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  1. Hi @Dave Oliffe welcome to the forum, mix works well here on the Adam's.
  2. @David Sprouse Requires some permission changes to see David.
  3. @Douglas Kirby Thank you Sir, glad you enjoyed the ride, and for taking the time to download listen and comment.
  4. @Lynn One day many many eons ago I stumbled across one of ARP's really early synths at the college I was attending we could get nothing out of it, no patch leads, but it sparked something in the little single cell that rattles around inside my furry skull. Been playing with synthesis ever since. I even built a guitar synth which never ever really worked but was fun to use. Discovering Cakewalk in 1992 and adding a Korg 05R/W a few months later opened up a world of sound to me. Then Arturia introduced the Moog Modular V which I loved but was virtually unusable on a single core pentium PC. It has been downhill since then. Again thanks for taking the time to download, listen and comment.
  5. @freddy j My thanks for taking the time to download and having a listen to the end. Again thanks for the kind words regarding voice selection, most are presets that are tweaked, in some cases heavily. With Arturia V 7 Collection Synths alone, I have access to some 10,825 presets but like all presets they worked fine in their original context but need tweaking for use in a different context. Some tweaks completely change a voice, some mangal them beyond recognition. Though for this there are a number of original patches, the Voltage Modular is providing two of the SFX and is an original patch. All of the ARP Odyssey patches are original of which there are 6 instances all slightly different in tone and pattern. Thanks again.
  6. This will only be available for another week as it is consuming a large chunk of my Google drive. Thanks to those who have downloaded and commented.
  7. @Lynn Only heard the second mix, for me I would like to hear the vox up a tad more just to lift it out. The bass sounds fine here. Just as a matter of interest for us other country peeps what month is the 16 month 😉
  8. Wookiee


    Like Gary the Vocal FX is either a phase or Chorus, nice easy on the ears groove, but there is something adrift with the tuning on one of the voices (EP?). I did quite enjoy this.
  9. @emeraldsoul Anything that has the furry paws tapping by the end of bar 2 just has to cool, what a super groove you have in there, I can hear why @noynekker thinks he can hear a DX7 that EP has a classics DX sound. Nice all round Tom, sweet
  10. Only listened to the first version but the drum timing does appear off. Are you using a drum sampler like Superior or XLN or is this real drums?
  11. You asked for it @Paul Bush for a first attempt this is not bad, you have a reasonable tune and the vocal is good and the mix is close. Most here would agree there is no real fast track it is down to practice and learning what works. One of those lessons is that FX presets are only ever a starting point.
  12. Just as you said @bjornpdx it has that old country vibe, sound swell captured here @Douglas Kirby vocal is nice and clear as are the other instruments.
  13. @soundregion My thanks for your time and ears, part two is moving deeper in to the brain.
  14. Is it Chrome warning you it cannot scan for viruses?
  15. My thanks @bjornpdx for your comprehensive review, those random chords are not quite so random but I hear what you are saying, (the tears for dying stars/brain cells). Glad you enjoyed it.
  16. Tom of Deering Amps has kindly offered to host this it can now be found here The Cosmic Brain Parts 1 & 2 I hope you enjoy it is now 14' 44" long.
  17. Nice as ever Bat's, likewise with the best for your friend, it is hard when you see your friends struggle with addiction.
  18. Thank you @batsbrew, it has become a bigger piece it is now 14' 44" long just tweaking the mix prior to releasing.
  19. @Jesse Screed I could not have said it better, thank you.
  20. Wookiee


    Are you going to develop it further Keith? Classic 90's TV cop groove.
  21. Wookiee

    Gossip Song

    Nice smooth Jazz groove, like the brushes on the drum, what did you use? Thanks for sharing.
  22. Wookiee

    Kick Off Yer Shoes

    @Starise Nicely done sir, as an improvised piece it works well here, other then the drums being the same throughout not that that distracts from it.
  23. Wookiee


    Mix works here, not so much my things but it is well produced and played, thanks for sharing.
  24. Wookiee

    Tears of Blood

    Mix works well here, has your polished sound worth a
  25. Wookiee


    Some interesting use of synths, thanks for sharing.
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