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  1. I enjoyed that thanks for sharing.
  2. Wookiee

    The Visitor

    I did listen yesterday but did not get the chance to comment, your tune worked for me @Starise
  3. @Starise Thank you Tim, now there is an idea a furry alien from far far far away writing music for s science fiction program about a time travelling Doctor who changes face and gender. 😎
  4. Is it my magnum opus? I have know idea, possibly lets hope something else finds its way to the furry paws. I have little control over what ends up there I just sit and noodle or tweak or create new sounds and something appears. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the whole piece and for your kind words.
  5. @thegaltieribrothers Hi Paul thank you for taking time to listen to the entire piece. I never intended to write something this long but it just kept growing and growing, I think it has found resolution. Nice to know it chilled you out I listened to it last night on the home HiFi in Pro Logic II Music which was quite a revelation. Thanks again.
  6. Enjoyable track with some nice playing, like the choice of drums underneath this cool stuff @batsbrew
  7. Nice bouncy track @Douglas Kirby, though it does sound a little boxy here, like it might be over compressed or it is just the furry ears being a PITA
  8. Thanks for the ears @bjornpdx and comprehensive review. Thanks for the honesty glad you liked parts but other parts did not appeal. Again thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
  9. There was definitely a feel of openness and airy space David.
  10. My continued thanks Tom well it is only one side of a vinyl album at 29' 50" ???
  11. Nice David, real sense of openness, I like it.
  12. Tom of @DeeringAmps has again kindly offered to host my little ditty. The Cosmic Brain (Complete) all five parts. The Cosmic Brain 29' 50" By the Wookiee. I would recommend downloading as with high internet traffic, due to all you good and sensible people staying at home to help our health service professionals, it might not stream as well as it could. Thanks for listening. I have revised the link as it appears to stream better but you can still download it from there to.
  13. Wookiee


    @Makke My thanks sir.
  14. Mix does sound nice, perhaps another day I will get a chance to listen to a couple of the other movements, I do like the integration of synth sounds with the sample based orchestral sounds.
  15. Sounds OK hear, has a sort of late 60's early 70's song vibe with a modern mix..
  16. Wookiee


    Interesting interpretation David, thanks for the listen, words and your insight.
  17. Wookiee


    @bjornpdx Thank you, you are most kind sir.
  18. I would if I could but it is illegal still over here :( I did.
  19. Wookiee


    Thank you, you are most kind. This is part four of the Cosmic Brain, there is more and though I am not supposed to plug stuff here is a link to The Cosmic Brain parts 1 & 2 part 3 is somewhere in this forum. Part 5 is, as one might say, in the ingredient gather stage. My thanks again and to all of you that have listened and commented.
  20. @Grem Thank you Michael, there was no intent to scare, though it is nice to know it is reaching you, I really do appreciate your time, your ears and your kind words.
  21. Nice to know, thanks for the ears time and your comment.
  22. Wookiee


    Do you still have it Lynn? they can be replaced I have a similar problem with my O5R/w fortunately even though I had it for about 26 years the battery still appears to be good. Nice to hear that my music help your mood, thank you for your ears time and word, likewise stay safe and keep the music coming.
  23. Wookiee


    Likewise Douglas may you enjoy it also, thank you for your ears and comment.
  24. Wookiee


    @DeeringAmps You would not find much in there Tom, lot of empty space and a very confused single cell. Thanks for the listen and you comments you are most kind.
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