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    You completely misunderstand...if Bapu doesn't have it, BUYING it is a no-brainer...regardless of price
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    Hey all! I thought I'd take a moment to pop in here as someone who works with both BandLab and Cakewalk. First, I'm bummed to hear about @Matt M Luthanen's experience with the Mix Editor. There are tons of factors that can play into the performance of recording and playing back multitrack audio and MIDI over the web, so we'll definitely have to dig deeper to find out what's going on there. To Matt, and anyone else who uses the Mix Editor and runs into trouble, just giving us a heads up at support@bandlab.com will be the best bet for the moment. That said, I also saw a mention about having a BandLab specific section for the Cakewalk forum, or another resource in general. Would you guys like to see a dedicated forum space for BandLab? We currently have a Help Center, a YouTube channel, Discord, etc, but we're definitely on board with the idea of a forum as well. It would likely be tied directly to our Help Center, much like how you can now submit a crash report directly on help.cakewalk.com using the "Submit a request" feature. Just to round back, BandLab's Mix Editor and Cakewalk are so different from a build and tech standpoint that performance will absolutely be different with each. In both cases though, saving early and often will definitely be beneficial. If work in the Mix Editor was saved but you're having trouble finding it, or there are changes to what you're hearing upon playback, reach us at support@bandlab.com. We'll be there to help!
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    THE STUDIO ONE LEARNING LIBRARY! A straight-up, searchable, short video library for both Studio One 4 and 5 users. No Livestreams or off-subject videos. Just direct Studio One learning videos. Some you've seen - some you haven't. Just search, sit back, and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRH4RQc5YsOMKpuB9YYrBjw Help support this secondary HST YouTube channel by going here https://www.hst-homestudiotrainer.com/donations
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    Get 'em here https://blog.native-instruments.com/4-free-kontakt-drum-libraries-you-need/
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    Simply create an account, add it to cart and checkout to get the download link. "From vintage to vavoom, the British Kolorizer, or the “BK” for short, takes sound to a whole new level. The opulent sound of tomorrow, comes to you today. The BK delivers the sharp ultra-modern advantage of AI. AI makes it possible to interpret between the various forms of sound and science to analyze the system and perfect your music creation. The BK is endowed with the characteristics of human intellectual processes that can discover threads and learn, making repetition a thing of the past. The feeling is cozy and intimate, just like that of an exquisite sunset." https://www.master-tones.com/product/british-kolorizer/
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    Melda and Unfiltered Audio are in a competition to see who makes the ugliest interfaces
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    If you don't know what you need yet, then Cakewalk is probably enough for you now. Cakewalk is a very deep and powerful DAW, that can do most things well. I have been using it for over 20 years. And I also have Studio One Pro, that I picked up when Gibson first shut Cakewalk down. But you will know when the time comes to try something new, when you cannot do something easily that you need to do in Cakewalk. But only you can know what that is, and everybody has different workflow needs, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer to what is the best DAW. Best suggestion I could make is subscribe to PreSonus Sphere for a month or two, and give everything a go. Then decide if it's worth it to upgrade.
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    Matt, the challenge with these kinds of warnings - and the reason sometimes they are met with a little hard looks - is that 99% of the cases the problem is user error. To a little more experienced people, it feels a bit like someone driving a car with a manual gearbox, shifting gears without using the clutch, breaking the gearbox and then warning not to use the car because it destroys gears. It may well not be your case: but the way you framed the issue - without any detail, without a hint that you actually are experienced in the software you are using, mixing up two completely different software (a pro-level DAW and a casual-music making web application) suggested an "arrogant beginner" (again, not necessarily true, but the impression you gave). That does not warrant hostility, of course - but might explains why more experienced people (who has seen many arrogant beginners) to be a little more curt than it would be nice. This is the wrong forum for issues related to the Bandlab webapp, but if you find the right forum and provide some details on what happened and asking what you might have done wrong, you will certainly find people that will give you suggestions. It's one of the ways of learning. It won't help for the project you have already lost, but it may prevent you from losing more - regardless of what software you decide to use.
