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  1. Are they making audiolens work with elements plugins? Otherwise it is a weird inclusion
  2. They are really giving away a freebie as a freebie?
  3. Seem weird to try and sell me a subset of something I already own.
  4. These kind of libraries give me pause since wu's sound was samples. At best you could offer Rza's druns before you get into legal issues.
  5. The better He was going by the retail price since this giveaway will end soon. I do agree that the products are not quite the same thing . Maybe I am missing something. The Sonible one seems to be based off of presets while the Izotope grabs from any streaming source. Another huge difference seems to be that audiolens actually applies curve if using Neutron or Ozone.
  6. The rule might seem silly but it's not much to ask considering the forum is free . The deals forum was a courtesy and not originally part of their plan. Considering there is more discussion of everything but cakewalk on their forum, I'm not going to nitpick an easy to follow rule because I want another extra hundred plugins lol
  7. 3 products for $100 is great of you use all three. If you have no use for other 2 it is basically $100 to upgrade the one product
  8. Free Pantone Colors for Photoshop: https://www.culturehustleusa.com/search?q=pantone&type=product%2carticle%2cpage
  9. Each of those are more like Lightroom alternatives. Affinity is a good value version of photoshop
  10. I am in the same boat as you. I use my VC8 A LOT, but not sure if I need the missing ones. I like that they upgraded CS-80, but I doubt I will make anything Vangelis to warrant the addition. I just wonder if these is something else I need more than simply adding to ny arturia collection. I can probably get same price next year with additional content I want.
  11. It took me almost two years to get a question answered for me. I would hate to be someone heavily invested in something like an MPC. Owners tend to be very loyal. Imagine being reliant on that as primary means of production and dealing with their service. IK has always been easy to work with even when there is a glitch.
  12. I think the sonible option may be better if you don't have ozone. I have ozone 10 so it's a no brainer. I am going to see if their are any non-izotope use hacks
  13. I suppose you could use as visual reference. Considering Izotope made visual mixer free, it may be worth it to get license in case they open up later.
  14. I occasionally get decent service but it is so inconsistent. I think it is a crapshoot.
  15. I got roped into VIP. Thankfully my Alesis VX49 ended up being a decent controller. I don't use VIP at all. I find that Arturia's sust and Komplete do a better job with instruments I actually use. I use my Air plugins, particularly when using MPC, but wouldn't actually buy any of them aside from Loom II though.
  16. I always regret passing on sonible products but feels redundant with audiolens being free
  17. I have tried to like WA plugins but I end up not using them. At this point, I don't even want as freebies.
  18. I think Air plugins are great....as stock plugs for systems like pro tools and MPC hardware. The limitations of MPC hardware incentivize user to reduce reliance on third party plugs. They are also decent as low cost- or better still, free -add ons for non-MPC users. Fabric XL is damn good but for the money, nowhere near the best buy at regular price. Even at the recent 99 dollar sale price, I would rather upgrade my v collection.
  19. I used to think that until I saw a guy making high level classical music on it. Granted, I think it is still inferior to Cubase in that regard, but each version adds more functionality. I respectfully disagree about it being a loop and sample music maker's DAW. I think it's more of a drum sequencer and piano roll composer's DAW. FL is very popular in pop music in multiple genres that rely far more on sequencing than sampling. It is the DAW for trap and drill and hybrid pop like k-pop or Arianah Grande/Justin Bieber type composition. I think Ableton is superior for sample based production. I think certain genres have made lo-fi methods that oddly enough emulate sample loops sound so degraded that they get mistaken as such. When I think of genres that still heavily sample (90s style boombap or retro sounding acts like Griselda) I find more MPC hardware, Maschine, Ableton and retro gear ( Kanye uses mostly hardware) with some FL.
  20. Hmmm. Everyone i know says they got free update and that it was a name change rather than product change. People still call it fruity loops 🤣 They could be lying.
  21. I bit. I doubt I will ever bite on the WUP, but I am on windows. I used Rbass for 8 years or so without updating . These are among the most reliable go to plugins year after year.
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