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    Get Waves Audio TrueVerb for FREE (expires in 48 hours). $99 USD Reg. Price. Okay, who are we kidding, nobody pays regular price for anything from Waves. It's usually $29 USD, perpetually on sale. So, it's still a savings of 29 bucks (USD). https://www.waves.com/account/free-trueverb-dixon-beats
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    I'm not so shure about this.
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    https://purafied.com/ Liquid Death Snare - over 500 Samples of Snare
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    Has anyone here munched a rug lately? It's not allowed here.
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    I've been saving for a couple of years, and yesterday I went out and bought it🤩 Fender American Professional II Telecaster: With a maple fingerboard - V-Mod II single-coil Telecaster pickups. This guitar plays like a dream and sounds great😍and it came with a nice case👍🏼 I'm a happy camper today🎸
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    ­https://audioassault.mx/collections/plugins Happy Independence Day! This September 16th we celebrate the Independence of México, that's why we want to celebrate it with this crazy offer! Add 3 Plug-ins to the cart and get each one for only $5.00 ***Use de code SEP15 at the checkout*** You can Get: The Crown for only $5 Shibalba for only $5 Sigma for only $5 RVXX for only $5 Duality for only $5 AHM 5050 for only $5 All the mix tools for only $5 ReAmp Studio for only $12.50 Classic Series for only $10 Any IR Pack for only $5.00 And many more products for only $5 **The discount only applies to orders of 3 plugins. ***Offer valid until September 16th, 23:59h Central Time***
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    I went from 11 to 14 for TrueVerb using this freebie. With Waves freebies, you must not only check if you have it but if you have the latest version.
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    Try turning the 64 bit double precision engine off (if you have it on.) Lastly: Make sure that your Mackie driver is the only driver making use of your computer. I have never bothered with Win 8, but i believe the steps are the same. So you might want to go to control panel, audio drivers and disable every other sound drivers thats installed on your PC. From Realtek to software that install drivers unknowingly, like music players, video editors, video/music converters, lame drivers and certain codec software. Also check and replace the cables of your Mackie BB.
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    Top tip of the Day...... Avoid long queues by visiting a local cemetery and becoming ridiculously emotional about someone else that you never met.
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    For those asking about a release date:
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    Or go direct: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/48481-lese-releases-codec-bitcrusher-plugin-free/
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    The Psychedelic Furs- Merry Go Round:
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    Bargain, at that price I might buy another one. 😲
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    Yeah I've got IK's Mic Room and think it's great. I don't get so caught up in whether or not the result actually sounds like the mic it's supposed to be, I guess it will have some likeness, but to me they are just really to add another colour, another texture that just trying to copy it with an EQ can't really do, because there is something else going on there. I find more often than not regardless of the mic you use, the result will likely be better in some way, and removing the plug will not sound as good. I use them the as much with amp sims as vocals, I stick one in between the amp sim and an IR loader, or after the cab loader, I prefer before, and the sound/tone generally becomes more focused, tighter with greater clarity. It's all just more tools, more options, more colours and textures that you other wise wouldn't have, and not so much making this mic sound like that mic, that's how I look at it any way. Same with Amp sims, they could say they modeled it on an old twin tub washing machine for all I care, as long as it sounds good, that's all that matters. I also got AA's Lava on Sunday, and you can get just as good stuff going in reverse, kind of, pick the target mic, and leave it, and then go through changing the Source Mics, there's pretty much not a bad sound/tone to be had. Love it. With IK's Mic Room, Gauge's Mic Locker, and AA's Lava, the possibilities are endless. Lava has the most options of course, but that doesn't mean it's the only one. They are all great at what they do. I don't know how long the sale for Mic Locker goes for, but it might be a good idea to grab the demo and see what you think while it's at $29, can't hurt. Although they say you should use the mic you have as the source, from what I have experienced, that's not such a hard and fast rule, because you can get awesome tones while disregarding that 'rule' altogether
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    Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life
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    Scorpions - Backstage Queen
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    I like this library a lot and it is a fun way to get introduced to a large amount of world instruments. Sill I would give the edge to Ethno World 6 for an expansive world library. It's divided into Instruments and Voices, but you can get the instruments for $259. During the Best Service 40% off sale it will be $155. So it's less expensive than World Suite 2, and better. But... I do like World Suite 2.
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    https://www.softube.com/shaper Code: TRANSIENTSHAPER88 Flash sale for $10.