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    The hipster bongos are a must-have. 😂 Integrated annoyingness control and ambient coffee shop knob. 🤣
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    My Expo. plugins were THE FIRST to fall victim to my computer forcing in a new security framework that caused iLok to register my pc as a new machine location. So of course that meant losing access to any plug in offering only a single activation (ahem...Exponential ) I ended up having to cut the session and work day short just so I could waste 4 hours writing emails to every single vendor asking them to do me a favor essentially, by resetting my licenses. This makes me feel prettttty darn HEATED when the money I spent does not actually equal ownership. If I truly owned them, then I wouldn't have lost half a days wages begging the overlords to forgive me for my mistake that i didn't even do. Imagine if musicians and engineers treated music in this way and could bar people from accessing their music after 2 activations. Yea, that would be pretty rude wouldn't it now?
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    From the same guy, I already knew this channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HomeStudioTrainer/featured There are also livestreams, but also very valuable info on Studio One and other Presonus products. That's where I mainly checked to learn how to use my other Presonus hardwares (Faderport 8, Atom).
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    I would really appreciate a complete, comprehensive keyboard shortcuts list. I spend lots of time searching for them mostly after I accidentally use one and realized something changed but I'm not sure what. Examples from today apply mostly to the Track View and Console View which is where I spend most of my time. The Track View Keyboard Shortcut list in the PDF Documentation seems woefully lacking and inadequate. Examples from today: [Not found in PDF documentation and searching for keyboard shortcuts in online documentation seldom produces useful results. Most are listed in the Customization Keyboard Shortcuts list but there's no view reference which is confusing to me] CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - Move between tabs in MultiDock if there are multiple tabs. SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW - Moves between Track Pane display options. CTRL+TAB - Disappears the Now Time Marker and not much else. [Unassigned in Customization Keyboard Shortcuts]
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    TAL Software has updated TAL-Filter-2 free host synced filter module plugin to v3.0.0. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-filter
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    Since I've only played with (up to) X5 Suite I'm thinking it's time jump this ship. No doubt it's a nice DAW but.....
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    😝 Details who needs details. 🤔
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    Was Timeless 2 on a no-brainer sale?
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    So yesterday I noticed that I never purchased Timeless 2 (the shock, the horror, the embarrassment!) so I plucked it up. Today I get an email that I got the Timeless 3 upgrade for free. Yay.
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    Aww that was sweet. It made me wonder how many musicians have their mothers to thank for getting them into music. I “forced “ my 2 sporty sons to take piano lessons for years and they thanked me later. Half my mothers day convo was about my sons new drum set and which guitar he just sold etc. Its a nice thing to share.
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    The advantage of Atom Hub freebies like Candlestick (there are many more) and their paid libraries is that the wav files are unlocked. http://www.atomhub.net/Freebies.html Great for your collection of unusual samples to be used as one shot elements in XO and similar instruments. Highly recommend Atom Hub in general.
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    Yes! So nice. Over at KVR there’s already a first run by Sampleconstruct. This baby burns nicely. Check from 3:40 on.
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    I think we need a new section for BandLab in Cakewalk Discuss. Because there is nowhere to talk about BandLab apps like we talk about Cakewalk in here. Sometimes I use BandLab Mix Editor for sketching ideas. It's great for simple tasks actually. Talking over some problems or requesting features may help the development of sibling softwares together.
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    One more good argument in favor of using standard English when communicating with people you don't know well.
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    Sorry that you are having trouble. From your post it would appear that you aren't actually running the Cakewalk by BandLab program which is not a web application. You maybe referring to the BandLab web app which is completely different. To install Cakewalk you have to install it via BandLab assistant from here: After installing the latest version if you still have trouble post here and someone will help you. You can also contact Cakewalk support. It may be clearer if you post some screenshots of your problems. PS: this forum is only for the Desktop application. For help with the web applications please contact BandLab support directly.
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    I think the response would have been different if you’d actually asked for help trying to solve your specific problems. This is actually a very helpful forum with many knowledgeable people. Even the developers stop by almost daily. Having said that, this is a forum for the Windows application Cakewalk by BandLab (formally SONAR), and not the web based BandLab DAW. It’s sad that you didn’t stay for a bit longer as I’m sure your problems would eventually have been solved. Still, if you would change your mind I'm sure that a lot of people here would help you out.
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    Your OP doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You warn of using Chrome, which is a web broswer. Cakewalk doesn't work as a web app. It is a download and install on a windows machine full fledged DAW. I'd imagine the majority of us use this applciation. The "bandlab" web based app I have no interest in and have never used it. Cakewalk can handle an insane number of tracks on a decent computer. My computer specs are far less impressive and I've used the program for many years without issue.
