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    Not a traditional deal in this forum, but GOG currently offers Syberia I and II as a giveaway. Sure, it's been around for years (Syberia I was released in 2002 and Syberia II in 2005) but I think it’s still a very good point-and-click puzzle-solving DRM free game. Also, I find the musical score really beautiful, particularly in Syberia I *). Those episodes actually managed to keep my interest long enough to make me continue to the end without stop playing in the midst of it (a rare event indeed). Claim a free copy here: https://www.gog.com/game/syberia_i_ii Additionally, Syberia 3 came in 2017 (yes, I’ve got it in my GOG account) and Syberia 4 is just around the corner. *) That was the musical connection for those of you about to call for a moderator. Edit: This offer only lasts for 72 hours and ends on 17th July 2021, at 1 PM UTC.
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    I don’t know why Thursday July 15th is going to be buzzing so much but it seems it is going to be one of those wall to wall announcement, release, livestream kind of days. Spitfire, IK Multimedia, and a few surprises. Just sayin, stay tuned. https://www.YouTube.com/praisetracks
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    Cultures have been "appropriating" one another ever since the first time two different tribes crossed paths.
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    Only unlocked when you purchase three of the pedals together. On a serious note, did I mention there's a discount for multiple AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals?
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    For adventure/puzzle games, Obduction is the freebie of the week at epic https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games , together with Offworld Trading Co
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    JRRShop is also participating in the sale, and with code GROUP it's $16.79 each 🙂
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    Here https://www.sonokinetic.net/sale/
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    Kinetic Strings is a very interesting shorts library paired with a very powerful rhythmic engine. Get your strings moving.
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    For the next 7 days we are offering our three Hammond effects for just $19.99, that's a huge saving compared to normal prices. PSP L’otary2 - Our emulation of the Leslie speaker. PSP B-Scanner - Our emulation of the analog scanner. PSP Nexellence - The unique necklace type reverb from vintage Hammond organs. https://www.pspaudioware.com/
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    In Before The Delete😀 Not for me Zo, but you know.....some people prefer to have all their thinking done for them.😉
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    Yes in WASAPI shared we disallow multiple interfaces because recording from multiple devices would be very complex to synchronize. In WASAPI shared mode the device returns variable size buffers so handling them and synchronizing them across multiple devices would be difficult to do. Its more deterministic and fixed size in WASAPI exclusive so we allow it there. WASAPI shared mode is quite complex because you are really reading and writing data that has is processed by the Windows audio engine additionally, unlike exclusive mode where the app is directly communicating with the driver (similar to ASIO). This is how audio output from Cakewalk output can be mixed with other application streams in Windows (via the Windows audio engine)
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    Famous E beats this one hands down. Sheer inspiration.
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    I guess I could post the mountain of evidence that show millions of people have been killed by the vaccines created by Fauci (AIDS and COVID) and Gates' (Bill & his grandfather Frederick - COVID, Ebola, Spanish Flu, et al.) to push things over the edge, ya? What's the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About eight months. 😆
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    I also purchase all my games from GOG. As for Obduction, it was a giveaway at GOG in June 2019. I was actually surprised that ZincT’s post drew so little attention at the time.
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    Brilliant video as always Simeon. I love the part where you say something like "we just did that in a few minutes!" No, we did not, Simeon. YOU did. 😃 But fun to think about how I could have done it too, if I could just go back to my birth and be more serious about my playing . It seems to m+ that Hunter looked at libraries like the Sonokinetic Ostinatos, Pattern Strings, and STRIIIINGS, and said "I can do better than that!" And I don't think this is going to be topped by anybody. PLUS, this is on an intro price of $99.99 out of $149.99. And if you are on the KH mailing list you'll get an email today for another $10 off. Simeon demonstrated one of my very favorite libraries, Virtuoso Ensembles, which I think is the number one sketching library. Last BF it sold for $29.99. Simeon, this seems aimed at epic music, and I don't really do that. Do you think this could be useful for other kinds of music?
