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  1. Wookiee

    Just about a minuet

    @Douglas Kirby Thanks it was just a small experiment with Notion, but I will possibly expand it.
  2. Wookiee

    Just about a minuet

    Thanks @Bob Oister it is good to try something different now and then, thanks for listening and your positive comments. @SPAK Thanks Steve I did I saw what you did done thanks for listening why not have a listen to what @garybrun was inspired to do with my little ramblings. Bach Concerto for two Violins
  3. Wookiee

    Inspired by Wookie

    I like this Gary nice job my friend. 🙂😎
  4. To the best of my knowledge I was running the latest version of BA which had the facility, I know that I got such a notification in CbB previously, but not this time. That is the reason for asking.
  5. Wookiee

    SampleTank 4.03 out

    Have to agree no deal is displayed here so perhaps inappropriate.
  6. Thanks @msmcleod I am aware of that but sometime when one is busy one does not think to do that. I thought that a function was introduced an update or two back that automatically informed you of a new release.. This did not happen this time round and I was wondering if it was dependent on BA being upt to date as well.
  7. If one does not regularly open Bandlab Assistant how does one find out if there is an update to CbB. I only discovered there was an update this month because of a FB group I belong to. Yet the update had been released prior to me firing up CbB that day, however when I started CbB I did not get notified as I thought one should be. Does BA need to be up to date for the notification function in CbB to work? A furry mind needs to know. 😎
  8. Wookiee

    Just about a minuet

    Half hearted as much as half baked @batsbrew I was experimenting with the composition aspects of Notion and the provided sounds, no soft synths or other were harmed in the making of this all Notion provided samples.
  9. Just about a minuet Original composed in Notion transferred to CbB for finalising
  10. @Trevor I just managed to Login to the www.Cakewalk.com site I need to scroll to the bottom to find the "My Account" link from there I had access to some but not all of my historic software. Hope that helps.
  11. Another nice song well created, you are aware the mix needs a little attention but it still sound OK as it is.
  12. To me this sounded like a live Pub rock gig Gary which is not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Nice Sailor55 I always like it when I have to reach for the volume control and turn it up from its default "Listen to overly loud internet music setting" . Again a very cool spacey mix with room to breath nicely done sir.
  14. nice collaboration Bjorn and Lynn
  15. Bob said it all, nicely done ØSkald worth a from these furry ears.
  16. Wookiee

    Our Humanity

    Always nice to hear a song from you Freddy, interesting lyrics, I enjoyed this thanks for sharing.
  17. Wookiee

    The Mystery

    Nicely done Lynn
  18. Nothing I can really say about this that has not all ready been said. That said I will say the furry ears did pick up and twitch saying hey listen you ignorant Wookiee. They said this is very well done, nicely balance mix with plenty of space. well worth a
  19. Not sure this should really be here in the songs forum Matheus perhaps the coffee house 2 would be better let me know and I can move it for you.
  20. Wookiee

    Mary Contrary

    Hot and wet mix to these furry ears, they also say the mix could do with a few tweaks as some sounds are a little wide in the mix though backing off the reverb may clarify it better. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Wookiee

    The London Way

    I enjoyed this because it is good and well written. I have to ask were you tapping your foot or banging the body of your acoustic? I can hear a real low thump in places.
  22. Lynn good to hear from you again, lots of good advice given above regards the drums which do sound buried here apart from the HH swoosh. Other than that it is up to your normal quality of writing.
  23. One of your better vocals John, though all your vocals are far better than mine mix comes across well here.
  24. When I did a search for the CONCRET140.DLL, Google asked if I meant CONCRT140.DLL seems to a problem as the search revealed this "Microsoft® Concurrency Runtime Library. ... For instance, a faulty application, concrt140.dll has been deleted or misplaced, corrupted by malicious software present on your PC or a damaged Windows registry" Might be worth running a virus or malware scan and check to see if the DLL is present on your system.
  25. You need some peeps to be bereft of life Michael? They only need to be within a Parsec of me singing to be rendered life less. 😂😎
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