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  1. Thank you Paulo! I know now EXACTLY what to get certain friends for Christmas! 🤣
  2. And we're all glad you came out of those times Dave!
  3. How's this? Matches the theme AND should make a Wibbles smile! 😉
  4. Obviously Bob didn't finish reading all of page 49! 😆
  5. Actually on-topic, I've been getting those new LIFX bulbs (one per month) until I now have four in my bedroom/office (one on the ceiling and the others in three different corners). Using an app on my phone I have them set to softly come on in the morning with a warm color, ramp up to fully on at the "coldest" (i.e., highest frequency) color during the work day, then slowly dim (at a warmer color) from around 8:30 pm until 10:30 pm when the three in the corners go out. When I go to bed I just turn off the last one and it's pretty much completely dark! This has really helped my sleep patterns. Sure, they can do colors and party tricks (like strobing or syncing to music), but I'm really happy with them just as white bulb replacements. I also have recently found that they have an SDK and a lively app development community, so I might just make my own app to control them for my phone. Cool! 🙂
  6. "Alexa give me all the data you've gathered on Starise." ~ The NSA probably 😆
  7. My buddy August (who plays the Tommy Shaw roll in Dennis DeYoung's band) is in a new venture. Sounds good to me! 🙂
  8. Man! I was having a bad spelling day yesterday!
  9. I'm going to save time and just delete my post upon submission.
  10. Straw? No, too stupid a fad. I put soot on warts! (One of the longest palindromes I know of. Right up there with "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!")
  11. I can't even guess how many times Wibbles has probably watched that video. My guess is that he made a loop of it! 😁
  12. As I just replied in a PM to Bob, I started this in the late 80's then added other tools (from varying levels of clinical reputation - lol). So, whatever the costs were, I'm sure they have changed. The main thing is this: Not all of the perceived damage is permanent and maybe all of it can be corrected. My biggest beef with "official" medical community is when they make offhand comments to their patients like "You'll probably have to live with hearing loss for the rest of your life." This is really a very effective form of hypnosis where a suggestible subject absorbs a statement they take as fact from a medical professional that they've been conditioned to believe. I was shown many examples of this in College.
  13. Part Weeble, part Northfolk and all Wibbles! 😆
  14. Manufacturer's defect? 😁 Maybe start deducting the extra electrical costs from her allowance?
  15. As usual, I'm just a weird one. I've been to some very loud concert/gigs, I was the dumb kid who wore headphones while listening to rock at full volume, I hung out with some guys who had drag-racing cars with my head right under the hood during revving, I used to love fireworks and big firecrackers, I went to NASCAR races and sat in the front (I even drove a NASCAR car around Fontana Speedway at 170mph) - all without hearing protection. But, the worst, were the illegal underground clubs I went to in Los Angeles (including doing the lighting for some of them). I still remember seeing a girl with hair down to her butt holding onto both sides of a large speaker cab (these were arranged in a 3x3 configuration) and the air being pushed out was blowing her long hair straight back! 72,000 watts will do that. The loudness was like a drug (especially things like playing an A chord in front of a cranked Marshall full-stack!). Heck, I even loved listening to jets (including the military kind I was supposed to fly). I had the ringing afterwards, I had tinnitus, I had hearing loss (and excessive wax), I'm lucky I never burst an eardrum. However, in complete opposition to some of the comments I read above, I was able to repair the damage, and I currently have far better hearing than most people my age. I've "fixed" or improved enough things that I'm firmly convinced just about anything is possible (and this "knowing" is key to getting results). I've regrown disks in my back that had degenerated together (the doctor even said "That's impossible!" while looking at the x-rays proving the opposite). I also just had my vision checked last week and it's still 20/10 (i.e., better than the so-called "perfect" 20/20). Not bad for someone on the north side of 55! Here's one link for hearing improvement (I used some of his recordings). Unfortunately, most of the body's potential to be healed with natural methods is held back due to seemingly everyone (i.e., so-called Professionals) putting financial agendas above healing. The FDA is pretty much owned by the large Pharmaceutical companies and will not approve anything that will cure or prevent. They only approve "treatments" which basically go after symptoms instead of causes. Ever see the commercials? There's always a long list of side-effects many of which sound worse than what the medicine is supposed to be treating! No thanks.
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