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  1. There goes Wibbles, testing the banning protocols! (Why must they always use Guinea Pigs???) 😜
  2. Other than a local band that (wonderfully) played a cul-de-sac neighborhood gig one street over from my house, the last gig I saw was in Las Vegas in mid-February, 2004! I had won a trip to Vegas to play in the U.S. Dart Nationals when I find out that two of my friends had been recruited by Poison's touring keyboard player Stu Simone to be the guitarists for a parody band called Hair Guitar (a complete spoof of the Glam bands of the 90's). Turns out they were going to be playing the SAME WEEK as my Nationals, just earlier (Sunday thru Wednesday while my tournament would be Thursday thru Sunday). Unbelievable good luck! So, I was able to go early (for free), be their official roadie and was also included in a few of the on-stage skits. One skit had my friend Jeff doing this multi-tap solo part but in such a way that it was physically impossible. Stu yelled "WTF?" then pulled back a curtain where the crowd could see me playing instead (I'm no star player so it was literally just that one two-hand arpeggio, but it got a good laugh). Below is how they dressed up (I was in complete black so I could sneak around without really being seen). That's Stu at the mic, my friend Jeff on the right and my buddy August (of Dennis DeYoung and Waiting for Monday fame) is out of the frame. The other main spoof I was involved in used a fake stack I had made for fun. During one part of the show, Stu yelled "Stop!" then claimed that the stack was on the wrong side of the stage. So I jumped into action to move it and, as soon as I did, everyone could see that behind that full stack was only a tiny practice amp. A good poke on all those stage acts that had fake backlines. There was a lot of good music, a lot of laughs and a ton of fun for those nights! Plus staying up all night playing slots and getting wasted was fun too! 😆 We took over a bank of Wheel of Fortune slot machines and, whenever someone got to spin the wheel, we all stopped and gathered around. Good times. Here's my fake stack. It folds up so it can be carried like luggage. The bottom line is now I can say I've been on stage in Las Vegas and for two completely different reasons since I also made the stage in one event of the dart tournament that followed the Nationals try-out! It's going to be hard to beat THAT week! 🙂
  3. No, it won't be "more" in 8 days, it will still only be "it."
  4. Something from Steve post-Vindaloo? 😆
  5. Good, that will give him something productive to do over the next four years! 😁
  6. Soon the name of this place will probably be changed to "The People's Coffee House."
  7. Gee Bapu, maybe we should do some fund raising and keep BMD going! I just noticed S.L.I.P.'s what do I post thread has even been locked. If this place goes full-on stupid too, then I really will have nowhere to go...
  8. Teenage Head > Murray Head song (remixed with better eye-candy). (Just thought I'd S.L.I.P. this one in! 😁)
  9. [tinfoil hat time] I've seen some research that tries to indicate that when A was set to 432 Hz that all the tones resonated positively with the body (it just "feels" better). 440 Hz is said to not match well with the body's native frequencies and therefore causes some unease and encourages anti-social behavior. Some even go so far as to imply that the new standard can be used to program people. So, how did 440 Hz become the standard? Although other countries promoted it earlier, it was chosen in the U.S. in 1935 with the funding and persuasion of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds (not like those names haven't been connected with other conspiracies, ya?). As if all this wasn't bad enough, we now have Kanye West... (Aiiiiii!!!!) [/tinfoil hat time]
  10. I'm going to be the first to answer, but I'm going to give it a big "depends." There have been several studies that show certain types of music (e.g., Classical, Spiritual, upbeat, etc.) have a positive effect on mood while others (e.g., Death Metal, Doom, etc.) can have a negative effect. Naturally, some of these studies were done using plants (which obviously didn't grow up with Rock and Roll), so your mileage may vary. Personally, I like a LOT of genres and I'm generally an upbeat guy because of them, but too much Country and most Rap (or anyone puking into the microphone) makes me want to start a killing spree.
  11. We're artificially being restricted from being humans, so any outlet is awesome. Every other forum I've been in (a few for 20+ years) will have disappeared by next month except this one. I'm genuinely curious to know how many members are in the Coffee House that are even under the age of 40. My guess is not many! With that said, please provide some links to these other forums where we can act like normal adults.
  12. Wait, I've got the perfect solution! S.L.I.P. should take over the Beyond My DAW domain and THAT forum can feature posts by normal people! Wadda ya think?
  13. No, you are REQUIRED to shop! However, you're not allowed to shop for what YOU want and you should be happy with whatever you're allowed to buy. Oh, and you must wear a mask, preferably one that covers your entire head. I recommend: 😁
  14. It just cracks me up that Kenny thinks HE adopted Milo and not the other way around! 😆 (Cool name too! 🙂👍)
  15. Why, yes. Yes, you did! And, in a normal world, it would still be there. I see no reason why it was removed, it wasn't half as bad as children see on TV every day now.
  16. And balance is returned to the Universe. 😉 (I KNEW this is what you needed! 🙂)
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