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  1. Sorry Bill! Ironically, I think she looked better before...
  2. Because I'm pretty sure Bill missed this (he was replying to my prior post when I posted it originally). 😉
  3. I was very disappointed to learn they are fakeys... Doesn't stop me from wanting to check them out, but, still... 😏
  4. Does her arm stay like that all the time? 😮
  5. Aww... Look at that! She has her father's/uncle's/counsin's nose! 😁
  6. Science: "Nothing is truly random." Me: *Shows them this Fred..." Science: "More research is needed!" 😁
  7. That's not becan, but I do see a couple of reasons why you'd want more... 😁
  8. Ya, they're holding interviews on Layabout Day. 😁
  9. Well, I'm actually going to be making some noise too! My roommate will be home getting baked and it looks like I'll actually have some free time so the amps will be cranked and the neighbors will be cranky! 😆
  10. Thanks for the reminder! I think I'll pick up some bags of fart candy again this year... 😂
  11. Just go back and listen to that Kanye video. You won't even notice the lactose. 😆
  12. So, IK's middle initial is "D" - ya? 😁
  13. That's on the udder side. And, while we're on the topic...
  14. I'm guessing there's a Left Way too, but it's stupid and doesn't work. 😆
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