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  1. Hi, I'm trying to do a midi learn setup on a knob in guitar rig 5, the guitar rig plugin is in the efx bin of an audio track though and when I press "learn" it won't recognize the midi input. I can do it out on windows with the standalone version of guitar rig, and I can midi learn controls in cakewalk with soft synths like kontakt etc. I can't seem to access any midi setting when it's used as an effect in Cakewalk. (Midi and audio settings show up in the stand alone version but not in CW) How do I make a plugin like guitar rig accept midi data input when it's inserted onto an audio track? Thanks! Jono
  2. Sorry, it was a particular effect not playing tail. It works. Thanks again!
  3. I have that setting enabled, but if I hit stop, shouldn't I hear my delay or reverb tail? It just stops dead.
  4. There used to be a setting for this in preferences under playback and recording. Does it exist anywhere in CWBL?
  5. It is the smart tool! Never mind, and thank you!!
  6. Is that with the smart tool though? Thanks
  7. Sorry, one other question. When I make the initial click and drag between the two existing nodes, it creates two new nodes at the far edges of the area rather than just raising or lowering the existing nodes. Wondering if there's a way for it not to create the two, new, unwanted nodes and just lift the existing envelope? Video below of this being done in X1... It seems to only work with the "move" tool in CWBL... it would be great if the smart tool did this as well. Thanks envelope.mp4
  8. Here is yet another DAW that doesn't have this problem. My friend uses Cubase and I asked him to do the same test. Sample accurate sync. Screen shot below. J
  9. Cakewalk exported audio is late by a full frame.
  10. Generally, MP4s used in post production are encoded with AAC audio codec. If I create an MP4 using Vegas, it's the only option in the audio export preferences. I'm quite sure none of the MP4s I get have mp3 audio. J
  11. Thanks guys. I'll see if my basic.cwt can retain that setting. Hopefully it works. Thanks! J
  12. @Noel Borthwick Hi Noel. Sorry... "They" would be the fine folks at Cakewalk who create new updates. This is a different issue than MP3s, they will export out-of-sync in any program, agreed. That doesn't really matter though as MP3s aren't really used in professional post production, whereas MP4s are widely used for scoring to picture. This is in relation to MP4s and compressed QuickTime files, which; when loaded into a DAW session, the DAW will export audio in sync with the original MP4 in other workstations but NOT Sonar/Cakewalk. Please see the screen shots I just made (below) - each one is a screen shot of the resulting audio after opening an mp4 with a different PC DAW or editor, the same audio from the MP4 exported out of each program and then brought back into an all together different program (in this case Vegas) along side the same mp4 with it's original married-audio. I should mention that it also works in the reverse. So, if I get sent an audio track, after-the-fact, say a new dialogue track (broadcast wave) from the post facility, it will be out-of-sync with the master video file and it will be early on the time line rather than late (like it is when exporting). And this is NOT the case when they are brought into other DAWs or editors on the PC, only Cakewalk. *The exported audio is on the lower track in the images. You can clearly see, the other programs exported proper audio files that were in sync with the video file (and time code) and you can see how Cakewalk is out of sync and not like the rest... This is an issue in Cakewalk/Sonar... not a universal problem, after years of dealing with it, I'm pretty positive. That's why I thought Cakewalk might be able to go back and look at this. If other DAWs on a PC have no issue, why does Sonar/Cakewalk? It could be a very simple thing - inside the world of really complex things I'm happy to do tests with other programs. I have a friend with Cubase and another with Nuendo. I have a feeling they will export in sync though. ________________________________________________________________________________________ SCREENSHOTS: Audio Exported from MP4 within Protools and brought back into Vegas Pro (zoomed in pretty close)> .Audio Exported from MP4 within Sound Forge and brought back into Vegas Pro (zoomed in pretty close)> .Audio Exported from MP4 within Cubase and brought back into Vegas Pro (zoomed in pretty close)> Audio Exported from MP4 within CAKEWALK and brought back into Vegas Pro (out-of-sync) I had to zoom out to be able to see the exported wave:
  13. Hi there... Every time I export some audio out of CBL, the "bounce settings" are set to "mix recall", I keep selecting "Entire Mix" which is what I want, but it always returns to "Mix Recall" and (mix 1 and mix 2 are selected) I'm not even using mix recall. Anybody know why? Cheers Jono
  14. Thanks Noel. I wonder if they analyzed some of the other programs or DAWs on PC to see why they don't have the same issue if they might come across something. Or offer a work around somehow. It's been happening for so long and MP4s or QT files seem to be the standard when it comes to scoring for picture. Cakewalk is such an awesome program, it might be worth trying to solve. It's the only symptom I've ever come across that would deter a film/tv composer from using it. Perhaps they could look into what mp4/QT codecs will work and publish a list, so we could request those formats when receiving video files? Anyhow, thanks for getting back to me. I'll check back at some point to see if there has been any progress with the issue. Cheers Jono
  15. @razor7music Like that? Cool! Thanks very much!
  16. Hi, I need to open more than one plugin/synth window at a time to compare settings. CBL doesn't let me do it, just one at a time. I was able to in Sonar... why is that? Cheers Jono
  17. Thanks! So many intricate functions in that smart tool.
  18. I believe what you're saying to be 100% true, but they should fix it! It's ridiculous... they just need to look into it. Thanks
  19. Thanks! It seems to be grabbing all the nodes at once though, I'm trying to do it as you have in your example. I seem to be missing something...
  20. Hey there, Just getting used to CBL and had a question. When editing an automation envelope (in sonar) you could click in between two nodes and raise or lower both nodes whereas the newer versions like CBL keep adding nodes unless you change your tool to the select tool. Do I really have to change to different tools to raise/lower an envelope between two node points? Is the a way to do it with the smart tool?
  21. Hi Noel, I've been trying to contact you about this cakewalk issue I've been trying to solve for years now. Could you please take a look at this post? You began to help me with it via email but your co-workers never got back to me with any results after I sent them info and test files on the subject. Thanks, Jono Grant
  22. Thanks. Whatever it's doing, it shouldn't mess with the time line. It shouldn't matter where anything is on the time line, the video always starts at the beginning of the session unless you set a trim time (which never works properly). Point is, if you open an mp4 in Vegas, ProTools, Cubase, you-name-it, everything will be frame accurate when you export your audio out of the file and into any other program and there is no "adding info to support a codec". This is a bug in cakewalk. I'm just tired of manually re-syncing wave files that I need to deliver, been doing it for years. It's an unacceptable work-around. Hoping someone from Cakewalk will look at this issue. J
  23. Anyone out there willing to try this test for themselves? The info is at the bottom of the top post... Cheers Jono
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