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  1. I have used it. It's "cool" if you use a lot of console/vintage processor emulating software as part of typical workflow. Our desire to make things look like vintage gear has lead to a lot if great software using knob visual controls that are awkward in a mouse world. Being able to physically turn knobs when using plugins like Bettermaker EQ is far more intuitive in matching what your eyes see and brain processes. If you use a lot of these type plugins and you actually make money doing this, it pays for itself in time saved. On the other hand, if your workflow uses plugins not based on knobs this becomes a "cool" piece of redundancy. The 16 knobs on my minilab and the 8 knobs on my vx49 do the same thing. Admittedly the layout is not as intuitive, but not a big deal when I factor price and need vs want. I find myself using the smart focus knob on my audient interface is just as intuitive
  2. I know the suggestion to change titles sounds kinda cheap on the surface, but you seem like a guy who understands that algorithms just work that way. I think as long as you have integrity in your content you will only exceed expectations with title tweaks.
  3. I think this could be big as a series instead of one long video. People love love love insight into entertainment and celebrities from insider. Your relaxed style works for this type of sharing. I'm probably a bit biased because I used to do tv ads and got to stories being 30 seconds. I think tweaking the titles of these individual segments to something honest but more clickbait like might give you traffic.
  4. I have to check when I go home. It read all the samples from expansion packs, including the weird demo files for each program. Forgot what those extensions are labeled
  5. Kontakt is not exactly lightweight so scratch that. Decent is lighter
  6. Are you serious. I didn't say I didn't refer to your post. I said I didn't quote or misquote you. Not a difficult distinction. The moment I figure how block works on this forum it is done.Bye
  7. Are you serious. I didn't say I didn't refer to your post. I said I didn't quote or misquote you. Not a difficult distonction. Bye
  8. Now it has went from "misquoted" to "misunderstood". Make up your mind which passive aggressive condescension you wish to use. I understood you just fine and again, your narcissism is showing to claim anyone on here didn't understand you just because we didn't agree. I got your point exactly . Get past your inflated sense of self. I will drop this because each response is getting more insulting. Peace
  9. With that said, this whole thing is silly. Just leave me out of your nonsense and we are good.
  10. And I don't give a fraction of a ___ what kind of strategist you claim to be. So what. An appeal to authority is a logical fallacy, even if that appeal is using yourself. Again, it's not your opinion that initiated my response. It is the fact you are doubling down on claiming I misquoted you when it is in black and white that I did not. Nowhere did I claim you said anything about WUP actually being a subscription model. I said you made a comparison. You DID indeed make a comparison. Instead of leaving as an agree to disagree you made up some nonsense to paint yourself as misquoted and to repeat what kind of strategist you are.
  11. You seem to like throwing out inflammatory statements and inaccurate ones at that and then acting like a victim. I didn't call you a name. I said you lied which is not an attack. It is an irrefutable fact. I have hostility or anger towards you. I ignored your response because it seemed clear that you wanted to argue for the sake of arguing. I simply do not like someone saying something about me that is not true. I corrected the lie you told. I don't mind being quoted or even if you chose to address my actual words but claiming I quoted or misquoted you is what it is. Your opinion is just that but you should expect people to not appreciate you changing their words to continue your back and forth over nothing.
  12. Yes, it does read Native Instrument samples
  13. I didn't misquote you. I didn't quote you at all or even paraphrase . if you are going to disagree, cool, but pleas do not ever lie on me again. My literal words were that I didn't agree with the comparison which you responded by defending that comparison. That is your right to do, but no quoting or misquoting was involved so please refrain from telling untruths to rationalize your argument with another.
  14. I had someone recommend that but found it to be a super clunky hack
  15. It depends on what I need a sampler for. If it is Boombap type sample flipping Serato sample is king. I won't count DAW-like programs like Maschine or MPC that can be used as plugins. They bith have excellent samplers but kind of overkill for simple sampling. For preset instrument libraries Kontakt. For simple one shot drum samples Sitala works.
  16. I have same issue. Super annoying
  17. WUP is annoying but subscription model comparison is not quite right. Waves plugins work fine for years without paying WUP. I used RBass for 5 years without paying. Most subscription models stop working when you stop paying.
  18. dubdisciple

    Scaler 2 Sale!

    At work so will try to answer all these in better depth later
  19. dubdisciple

    Scaler 2 Sale!

    You can play chords via one note. You can also lock remaining keys to scale. This feature even works when using other plugins like remidi to lock input into key. It works very different than ezkeys. I have both and i don't even bother with ezkeys
  20. dubdisciple

    Scaler 2 Sale!

    It has both and then some
  21. Just a head up for anyone thinking of getting the bundle with tape piano. After a long wait and multiple attempts, I finally was told by developer that there is an issue with Ryzen processors. Only purchase if you have Intel chip.
  22. dubdisciple

    Waves free plugin

    Possibly a mangler. A chopping device. A tagger. A key indicator. who knows
  23. dubdisciple

    Waves free plugin

    Get em mayne! Underappreciated response
  24. I don't think these type of plugins are strictly for lo-fi despite the marketing involved. If they named it " Super Coloring Multi-Effect Tape Processor" it would work exactly the same in multiple genres. Musicians use all manner of processors both physical (pedals and amps) and software that technically distort and degrade sound. Every distortion pedal is not for everyone and this certainly isn't either. At this price point i will likely get it because it is worth it just for processing samples alone.
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