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  1. Maybe it contracted Mono and stayed home? 🤔 😜
  2. And here I was only imagining what Kenny would be asking her! 😆
  3. "You can't really know which plug-ins are best until you own ALL of them." ~ Bapu probably. 😆
  4. Flowing Tears - Children of the Sun
  5. Poets of the Fall - Children of the Sun
  6. Admit it! Some of you are very jealous of those costumes! 😁
  7. Too bad I can't find a connection to Joy Division except that they're another Goth band... 😂😂😂
  8. Another in a long-line of Goth bands apparently... 😆 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Rawhead and Bloody Bones
  9. For those of us that can't see Wibble's last two entries:
  10. Ok, a bit of a stretch, wounds > hemorrhage, but I also wanted to post this song too! 😁 Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
  11. I don't recall every posting this one, so it's about time to do so! Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion
  12. There do seem to be a few of us! Heck, Bapu started so long ago that he only had 1's (zero hadn't been invented yet!). 😂
  13. I've used Lastpass for years now. Much better than a password-locked Excel sheet (which I, like any other nerd, can hack into in just a few seconds). Plus you can access everything from any device, including a new one. Check it out! https://www.lastpass.com/
  14. Because I have well over 380,000 tracks in my media library now (and iTunes chokes around 30,000), I got Media Monkey and it's great! I can do a lot of customizing as well. https://www.mediamonkey.com/
  15. Is that how a band lived before delivering pizza became an option? 🤔 😜
  16. That was being discussed in another thread until it got locked...
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