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    I don't hate lo-fi guys. It is not a moral shortcoming. They are simply misguided souls who need our understanding and patience.
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    Why so hostile? I talk to this guy all the time and will again. I have no relation to Akai or their terrible customer service. I wanted to hear if there was some advantage to using another software instead of an mpc to emulate an MPC. I thought it was a legit question. Evidently you didn't. You don't have to be an ***** about it . Not sure what Akai or I did to you to get your panties twisted, but kindly miss me with your BS. The OP is a super nice and helpful guy who didn't mind the question at all.
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    archive.org is a registered non-profit devoted to preserving digital content (I have personally sent them donations on several occasions, since I find their Wayback Machine service quite valuable ) They allow users to upload content and, since user provided content may inadvertently (or even intentionally) violate copyright terms, they have a copyright complaint procedure that will remove the offending content and, if appropriate, the offender's account will be terminated (this is the typical arrangement for services with user-provided content). Instead of taking the lawsuit route, you can just file a copyright claim as detailed at https://archive.org/about/terms.php
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    I used to subscribe to CM when it first came out and hide it from my parents under my bed because it was quite expensive at the time and I’m sure they would’ve made me stop. It was always shipped from UK in an unmarked large white envelope. I have no doubt they probably thought I was buying it for the centerfold haha
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    I am an equal opportunity hater.☯️ I even hate hate.
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    Yeah that's because the load time on he FileSilo website is 7 years....
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    Title says it all. Currently, these names are derived from the “Standard” entry in Preferences | MIDI | Instruments. > Define. While that is a a great start, they are global - in that the same set of names appear regardless of what vsti one is using. We either need a way to define them on a per VSTi basis, or rename them as they appear in the PRV Track pane.
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    No pizza or beer required! 😁
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    If you login and have Dirty Tape in your account, you can upgrade it to Tape Echoes for USD$29,00. Excelent deal if you ask me.
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    Here is a jazz-fusion song I wrote a month or so ago. I wanted to make something funky and start playing my guitar again(I've been neglecting practice). . I hope you like it.
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    Download: https://www.bespokesynth.com/#contact Info: https://www.audiopluginsforfree.com/bespoke/ Pretty picture:
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    Get back issue for 99 Cents at Pocketmags https://pocketmags.com/us/computer-music-magazine
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    Prophetically Enlightened Now, Is Straummy
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    Have either the HiFi guyz or the LoFi guyz pulled their music off Spotify?
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    Support for X1 was discontinued well before Cakewalk (the company) went out of business. Yes, Cakewalk by BandLab uses the same Skylight Interface introduced with X1 with 10 years of enhancements and fixes. Yes, however; Cakewalk does not include many of the third-party plug-ins bundled with SONAR so leaving 64bit X1 fully installed may be a good idea. The X1 DAW software itself is < 200MB. All of the plug-ins and other content bundled with SONAR can be used by CbB. yes A message appears 15 days before activation lapses. If activation lapses, the program goes into demo mode and will not save data until reactivated. Updates to the software occur every few months, more frequently than the activation period. Updating automatically renews activation. For more info about this subject see https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/26123-activating-cakewalk-by-bandlab/
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    Whichever one is on sale for $29.
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    I believe in freewill , anything else is dangerous .....
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    I can eat pie to six decimal slices though.
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    Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cortez the Killer
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    Ended my CM sub (through Zinio) after six years. Used to skim and skip each issue for a few minutes at less than a dollar. But hey, I’m free now. Who can say that.
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    appled for a CbB mod, job, wish me lock. probably go by 'Locky Luke'
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    Sad, really. I think Emu is selling insurance these days with some weirdo named Doug.
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    Hi everyone. The Cakewalk Web Installer has now been officially released. To download it, choose Download and then pick the Cakewalk Installer instead of BandLab assistant. Note that once you have Cakewalk installed all subsequent updates can be done directly from within the application via Help | Check for updates. Notifications for available updates are also automatically shown by default. There is no need to use BandLab assistant now unless you wish to do offline authorization for Cakewalk, or you want access to BandLab loops.
