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  1. I really liked this one too, though they probably didn't need some of the trash humor. Oh, and I will never understand why anyone would want to fast-forward while having s ex with Kate Beckinsale!
  2. Well, seeing as this is the area my PhD work is in, YES, it does! I've worked with a few of the so-called pioneers in the brain-mind field and have a LOT of audio! I kept telling myself I was going to make some of my own audio, but never got around to it... Oh well.
  3. What is this Gooage you're talkin' 'bout? 🤔 😜
  4. Is that what they're calling Depends now? 🤔 😜
  5. CdB? d B s a BZ B! 😁
  6. More like the scratch your head category! What the heck??!
  7. If banks really understood numbers, then why are there eight windows but only two tellers??? 🤔
  8. So, the goal is to become unwired, ya? 🤔
  9. How can you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving! 😁
  10. No need to Google anything! 😁
  11. craigb

    20 +

    Hmm... Good point! Might be a life sentence, ya? 🤔
  12. craigb

    20 +

    He's off working on his next 20-year sentence. 😁
  13. From the forum header: We, being "normal-ish" humans have enough trouble following that! 😁
  14. You guys like your ewes don'tcha? 😁
  15. Occasionally the moderators forget this is a Coffee House. Besides, this is now 1984 so others will tell you what you should be thinking!
  16. Hey, hey there! Watch out with those wise cracks! 😁
  17. We haven't watched any serious music-related documentaries lately, only Spinal Tap (my roommate had never seen it!) and Rock of Ages, another complete joke. I'll have to see if I can find some of the ones mentioned above. 🙂👍
  18. My favorite story (who cares if it's actually true, ya?): Right in the middle of a concert in Ireland, Bono stops the music and starts clapping his hands slowly. "Every time I clap my hands, a child dies in Africa!" he tells the crowd. Then, someone near the front can be heard yelling back "Then fooking stop it!!!" 🤣
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