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  1. There should be a counter in our profiles that tells us how many of our posts have been idiotically deleted...
  2. There's definitely been a shortage of logical and intelligent thinking out here on the Left Coast of the U.S.!
  3. Unfortunately, even though the speaker sounds really good, the cheap China-made lava lamp doesn't last very long... I gave out most of my stock to friends and have three (all with damaged bases) that I kept. One no longer has any lava movement and is purely used as a Bluetooth speaker.
  4. To be fair (for those wanting to pick on poor Bapu), he did say after Monday 19 July 2021. That could mean in the year 2037 (or even beyond!). 😁
  5. Are you sure that's not backwards? 😆
  6. When we were still third-party sellers on Amazon, one of our hottest sellers was a lava lamp with bluetooth. When we closed shop, I had the remaining stock shipped to my home and these are great wireless speakers! They looked like this:
  7. Keeping with a similar theme...
  8. What's green and smells like pork?
  9. You will. He farted in your general direction. 😆
  10. Found this group picture of all intelligent rap artists.
  11. ... Went to edit and ended up quoting!
  12. Last Fall, I did a temporary IT job helping update a bunch of Chromebooks for some schools (elementary and high school) out in Lake Oswego, Oregon (a very pretentious and wealthy area). In the elementary school they had the following book among lots of other bizarre propaganda items: https://www.amazon.com/Im-Frog-Elephant-Piggie-Book/dp/1423183053 There were soooo many things that were wrong that I can't even mention them all here or it would just be deleted as usual.
  13. We've heard. My condolences! 😆
  14. Love playing the intro to that song!
  15. Back in the day of caller-ID-less pagers, there was one manager who hated Copacabana, but it was a definite ear-worm for him. Once, when he was in a big meeting, we texted him "Her name was Lola..." After the meeting he comes running over to where we were and started yelling "Ok, which one of you ****'s texted me??!!!" Everyone was laughing their you-know-what's off. 🤣
  16. Sad news indeed... However, the usual must be added!
  17. *Reads topic title and thinks "Who the heck has a reel to reel Bapu???"* 🤔
  18. The entire Kanye West discography? 🤔
  19. "The only chord you need to know." ~ Bapu probably. 😁
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