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    Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
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    Captain Beefheart - Electricity
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    It depends on the manufacturer. Some allow running two interfaces of the same kind and aggregate the I/Os via the ASIO driver. Presonus allows it with some of their devices. MOTU, RME, LYNX all do.
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    Thks , yep i remember Ra was pretty old, the perfomance in silk might be similar to the one in world suite , pretty efficiant (i used to own ethno also and sold it when world suite went out , witch was basically the same out of motu thing) I rather have few but superb sounding stuff than a lot just ok stuff ...it's all about emotion , i watched a video from rick beato where he was compalining about how the music is crappy today , lol but it's aexactly because people study and analyse music (the same usually) while artist learn how to transfert feelings and emotion , they don't give a f... about notes , but it's sounds , notes , articualtions , ect are a way not a finality , anyway a superb aspect that we should def discuss around here .... Thks for your input and your fresh videos , always a pleasure .In fact it reminded that it's been a while we don't news from Vastman who was deep in world music !! Really bothered about its silence , hope he's doing well .....
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    *Checks my Aud.ini* *DontSuck=0* Well, that explains a lot... 😒
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    HI there:) @Noel Borthwick It's very weird, but I found out why it crashes without error prompt. What I did: The Project has 3 Tracks ( Announcement, The Song(s) itsself and Outtakes ) (Live Recordings in Studio with Video) with Waves CLA-2A, LP 64 EQ and Old School Boost 11 as Last Limiter (-1 dB) on each Track. My Standard Busses with Master, MIX, 4 Reverbs Busses, 3 Delay Busses, a Chorus Bus and a Preview Bus, but only used the Mix (Spectrum Analyser) and the Master (Izotope Insight 2) Bus for listening. Bounce to Audio Masterfile (Track and 32 bit MIX to 16 bit Master) So I deleted first every Plugin one by one, saved it to a new file and tried to Bounce the Song Mix to a Master File. No chance until I had at least only 1 Track and Master and Mix Bus with NO Plugins. Ok, I decided to delete this last track, made a new one and imported (drag&drop the Songmix(32bit) again and it worked. Tried again with the last saved project and now I saw it! The WINNER is: The Labeling of the Track to Bounce! Unbelievable! Ok, loaded my first Mastering Project with Plugins and Busses and renamed the Track to Bounce and ....voilà. WORKED! So😁 Labeled the tracks first: "Audio - Master - 16bit" "Announcement - Master - 16bit" "Outtakes - Master - 16bit" Labeling it to just Audio it bounced without any problems including the plugins. Further on I deleted "16bit".....crash Deleted "Master - ".....crash Deleted "" - " .....worked Insomma: It's the "-" (Minus) Character which makes the chrashes! WOW! I've had this with Cakewalk very long ago with the German "ä", "ö" and "ü" which made it impossible to load a project. Ok, solved for me for the moment! Greetz;) Bassman.
