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  1. It seems like Slate has been really pushing to include more tiers of customers lately
  2. I see the limits but honestly they are mild once you get accustomed to actual mpc workflow. The 8 track limit is somewhat deceptive since a program can be absolutely humongous. If i have a drumkit with 128 individual tracks with a separate mixer channel for each pad, that counts as one track. With that said, I realize it is not for everyone since the workflow is radically different. I only asked because it seems like a person wanting something like an mpc would just use an mpc. I can see where they wouldn't want to dig in that deeply
  3. Is there any advantage to using sitala like an MPC over using MPC Beats?
  4. Not contradicting this because I have no idea, but how do you know they are strictly based on VSTs?
  5. As mentioned, bandlab and cakewalk by bandlab are two different things. That kit isn't available directly available, but there are options; 1) there are tons of free 909 emulations like https://plugins4free.com/plugin/2376/ 2) there are vst samplers and drum samplers with 909 kits. You can even download thewe exact sounds and make your own 909 kit using something like sitala
  6. I suspect style dials are almost all sonitus under the hood
  7. They did finally release la2a lol
  8. I think sometimes we go into video game mode when projecting "how easy" it would be for companies to offer products. I am sure they could wrap any of them up into a vst and release them, but then I think of the possible pitfalls vs reward. It may seem like it costs them nothing to do so, but I have to wonder what the cost analysis of supporting these VSTs that will very likely have tech issues (just like every vst) that vary with DAWs. These stock instruments/fx are fairly stable with S1 because they were coded to specifically work with S1 from the beginning. Instruments like impact and sample one are tightly integrated with S1 and who knows jow that coding would affect stability when ised outside of that system.The fact that I can't think of a single S1 instrument or effect that is heads and tails above comparable DAW stock plugs gives me even less reason to see incentive for them to create a new level of support with low potential gain. Just my take
  9. This topic went in a very similar manner 4 years ago on the old forum. I suppose anything is possible. Just not gonna hold my breath.
  10. 1 to two weeks ago. I am starting to get a very waves vibe from them minus the WUP.
  11. These companies seriously need to put enough space between these "sales" to allow us to forget that it was just on sale for less.
  12. The arguably best thing about Reaper is arguably the worst thing about Reaper. The fact that most of the applause I see about Reaper mentions customization is a reminder that many find it less than appealing out the box. Reaper's model will never lead to it being "my favorite artist's primary DAW" but that's ok. The model and pricing scheme is just right for maintaining a steady base who can do anything any other DAW can do.
  13. Imho high ticket items like orchestral libraries probably give best shot at success if one is going the proprietary route
  14. I have . I made my own great value RC-20 by chaining a a few plugins like izotope vinyl, chow tape, ujam finisher micro and a couple of others
  15. Except the pause came before cakewalk folded. In fact it never gained any steam despite 4 different versions of Sonar . Yes, Sonar is free, as are multiple DAWs and plugins. Doesn't mean everybody and his grandma is actually using it. If you have numbers showing Cakewalk usage has actually increased beyond the numbers of sonar at peak since Bandlab acquisition, I would love to see. I am doubtful there is a big enough spike to generate an interest in developing modules that were not there prior to cakewalk folding. I get your point but it is based on an unvetted assumption that free equates to increased usage. Some free products are massively popular but the business model of developing paid products for free products is mixed. Works well for video games. Not saying I am sure it wouldn't work. Jist saying that developers were not beating down the doors to do so during the 6 years between intro of pro channel and demise of cakewalk. Doesn't hurt to suggest but unless cakewalk experiences a massive spike to where it is a standard, it seems unlikely.
  16. I suspect the market isn't large enough to devote the resources for something so limited when they can pump out vsts, audio units and AAX plugs with more universal appeal. Even Boz, Softube and Overloud paused after a small dip in that pool.
  17. Cyclone was not bad and definitely ahead of time. Beatscape was trash. The only useful thing was included sample. It had some ok concepts deceptive felt like a product in alpha stage. For rex files, cakewalk had a designated rex player which I forgot about until now Cakewalk The matrix view in cakewalk is a decent feature I forget about Channel emulation. With the glut of channel strips available now, people forget cakewalk was ahead of time and did a decent job. Studio One Impact XT is a good drum program that often takes a backseat to my third party drum plugs despite the fact that i tend to finish songs quicker when i just go with Impact I completely forget about the analog channel strip
  18. This is tempting at this price but i absolutely do not need this lol
  19. I respectfully disagree. I believe it is useless as an attempt to replace a real guitar. I don't think any of is believe technology is at a place where replacing a real guitar is well executed or desirable. What this plugin is good for is creating the artificial "guitar" sound design that is common in pop music I production. Like many artificial sounds that are not even close to the instruments they are named after, this particular sound (especially when processed heavily) is present in tons of top 40 hits these days. Using it as a straight guitar is asking for disappointment, but treating it as a synth patch for pop/EDM\Lo-fi and various other genres is another story. With that said, I have never found reason to upgrade because I already have enough artificial synth sources that make similar sounds. I believe AAS's marketing flaw with this is trying to sell this as proper emulation of a guitar when it's not very good at that. I never found string studio as having any value until I stopped trying to get it to sound like a string section and started using as a way to make odd sounds that have string like characteristics unique timbres.
  20. I forgot i upgraded to vs-3 after getting lighter session version free
  21. I'll pass. I find there products to be ok but all seeming like Great Value versions of Scaler. I am still trying to find more than novelty valie with instacomposer. The amount of work that goes into making instacomposer not sound absolutely sterile is not worth it.
  22. Izotope nectar elements. I jumped on the upgrade offer. I now find myself using suite Sonar lite edition( forgot exact name). It was bundled with an emu interface long ago. Studio one prime. It was an easy choice to upgrade. MPC Beats- the free version is very usable, particularly for subgenres like Boombap and lo-fi. When I discovered how Akai seems to have the swing function mastered better than most drum programs (at least for making hip-hop) , it was an easy decision. Quiet Classical Guitar lite- the free one is quite usable and full version was only $8 during sale. Well worth it
  23. I suspect as much. It's a testament to how powerful MADEQ actually is. Hence why I am going to have a look at it with plugin doctor.
  24. Melda interfaces have grown on me, but having the same interface for EQs modelled after specific units was somewhat jarring at first. They have fixed that. This thread does remind me that I was planning on running this through plugin doctor
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