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    I litrally just copy pasted Larry post. really missing that dude
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    The Schecter is on backorder until late November 2022 and I've done some more research and I've ordered this today: Warwick Pro Series Thumb BO 4-string Bass - Natural Satin
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    Isolated bass and drums from the With the Beatles album. I'd never noticed how often McCartney utilizes chords on bass. Or how tight the bass 'n drums were (listen to the kick and bass on Roll Over Beethoven). Drum sound is clear and present, despite only two mics on the kit. You can really hear the pumping 670 compression on the rides. Great engineering. Keep in mind that this was recorded on a 2-track machine, so most of it is essentially live. Also worth remembering that these guys were all pretty young and still relatively inexperienced in the studio; McCartney would have been 20 or 21 years old at the time of these recordings.
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    SSL LMC+ $19.99 @ Plugin Boutique https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/8-Compressor/8677-SSL-LMC- The SSL LMC+ replicates the sound of an SSL 4000E console's reverse talkback function, a.k.a. the Listen Mic, which included an integrated compressor to safeguard against overloads and make quiet speech intelligible. It was the Listen Mic Compressor, combined with the SSL 4000E's built-in noise gate, that was the genesis to the gated-reverb drum sound that dominated the '80s. The LMC+ plug-in eclipses the original hardware, providing you with advanced functionality that wasn't present in the original console, such as external sidechain capabilities, highpass filters and lowpass filters, and Scoop and Split functions. And thanks to its intuitive controls, the LMC+ is a breeze to use. If you want to smash everything back to the 1980s, the LMC+ is the plug-in to do it with. The LMC+ plug-in takes the vaunted SSL Listen Mic Compressor from the center section of an SSL 4000E console and enhances it with modern features derived from SSL's LMC+ 500 Series module. An external sidechain enables you to trigger gain reduction with an external source or signal, while variable highpass and lowpass filters allow you to tailor which frequencies trigger the compression. You also get Scoop and Split functions. Scoop phase-inverts your wet signal, while Split engages a bandpass-subtraction mode. There is also a Mix control, which makes parallel processing a piece of cake. If you enjoy slamming audio into oblivion, you'll find a zillion uses for the LMC+. Features Replicates the sound of an SSL 4000E console's Listen Mic Compressor Fixed attack and release curves are tailor-made for ambient drums External sidechain triggers gain reduction with an external source or signal Variable highpass and lowpass filters tailor which frequencies trigger the compression Scoop button phase-inverts wet signal Split button activates bandpass-subtraction mode Mix control makes parallel processing a piece of cake System Requirements Mac macOS 10.12 Sierra - macOS 11 Big Sur (M1 Mac not yet supported) (64-bit only) Intel Dual-Core Mac running at 2.4GHz or higher 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB of RAM recommended) AU, VST2, VST3, AAX Native Important Note: SSL products are compatible with M1 Apple Silicon Macs via the use of Rosetta. Windows Windows 7 - Windows 10 (Windows 11 not yet supported) (64-bit only) Intel Core 2 (or comparable) CPU running at 2.4GHz or higher 4 GB of RAM minimum (8 GB of RAM recommended) VST 2, VST3, AAX Native Please Note: A FREE iLok Account is required for the authorisation of this software.
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    https://www.kiiveaudio.com/pa-ext Help out with PAEXT 😅. I dont know if it's deal or not
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    OK, I finally caved on F.'em for $24, as the FOMO (not the GAS) got the best of me.
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    Not sure if this is already a thing - Please correct me if it is, but I was thinking life would be much easier if drag - copying an FX to another FX bin had the option bring any associated automation along with it . This would be handy when layering sounds etc. Maybe implement it with Shift+Ctrl+Drag which has some logical consistency with other operations
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    It seems pretty obvious that they were going for something in the vein of Edda Dell'Orso's vocals in Morricone's in "Jill's Theme" from "Once Upon a Time in the West." And I think they've done a pretty decent job. It's a niche sound. It's not the typical thingThis is why their is a discount for Spaghetti Western owners. If you're looking for that sound, that this is kind of a no-brainer. I actually wrote music in this style, before Fluffy brought their Spaghetti Western library out. My piece wasn't intended as slavish pastiche, more of a blend between Morricone, surf rock, and other influences. It was fun to put together instruments from different libraries., just for the fun of trying to orchestrate like him. I used my beloved Solo Opera for the operatic stuff. If I had this new Fluffy library I probably would have mixed it with whistling, to disguise that it wasn't exactly this kind of thing.
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    But you can get it again -- I did -- and now I have the latest version without having to pay a WUP fee.
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    Just received my code to redeem at plugivery. Guess it was not an advance fee scam after all😁. Edit: Spoke too soon. When I tried to redeem my code, I received an "invalid code" error. I am sure JRR will sort it out. Edit 2: Turns out the the instructions from JRR were wrong. The code was not actually a plugivery redemption code but the actual license for Guitar Pro 8. It is installed and rockin' now.
