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  1. I don't think these type of plugins are strictly for lo-fi despite the marketing involved. If they named it " Super Coloring Multi-Effect Tape Processor" it would work exactly the same in multiple genres. Musicians use all manner of processors both physical (pedals and amps) and software that technically distort and degrade sound. Every distortion pedal is not for everyone and this certainly isn't either. At this price point i will likely get it because it is worth it just for processing samples alone.
  2. If that 39 deal is still available, grab it. More than worth it
  3. I still have my proteus software discs somewhere and find them useless.
  4. Agreed but we have not established whether the files in question were pirated versions. You mentioned Digital Sound Factory without establishing whether said links were to their actual products, but simply a link that they did indeed have a licensing agreement to release mechanical licensed products that gave them permission to remaster. That tells us nothing about legal status of original E-mu products vs licensed products. Conflating the two adds more confusion. I am not advocating piracy and everyone that has ever seen me comment on such topics. I do NOT believe such links belong here due to the confusion and lack of information. At the same time we have no way of definitively knowing it is piracy as far as what people do outside of this forum. Saying it doesn't belong here is fair, but to simply label it piracy is not.
  5. Not saying this is false. Just leaving open the possibility that exclusive license may have lapsed or may not mean what some believe. The wording even to this entry is legally gray. For example, it has always been legal to sample a roland 909. Plenty of people sell sample packs with samples from the 909. There are officially licensed products that pull the actual raw sample sounds from the EEPROM and that distribution of those licenses are illegal. It's splitting hairs, but a soundfont pack made from someone sampling the proteus would be perfectly legal. We have tons of precedents. The names of the patches are often changed to some humorous version of original, but still there. I didn't write this as a counter, but more of a reminder that none of know the actual terms of license agreement and whether that license is more farsweeping than typical
  6. Bill, since you chose violence instead of actual conversation, do you actually know what MPC workflow entails? I'm guessing you don't or you would know that it is different enough to warrant the question. Sometimes a piece of software can emulate another better than the original manufacturer. Some argue that Plugin alliance version of SSL strip is better than SSL's version. My question was more of an inquiry on whether there was an advantage to using Sitala to emulate the quirks of MPC software that they are known for like pattern/sequence workflow and the MPC swing and 16 levels.
  7. It may be possible that the material in question is in public domain. Archive generally does not engage in illegal files.
  8. Why so hostile? I talk to this guy all the time and will again. I have no relation to Akai or their terrible customer service. I wanted to hear if there was some advantage to using another software instead of an mpc to emulate an MPC. I thought it was a legit question. Evidently you didn't. You don't have to be an ***** about it . Not sure what Akai or I did to you to get your panties twisted, but kindly miss me with your BS. The OP is a super nice and helpful guy who didn't mind the question at all.
  9. My first real interface was an Emu. Amazing tech for time
  10. I use soundfonts to expand sounds in studio one prime. You can create soundfont instruments from any sound and bring them in.
  11. I own this and at this price point, it is more than worth it. It does make you hunger for V Collection, but that is a testament to how good it is. For starters, the organization makes things very manageable for something with so many presets.. The wide variety of sounds cover many genres and work well layered in many combinations. Very useful for creating your own vintage sample loops.
  12. A word or title in all caps is emphasis. All caps for multiple paragraphs is attention whoring.
  13. I find most free sample packs are leftover midgrade samples that companies excluded from release or tiny sampling of commercial products. These are usable
  14. Caps don't offend me so much as they further reduce the already challenging task of inflecting tone and context when communicating via text. Capitals and lowercase exist for a reason. It helps us to identify proper nouns, acronyms and other sight cues. It's not the end of the world if someone types in CAPS, but it often goes along with personality traits that could be a red flag. Obviously this is not always true. I do tend to ignore most posts in all caps because in my experience there is little fruitful discussion to be had with people insistent on typing that way.
  15. These free slate sample packs are very good.
  16. Thanks. I am pretty patient and try to give small developers some leeway
  17. I might go that route since Natan ignores my emails
  18. Nice freebie, but pretty sure they announced this about 5 years ago
  19. Figured that but never hurts to ask
  20. As in for all products or just Nugen?
  21. I got it as a freebie and have no idea what it does. Maybe it's a plugin designed to make you guess
  22. Not sure my woman would accept such a strong commitment to WUP.
  23. Confused. Wasn't there always a trial?
  24. can you use jam points on top of discount?
  25. This is super tempting. For those who use both, how does this compare to addictive drums Is it worth it if you already own AD?
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