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    I believe you are referring to BandLab's WEB Based music editor, not Cakewalk. Cakewalk is not a "WEB" application. You have to install Cakewalk into your computer. Syphus
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    Hi Everybody, This is a brand new track I just finished up for the album I'm currently working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. VII". As always, any comments or critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening😊 Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14239440
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    I loved it.👍
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    I would say the chord track is a neat feature of Studio One that I hope Cakewalk adds soon.
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    Those pics remind me of when I was a kid. Pre-teen days. My dad used to take me to the town dump to explore. Back then it was open to the public and you could just drive back and dump stuff. People would move or someone would die and you'd go back there and all their stuff would just be sitting there in boxes. I got half my record collection from there. But the cool thing was back then you could throw out TV's. They were mostly all the old, well not too old back in the 70's, console kind. I used to take a small set of tools with me and take the backs off. I had boxes and boxes of old vacuum tubes I pulled out of them and I used to take the speakers out and wire up in my bedroom. I had them chained all over the place. I had dozens of them them all around the room hooked up to my dads 8 Track/LP player/Radio console unit. Those old TV speakers came in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes. Anyhoo. Those pics caused a flashback, for more than one reason. Hah.
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    Covers the new features... but doesn't go into much detail. 🤪
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    Possibly there would be less confusion if we return to calling our favourite Daw Cakewalk and drop the Bandlab extension. That way there’s just Cakewalk the Daw and Bandlab the music app. To me at this point if someone says Sonar I know they are using the pre Bandlab version. If they say Cakewalk I know that they are using the new version ( or really really old ) They don’t need to say Cakewalk by Bandlab anymore.
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    Love the red flashing: This product is for WINDOWS only, NOT for MAC !
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    Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra - Jazz Session
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    HI:) I can confirm this! Ctrl+TAB doesn't switch between windows anymore. It only let disappear the Now Time Marker. Bassman.
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    Out now! https://www.fabfilter.com/products/timeless-3-delay-plug-in
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    Not every mother but some of us... and have musician kids too
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    This is usually bc the microphone is sensitive enough to catch the sound coming from the headphones. If so, play louder or turn down your headphones.
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    Hello Thomas, Cakewalk / Sonar are not officially supported with the use of the latest Opus engine, the Orchestrator, and the Opus Edition libraries, thus we do not recommend using Opus in it, though Play 6 is supported in there. See here for a compatibility chart with sequencers/DAWs as a reference - http://media.soundsonline.com/manuals/EW-Hollywood-Orchestra-Opus-Edition-User-Manual-b.pdf#page=15 Let us know if you have any other questions or need any further assistance! All the best, Thomas P. EW Technical Support
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    I like the effed up vocals a lot! Glad I had headphones for this one. When the vocals straighten out, what accent is present, Dutch or something? Super great vocals . . . Cheers, -Tom
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    Best Service Mothers Day Sale $99 https://www.bestservice.com/studio_one_5_professional_upgrades.html
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    sorry, youtube rabbit hole, here's the full gig ("thanks for coming" - "thanks for arriving"
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    This is partially a bug, and partially not... Since 2021.01, arranger section operations use the "Arranger Section Overlap Threshold" setting (under the Track View MIDI menu). When this threshold is set, any notes that overlap the section boundaries will be treated as part of the section when deleting/copying/cutting etc if they fall within the threshold. If set to a low value, it can help to include unquantized notes that start just before the section boundary or end just after. Higher values can be used for pads that are played early because they have a slow attack. So the "not a bug" part is that notes outside the section boundaries may be deleted if they fall within the threshold. The bug is that it's picking up non-MIDI data such as tempos, markers & meter/keys and incorrectly deleting more than it should due to the tempos/markers/meters internally extending the selection. This bug has been fixed for the main release ( due to be released immanently ). In the meantime, setting the threshold to "None" will get around the issue.
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    Ooh very Einaudi in style and much as I loved "Tin Foil Hat" (and I really did love it), you're on top form with this. It's so very difficult to play consistently at this tempo and make it sound so effortless. Simply divine. Andy
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    esoul, it has been a while, I think, since you have posted a tune. Very relaxing, this brought me to a different reality after listening to Bjorns Casbah. I too like the drone. I just took a deep breath, the first one all day! Thanks
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    Hi folks! Vocal comping is a near essential process in getting the best vocal take, and Cakewalk has some awesome tools for you to complete this task. Check out how in this video! https://youtu.be/Oy3TNO8ONS8
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