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    Dragging audio to the timeline does not create MIDI note data, it creates a tempo map. Dragging audio to a MIDI or instrument track creates MIDI note data. Both of these processes rely on Melodyne.
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    Umm, maybe I'm missing something here. Double-click the clip to select the track. If track 1 is selected and you click a clip in track 2, track 1 remains the "Selected" track while track 2 becomes the "Current" track. But if you Double-Click a clip in track 2, then track 2 will become both "Selected" and "Current".
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance-fee_scam Just kidding...
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    Wiping a tear. Missing cclarry !
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    I made the smart move of using my personal email address for all the plugin marketplaces and product vendors. Now I dedicate the first two hours of weekdays to delete deals emails, this I don't receive discount offers when I need a particular one.
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    Thanks for that, I couldn't find it; admittedly I didn't "look" hard. Quick review (I don't want to P on anyone's parade, but just keepin' it real) I hear a general thickening in the low end with basically all models; and this is at maximum. Also, I'm "seeing" about a 0.6 dB increase in level (I'm sure my knackered ears can't "hear" that) Now this is a vocal captured by a Royer 121 > Neve 517 (500 series pre/comp). I set the pop screen so I'm not "drooling" on the mic, but I'm "close". (Live, I'm soaking the "windscreen" on my '57.) Do I "love" the plugin, not $29 worth. Sorry, just keeping it real dogs... (as Randy would say). t Little side note: I sold a Sphere L22, back when they were scarce (so it held its re-sale value; but only just). It was a fine mic, pretty much the emulation I used was L22 Linear I think they called it. Why did I sell it you ask; I was under the impression I could turn it off axis and get stereo recordings. (it does create a stereo track that the software needs for the emulation, but its not a "stereo" sound field) I enquired about it, basically the response was "working on it"; never materialized. Sold an AEA R84, great mic, upgraded to the R88, which is the Stereo version. Now I can do stereo captures without all the hassle of setting up two mics; priceless!
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    When your plugin doesn't come with an uninstaller, but instead comes with a penicillin shot 🤔
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    That picture hurts my back from here! 😮 (And knees!!!)
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    Deal: 78% off "Ethera EVI-2 & Soundscapes-2 Bundle" by Zero-G Value: €180 Discount: 78% Price: €39 Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com “Ethera EVI-2 & Soundscapes-2 Bundle” takes you into an amazing world of stunning male and female voices, synths, arps, textures, bass, horns, drums, acoustic instruments and ambient sounds for your cinematic and electronic compositions. Ethera EVI 2.0 and Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 are perfect for use in Cinematic Underscore, Trailer Music, Video Game Music, Sound Design and much more! Note: These libraries require the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later (NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player). Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com!
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    It might make you a Neuman.
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    No, as of today Cakewalk only supports VST (2 and 3), and Direct X. It looks like it's starting to catch on, so it's worth putting in a feature request to support it.
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    Yeah, I took the LifeTime trial 😁 Installed, but still haven't tried it out yet, that will probably come on the weekend.
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    In the past, I've gotten the license keys immediately (within several minutes). This is the first time I've had to wait, and I'm still waiting.
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    There is a 7 day trial of the plugin.
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    I quite like these Ethera libraries. Got most of ‘em.
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    The Clash - I'm So Bored With The USA
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    A couple of years ago I was working on an audio project and it started to exhibit this behavior. It was just the one project, and I eventually resolved it with the help of the devs, but I can't remember what I/we did to solve it. It had other issues as well, like scrolling up and down with the mousewheel had a crazy amount of delay. I sent my project file in to them and they examined it and figured out the issue and made changes to Cakewalk which solved it. This suggests that there may be multiple things that can trigger the behavior. As others have suggested, maybe try a complete fresh install of Cakewalk, try recording some simple tracks and see what happens. You've obviously been very diligent in trying to troubleshoot this. It's probably time to contact official support, who can get the attention of the devs if they themselves can't help you fix it. Believe me, the devs will want to know about this. As others have said, it's not happening for them, but it's entirely possible that it's happening for an unknown number of people who don't visit the forum and/or just switched to another DAW when they couldn't work it out. Cakewalk is under new management. The devs are much more able to address issues like this quickly than they were in the past.
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    @daveiv if you buy GP. Let us know. There's a lot of features that take up real estate on the main screen that take up real estate on the main screen that you won't need or use right away and there's an incredible selection of song tabs formatted for GP on Ultimate guitar for free but it's not obvious how to download them.
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