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    Meanwhile, James Blunt has threatened to release new music on Spotify if they don't remove Joe Rogan from the platform. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/jan/29/james-blunt-twitter-spotify-joe-rogan-podcast-neil-young
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    Not sure why this wasn't on my radar. Great sounding synth. I was just looking at this yesterday, but balked at the $199 price. No brainer at $29.
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    And people eat that sort of thing
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    The Realtek ASIO driver is broken. Use the WASAPI modes in Cakewalk when using the Realtek chip. ASIO4All is not a good choice, uninstall it. For the mixer, did you try the latest driver from Soundcraft https://www.soundcraft.com/en/products/signature-12#downloads_and_docs?
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    here's some shellfish insight for any enquiring minds I'll get me clogs..
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    So nice, where to save .clr files ? In the users…cakewalk core, but could not import via color pref.
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    A quite relaxing jazz number - you did a really nice job on the vocal. The mix sounded good to me - especially the electric and the nylon guitars - I could hear them both clearly - well done. By the way the title of your song is appropriate for me - I just went through a blizzard yesterday - 22 inches of snow😄 Didn't lose power thankfully.
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    You should be publishing using the proper You Tube Control panel. It’s part of your Google account. There’s a lot of steps involved.
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    I am pleased to see the return of the overcoat to pop music.
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    48 hours only: saturation supreme The warm cohesion of Tape. The glitchy, distorted delay of Tape Echoes. And the instant lo-fi vibes of Dirty Tape. They don't call us the Swedish distortion masters for nothing. Right now, get Tape and Tape Echoes for under $50 and Dirty Tape complimentary. Only for a limited time. Save up to 60% on Tape and Tape Echoes Purchase in the next 48 hours to get Tape at an exclusive price of $39 (reg. $99) and Tape Echoes for only $49 (reg. $99). And don't forget to get your complimentary edition of Dirty Tape before January 31st, 2022. Scoop up superb saturation for less Offer valid January 28th – January 30th, 2022. Prices, shown here in USD, may vary in other currencies. https://www.softube.com/unlockable-offers
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    still equals two things 🤷‍♂️
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    I also have the same problem like you: Downloaded the file from filesilo where you get linked to a form where you should get a serial to redeem the license. Did this on friday and still got no license from kilohearts in my Mailbox so i think the offer expired. 😞
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    Mini is cool , but i ll get a Z2 anytime instead hehe pretty sure 10 %here knows it exists ....
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    Reason Studios are seemingly having a hard time with their subscription model. They are offering another 3 months for €3 with code 333. Offer ends today.
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    I just spot checked a page and while it does list Cakewalk on the right-hand side as an available format, selecting that format says "No products were found matching your selection." However, selecting "Cakewalk Dimension PC" from the Format dropdown in the middle of the page does allow the product to be added to the Cart. [Testing done using the E-Mu Proteus Pack.]
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    Chandler , Amazing guitar work ! I loved the directions it went with the different change ups. Great drum track as well. I think you can skip practice , and just keep recording and posting. That was an Awesome performance. mark
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    The pattern UI is genius. Must have taken ages to make all the presets. It would be cool if he made a MIDI effect plug-in using the same engine.
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    That's part of the problem - it's not a political issue, it's a public health issue.
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    It is this process that has the biggest impact on Cakewalk startup time on my systems. It takes longer to scan that one shell than it does to start Cakewalk if I have plug-in scanning disabled. I've considered disabling automatic scanning for this reason. Not that I use their stuff all that often, but Analog Delay is a goodie for when I want that kind of sound.
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    I recall someone on these forums saying that the 12900k was faster than the M1. He had actually benckmarked both... comparing side-by-side. Don't know who that might have been... 😁 The 12900k is an amazing CPU. Yes, you need robust cooling. Heat is nowhere near Threadripper. IOW, It's possible to build a quiet machine.
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    Pretty ironic that in a report bemoaning misinformation that the level of expertise among the signatories of said letter has been..... erm... somewhat misrepresented. I'm off now to ask some dentists what they think of my latest song. Word is that Spotify now have a vacancy for an unremarkable songwriter, so fingers crossed that the dentists like it. 😀
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