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    This is an important point, that azslow3 touched upon in an earlier post. Even if you're able to record from multiple devices (either through ASIO if the drivers support it, or through WASAPI), the device's wordclock's still need to be synchronised to be sample accurate. It'll still work if they're not, but they won't be sample accurate and you may find recordings from one device drifts slightly compared to another. This is true for both recording and playback. If you're recording from multiple devices and outputting to a single device, this is less of a problem as you can always manually adjust the recording within Cakewalk.... but outputting to more than one device really does need to be sample accurate, else you'll get all sorts of random phase issues. One device needs to be the wordclock master, and all other devices are then wordclock slaves. The master can be one of your interfaces, or it can be a dedicated wordclock generator. Then the wordclock needs to be sent to all the devices. There are three common ways of doing this (there are more, such as MADI, AES, mLAN etc.., but these are the 3 most common): 1. Via a BNC wordclock connector - one of the devices will need a BNC wordclock out, and the others will need a BNC wordclock in. BNC "T" connectors can be used to daisy chain the signal to multiple slave devices. A 50ohm terminator is usually required after the last connection (unless your device has one built-in). 2. Via ADAT - any device with an ADAT input can use the incoming ADAT connection as it's wordclock source from either the master, or any of the slaves sending an ADAT signal. It doesn't need to be sending audio - it just needs to be connected and sync'd. 3. Via SPDIF - any device with an SPDIF input can use the incoming SPDIF connection as it's wordclock source from either the master, or any of the slaves sending an SPDIF signal. Again, it doesn't need to be sending audio - it just needs to be connected and sync'd. If you're already using ADAT, then consider using that as your wordclock sync by setting your slave device's wordclock to ADAT. If not, consider connecting the SPDIF out of your master interface to the SPDIF input of your slave (and tell the slave it's syncing to SPDIF). It's a quick and easy way to get them synchronised. Also, although it's not recommended, you can mix and match how you distribute the wordclock , as long as there's only one master. At one point I was using my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as a wordclock master, with a Fostex VC-8's & ADA8000 slaved via BNC, my TC Helicon VoicePrism sync'd via SPDIF, and an mLAN network slaved via the ADA8000's ADAT out to one i88x, where another i88x and 01X were then sync'd to the first i88x via mLAN. So four different wordclock distribution methods over 7 devices, but only one (the 18i20) was the master.
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    The display of "power"one gets when posting content that helps delete ones own thread ! Kenny
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    Sounds good. I never think to look for used gear. But interfaces become outdated so fast therefore I like to keep mine no older than 5 years. My Tascam us1641 is 14 years old and still has drivers that work. But last update was 2014 so that is going to die someday. I have always bought interfaces with 4 outputs because of my set up where I use a small mixer for headphones. The small mixer ( Mackie mix 8 @ $ 80) can also be run to a second pair of speakers and therefore has that volume control your looking for. So that's another option. Right now that's patched to a sub woofer I rarely use. But one thing for sure I agree that the reason I have that small mixer is due to wanting those physical controls handy. My Scarlett 6i6 has a software mixer and it's a royal pane to use. A lot of interfaces cheap out and don't have controls on the front panel. I avoid those. Give me lots of knobs I can see. I think the ultimate answer for your question is as Noel said and it really depends on the manufacture and the ASIO driver. I know I've read a few times of people using 2 Roland interfaces together. But getting back to using what you have, I still would avoid asio4all if you can as you really don't need to stack that on top of the already available WASAPI. We did some test a year ago and WASAPI is a very good alternative driver and you need not contaminate your audio system to use it. I used to record our band and I would use WDM mode as WASAPI wasn't really there yet, I used my Tascam us1641 and a Yamaha mixer that had 2x2 USB. Worked great gave me 16 analog inputs and midi...Used this set up for a long time without a hitch. I would easily switch back to ASIO for overdubbing etc. I often switched between WASAPI shared and ASIO when I was making tutorials but then discovered my Motu M4 has a loopback so I can use other apps with Cakewalk running now. So I think your easiest rout might be the 2 interfaces you have in WASAPI mode.
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    no it's not bad advice, i stated that it was a wdm wrapper... i've had years of great usage from that freebie, and it might just do what terry needs, without spending any money (quite important), sorry you feel so strongly about it 🙄
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    I actually agree with what @bdickens is advising. For the price of another "wrong" interface you could purchase a 4x4 interface like the Scarlett 4i4 or the Motu M4. Those are both solid reliable interfaces that have 4 outputs and not expensive. I see another Presonus iTwo would be $230 ( can) and the Motu and Scarlett are only about $75 more. If you need 4 outputs you should purchase the proper device. Simple logic and good advice. ASIO4all is bad advice. It is not ASIO, it is WDM mode in a wrapper. So your actually worse off than WASAPI which has much better performance.
