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  1. Does anyone have the tab and notation for this? Thanks in advance. 🤣 Top comments: "I've payed for the whole piano, so I'm gonna use the whole piano" Morpheus on the guitar
  2. It's ok if you're a Big Kahuna though...
  3. craigb

    Virgin Choir FREE

    "Never used by Michael Jackson!"
  4. I went from a Gina to a Layla 24/96. I got a Focusrite Twintrak Pro, but sold it because it got SOOOO hot I thought it was going to spontaneously combust! All I have left is a Presonus Audiobox USB 96 that's still new in the box. (I bought it to toy around with, but haven't had the time yet!) Does Echo still make audio interfaces?
  5. Heh, I remember when there was no way you could have a video monitor that close to an audio monitor! The magnets in the audio monitor would pull and distort the picture in the video monitor... Ah, CRT's! Nope, don't miss them at all - especially the eye strain and the burn-in! 🙂
  6. Everyone! Put your hands together! Now wash 'em!!!
  7. My computers have the Cortana virus...
  8. Yep, but not just ANY fruit bowl! Each "fruit" is a percussion shaker. 😁
  9. Here's a free resource for Surviving and Thriving At Home (I was sent a link to it in an email). I get one of my supplements from them but thought others might get something useful out of what they've put together. 🙂
  10. Just for fun, here's an old-school version from the late 90's! 😁
  11. Here's one type, but we've been getting these for our clients for awhile with good success (you just don't want to move them often): https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Monitor-Adjustable-Screens-STAND-V002/dp/B009S750LA/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=monitor+arms&qid=1585764481&sr=8-4
  12. What's the difference between a kinky person and a pervert? The kinky person uses a feather while the pervert uses the entire chicken.
  13. Ok, here's one solution (as mentioned in my reply to CoveCamper, there's obviously some others!): 1. The Cars 2. Blondie 3. Pink 4. Cranberries 5. Eminem 6. Pavement 7. Scissor Sisters 8. The Police 9. The Roots 10. Iron Maiden 11. Queen 12. Prince 13. Led Zeppelin 14. Eels 15. White Zombie 16. B-52s 17. ***** Pistols 18. Radiohead 19. Blur 20. Gorillaz 21. The Pixies 22. Guns N' Roses 23. Smashing Pumpkins 24. The Lemonheads 25. Scorpions 26. Crowded House 27. Cornershop 28. The Cult 29. The Doors 30. Twisted Sister 31. 50 Cent 32. Talking Heads 33. Cypress Hill 34. Seal 35. Madonna 36. Deep Purple 37. Skinny Puppy 38. Ratt 39. Hole 40. Garbage 41. Yellowman 42. The Killers 43. White Stripes 44. Korn 45. U2 46. The Rolling Stones 47. KISS 48. Black Flag 49. Black Crowes 50. Bee Gees 51. Alice in Chains 52. Blind Melon 53. Phish 54. The Beach Boys 55. Red Hot Chili Peppers 56. Whitesnake 57. Jewel 58. Dinosaur Jr 59. Matchbox Twenty 60. Nine Inch Nails 61. Green Day 62. Spoon 63. Eagles 64. Dead Kennedys 65. Great White 66. The Postal Service 67. Cowboy Junkies 68. Cake 69. Pet Shop Boys 70. The Carpenters 71. 311 72. Jane's Addiction 73. D12 74. Go-Go's 75. The Vines
  14. An excellent choice if you like to yell at imaginary objects and hate having teeth too! 😁 I see too many of them around here... 🙄
  15. As much as I like my hallucinogens, Aceeeeed!!! isn't one of them. Makes me feel like my brain is like a pot of water simmering on the stove. I never get much of a peak, but it goes on and on and on and on (you get the picture - 18 hours or more. No thanks. Give me the organic stuff any time! Mescalin was enjoyable, but my favorite has always been shrooms. Especially since I discovered how they can also be used with all of my brain/mind stuff in a very beneficial way. During a hypnosis session (please recall that I used to be a certified clinical hypnotherapist), a significant portion of a session is what we call the induction. This basically entails getting someone into an altered state where we can work directly with a person's subconscious. Throughout the session, you usually have to reinforce the state to keep someone in the correct zone. Now, my favorite mushrooms, have been shown to not only put you into that state without effort, but to keep you there for a long time! One caveat: I would consider myself a VERY experienced user. I take a lot of precautions before any trip and always recommend that others do the same. Some people require a nanny to help guide them and keep them on a positive path. I should also note that much of the current research into positive medical usage is being performed using microdoses (commonly 0.5g or less). Now, every "drug" can have a negative effect but, as you can see in the chart below, my favorite is the least dangerous (heck even LSD is pretty safe compared to what most people have every day!). I should also note, that EVERYTHING can be dangerous if not used correctly. Andy Warhol died from drinking too much water! So, moderation in everything except moderation is a great rule of thumb.
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