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  1. This is a game changer and brilliant in that it removes the barrier of copyright infringement . I hope it doesn't give RIAA the idea of trying to claim rights to "profiles". As far fetched as it sounds, the number of copyright claims that are little more than common chord progressions and motiffs makes it less farfetched than it sounds
  2. Hmmm to increase or not to increase my WUP? On the other hand this restarts the clock on my current waves plugins for little more than what I would likely pay
  3. What I love about scaler is that it is useful for beginners and advanced alike.
  4. No one really wants to, but every now and then it is the only option in a situation. I have seen opportunities acted upon because a person was able to play a song on the spot
  5. I use this a lot. Prefer bettermaker as far as pultec emulations but I don't have that at one studio i work out of.
  6. I stole their products and then felt so empowered that I bought them. Paid for this one too
  7. I'm not mad at Izotope for abandoning these products. Many are old and /or not very popular. I'm assuming they cannibalized exponential audio code and what is useful will be in products going forward. I am more annoyed at the fact that they have included some of these products in recent bundles knowing they were on chopping block.
  8. I like Macs, but hate Apple's continual cycle of milking customers with intentional crippling of products
  9. Despite having v collection 8, I find myself using this more often than not. There's usually something for most occasions.
  10. Doesn't help that I am literally working on a song where I am not liking my piano
  11. I will also say I prefer NI session guitarist. Ujam products always feel like I am just cutting and pasting loops.
  12. Me too. I have yet to actually use it in a song.
  13. The oddest things set people off. I will check this out. Harrison's replies to consumers have left a bad taste in my mouth so I may look at trying Ardour as a linux option
  14. This reminds me of when Gibson sold all those lifetime updates knowing they were about to fold
  15. Fair question. It simply does not work anywhere near the regular version. You basically have two degrees of effect that is either extremely subtle or full on robot. no ability to refine . You have major and minor key only. No ability for modes like Phrygian or Dorian, modes that are common in the kind of music autotune is often used for. i got it for free and we NEVER use it. The tuning program ion Logic is better. Even the free one by auburn sounds gave a much better sound. It is clearly a product so stripped down that it is designed to frustrate you into buying full product. Don't take my word on it, but if you must find out for yourself, get it free or for$5 or so dollars on kvr like everyone else.
  16. I also grabbed maag eq 2 for $5. I already had maag 4. Maag 2 is mid but it does have one pretty cool trick with that air boost
  17. This was a major blunder. The fact that it is locked to bitwig makes it simply another tier of bitwig. I am sure Bitwig owners thought they were paying update fee to remain at top tier.
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