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  1. I hear ya! My goal is to lose 15 pounds over the next couple of months... Only 35 to go! 😜
  2. N00b: "Well, there's only so many chords you can play!" Joe Pass: "Hold my beer." 😁
  3. I thought he was a no electricity Bill, no? 😁
  4. I have this strange desire to visit! 😁
  5. Damn Bill! If there's a Karma bank somewhere, it owes you a TON of good stuff! (Which you will hopefully start getting once you get well and move to a state that's above sea-level!) Stay strong Bill!
  6. Yikes! Certainly NOT what I'm looking for... Plus, once I can afford to, I've got custom house plans I'd like to use that will definitely have parts where permit-checkers won't be allowed! Heh...
  7. I don't have an Instagram account, but was able to see the page. I hacked out the image (actually using F12 to bring up the Developer window - works with Chrome in Windows 10, not sure about other systems). Here's the image:
  8. *Whew!* Considering our general age-range here (5-year old moderators not-withstanding), I first was worried that you were going to have to have surgery Glyn! 😮 I wonder how many routings and effects we use only because we think we should even when we don't hear any difference! 😉
  9. FWIW - Always remember that most of those extra cores and extra RAM might not be needed or used NOW but, as always happens, programmers will advance their stuff and, then, you'll need it! 😉
  10. Nope! Not going to do it. Someone else can post Sister Sledge, but not me! 😆 Instead, I'm going down THIS rabbit hole! 😏
  11. He definitely looks like he's nailed a few mixes! 🙄 The question is, what kind? Poodle/Schnauzer? Dachshund/Pitbull??? 😆
  12. Updated per current events. 😁
  13. Yes. They were ready. Ready to be powerless and waterless. 😆
  14. Ironically, the original Hollywood IS in Portland!
  15. Now you can actually create a virtual machine from most PC's then install one of those old operating systems and play those games from that. 🙂
  16. I mean, c'mon! This was the morning sunrise I used to see from the deck outside my bedroom!
  17. I love this area, but too many of the people are bat-guano crazy! Things have gone downhill a lot since I first moved up here in 2003... I, along with a few friends, have been researching areas in the Pacific Northwest to move to that have the parts we like, but without the lunatics (and their excessive trash, illegal drugs, crime and graffiti). Right now, Sandpoint Idaho is looking really good, plus I've recently found out that there are friends of friends already living there that are completely willing to help answer any questions I have! If I move, it would be my first home not on the Left Coast (Kalifornia, AreWeGone? & Washington).
  18. Definitely! Some of those simple 2D, one screen games were awesome! Crystal Caves, Commander Keen, Joust, all the Mario and similar types... On the flip-side, I eventually want to get into VR game development, but with Myst-like games. Immersive with puzzles and awesome background music.
  19. He should know better than to stray off the course! Apparently, he's in surgery for leg issues, but this happened at 1:30am so I'm sure there's more to this story!
  20. Ironically, that's one of the main reasons I stopped playing games. Except for an Atari system back in the 70's and a Playstation that was only used to keep my friend's kids busy while we were in the music studio, I never played console games. I only played on PC's and, one of the biggest advantages my friend and I had was our skill with a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball (see below). We would use these at work too (we were both programmers for Verizon Wireless through Accenture) and could zip to any area of the screen in milliseconds!). I still have a few buried in storage...
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