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    Hi, @jkoseattle I have recorded a video for your reference, hope it will help you.
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    Insensatez (How Insensitive) - Stan Getz and Luis Bonfa (Maria Toledo/vocals)
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    Unless I missed something the obvious lust worthy pedal (Amplitube AMP/Cab simulation) in a pedal is missing from the line up. Honestly we have plenty of options for reverb, delay, modulation, distortion....what we are missing that is generally unique to IKM would have been the AMPs in a box instead of being tied to a computer (which makes you run your computer if far lower latency than most of us can do once a number of tracks are down) which would have been an actual value add to the recording process - not to mention the live application which is what most of us buy pedals for. It also says included 5 cab impulses so you can go direct to PA. Uh...without amps included what is the point?
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    These guys are clearly web-site challenged. The GEARSPACE35 code is now working. But….I had a question about licensing and when I looked at a FAQ about licensing, there was NO content…after which they asked whether the article was helpful.🤪
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    have you tried using (ahem) ASIO4ALL driver? yes it's a WDM wrapper but it might give you what you're looking for - it will certainly expose both devices under ASIO but the performance might suck - -it does if you try with two different devices - but maybe not if they're identical units /good luck
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    Thanks Heinz - we've identified the cause of the crash, and have a fix. It looks like it only affects single track / single bus export, so if possible for the time-being, avoid using '-' in the track name/filename when exporting single tracks / buses. Alternatively, ensure you always select more than one track or bus for export.
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    So, you experimented with acid in your younger days? My Aud.ini: *ThickHeadOfHair=0* Well that explains it.
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    Hi Noel, I absolutely agree and didn't mean to imply it was Cakewalk's issue. The challenge was just figuring out what I really needed to do/use. In troubleshooting I kept simplifying and simplifying to see where things worked and then fell apart. Somewhere I switched to Microsoft Wav without noting it and went down a rabbit hole. Yeah, I might let them know what I am seeing but for now, it all works consistently when I am consistent. I certainly learned a lot about quad through 8.1 SS and how it works in Cakewalk.
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    Until Microsoft drops support and it stops working yes Similar to Win 7.
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    Before Cakewalk I remember on my Amiga computer that it would have cost me $700 for a 10MB hard drive & interface. (I didn't do it)
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    I think that would remove an important psychological factor. Speaking for myself (obviously) I really like JamPoints and having leftovers just gets me excited about what might be around the corner.
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    Posting for posterity. in case anyone interest. I have a bunch of their stuff. They are really cool and work file.. but to be honest.. I have yet to find time to try to use them. I was always meaning to try some really out there experimental stuff with them.. but time is limited.. https://puremagnetik.com/collections/free-plugins/products/fragment-dual-fluctuation-looper
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    Tony Allen - Wolf Eats Wolf I like the way Tony Allen has been beating the drums,
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    A few things come to mind. 1-Open the synth rack from the view menu and make sure there isn’t 2 versions running. 2- insert a new version and copy the midi data to the new track. The original might have just wandered off which sucks but you just never know with computers
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    On this PC I already have 2021.04 installed. Apparently it's still downloading.......almost 30 minutes now.... FWIW I have no intention of ever signing in using any method other than my bandlab account, I don't even use google or facebook or whatever, so do I really need this? Can I just bin it?
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    $5k for a new computer is a small price to pay for a center-justified taskbar. Ever notice Microsoft's surprisingly consistent pattern of alternating good and bad versions? Windows 2 was useless, Windows 3 changed the world. Win 95 made half your applications stop working, Win 98 addressed those problems. Windows ME, 'nuff said. XP was great, Vista sucked. Win 7 was troublesome but ultimately recognized as forward progress, but Win 8 was widely ridiculed for trying to make desktop displays look and act like tablets. Then Win 10 redeemed the brand again. Let's hope Win 12 swoops in to save the day.
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