left-handed people! It's just not right... 😜
  7. I predict this thread could go, um, nuclear? 😁
  8. How to make your snare sound like Metalica's on St. Anger! 😁
  9. Complete live bass rig?
  10. Exactly. That's why I specifically said "canned" in my comment. One of the only good things about living in this area (possibly the only one) is that it has a lot of excellent micro-brews all created locally. The late owner of the dart bar I played out of (pictured below) created the following winning beer with his brother - awesome stuff!
  11. Strummy wouldn't touch it unless it had a button to t**t everything up to Am! 😁
  12. Not sure WTF I was watching, but I couldn't hit stop either!
  13. I call the vast majority of American canned beers "5ex on the Beach" (i.e., F***ing close to water!). 😁
  14. Reminds me of when I saw Jefferson Starship outdoors in a stadium. Right in the middle of the bass solo the plug came right out of his amp and you could see a roadie running onto the stage to put it back in. But the best part was when one of the other musicians went up to the mic and declared "We swear that wasn't intentional!" 🤣
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