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  1. I just use individual installers. Go to license management in your account and individual installers are there
  2. Congrats. So much great potential even now
  3. I just doublechecked. I uses an sq80 preset in analog lab. No sq80
  4. All of them sound pretty good. Just not at that price point. All of them can be had for less than the price of one. Edit- i just saw the dramatic price drop over what was initially posted
  5. All of them sound pretty good. Just not at that price point. All of them can be had for less than the price of one
  6. I got sq80 when i upgraded. Hmm. I think I lucked out
  7. Sq80 but it's now included with V8
  8. They did give effects a facelift. They work exactly the same but look a lot better. Very simple but i suspect because target was mpc users who use much smaller screen
  9. I totally agree that inmusic business model sucks for consumer. Poor customer service, products that seem abandoned, lack of updates( tons of products have no vst3 version and products like noc cannot run vst3) and a lot of nebulous marketing always has me hesitant to purchase anything by them. At the same time, some products offer great value. As ugly as air instruments are, they are still very usable. A good chunk of pop music can still be made using primarily air synths. I stuck hybrid in a song last week because it just fit. With that said, i can't see myself buying anything new either. I already have most of the old ones. Even if I had interest in the synths, it would be wiser to catch MPC software on sale since you could get all of them for the price of one and have a decent drum machine/sampler/production station as a bonus.
  10. I certainly wouldn't buy hype separately at that price or even for sale. It's a good stock synth option though. Hybrid is super ugly but quite functional. My favorite air synth by far is Loom II. I think one thing actually in Air's favor is the copycat nature of pro and amateur pop creators. The fact that MPC based hip-hop/ pop producers use these plugins may sway people who simply want to use what was used on a song they liked.
  11. These are basically the stock synths that come with MPC. They are decent emulations and I use them mostly because they work well within the MPC environment and are low resource. I don't think at that price they are worth it individually though with so many other options. Hype synth is most versatile. I like the sound of mellotron best, but pales in comparison to both arturia and gforce options.
  12. I got for 149 and it is more than worth it. I also have an arturia minilab mk2. Being able to navigate from controller is so convenient
  13. I still don't use the version 5 i got last year. Since the one i got didn't include captain beats, i wonder if i get the 29 price?
  14. I suppose this is cool but i already have the following pultec emulations: Bettermaker Bluetubes Ikmultimedia The one that comes with presonus Pretty sure the melda turboeq has pultec mode And probably at least one i forgot Does this really do anything special the others don't?
  15. I have not tries in win 7. My guess is it probably works but is unsupported. Have you tried running the demo? That might answer your question without having to deal with snarky answers. Good luck
  16. Surge certainly has the most raw power of any free synth. Vital is imo easier to use and an argument can be made that Vital is the better synth in practice. I reach for Vital despite having quality commercial synths.
  17. This forum has a strict no piracy rule. Even if you rationalize it.
  18. I'm relieved i rarely touched regroover essential. The fact they are keeping the era bundle stuff accounts may be a sign they may cannibalize whatever features Meta wanted and then sell division off. I will use it for now
  19. The fact that it's not obvious what was upgraded is a hard no for me.
  20. Total pain but i find even rescanning multiple tines is faster than cosmos scanning oncr
  21. I find ADSR more useful for music production since it works as a plugin. Cosmos is not nearly as efficient unless paired with CR8 .
  22. To clarify, this glitch is not crippling. The solution when it happens if to delete the folder and then add it again. It just sucks you have to rescan again
  23. It works very well for a freebie. One annoying feature is it sometimes greys out folders if you update content.
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