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    Message from Microsoft: Congratulations Bapu! You are the 1,000,001st user of Edge and as such you have a massive prize...........Oh wait......that should be you are the 1st actual user of Edge and as such you are a massive ... are you sure that's what I'm supposed to say? It just seems rude............No, I'm not doing it. Fire me if you like, it's not like congratulating Edge users is exactly a full time job ya know.......
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    2Gether Audio Releases "RICH" a mastering chain plugin. You can get it as low as $10. Place in cart, select a charity, select a price, check out! https://www.2getheraudio.com/effects/rich/
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    From Production Expert https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2020/3/20/covid-19-related-offers-of-temporary-licenses-and-more?mc_cid=562d0b9176&mc_eid=16ee9f3b7d
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    Would be nice if they finished up Grind Machine III since they offered a pre-release offer.
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    Depends what for. Tracking? Editing? Monitoring a live performance? Working out? Or just lying in the dark enjoying some herbal therapy? I have separate cans for each of these. Except for the working out use case. Don't do that.
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    Spent a bit of time extracting the ARTURIA presets from various free downloads at: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US I have attached a zip with all that work done for ye. IF you want it .. feel free to download, of course at own risk, check with your AV .. fine this end though but check for yourself I have not checked them all .. so take as it is given .. SCROLL DOWN A FEW POSTS AND I ADDED 2 ZIPS WITH SYNCLAVIER PRESETS ( SYSX ) Reverb Arturia Presets.zip
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    Thanks for the help...I wish i could afford to get all 3.
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    I had all three, but kept Computer Music, primarily for its easy look and the monthly bonus. MusicTech and FutureMusic have better reviews, but for those I prefer Sound on Sound. TLDR: Computer Music for fast and fun and Sound on Sound for serious stuff.
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    Just heard from Enrique...they're days away: "Hi Marc, GM3 is a project that involves more work than the two we just released, and improvements are being implemented to achieve a greater realism, we are a few days away from releasing its final version, thank you for your patience. " In the mean time, they've released something free and something new. I'll quit my griping.
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    TBH after the month the monthly fee is still relatively small @ $9pm for what seems like a hell of a lot of audio training vids? Anyone else here used it? Out of 10 on quality? I will try over next month
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    It is almost there if one converts an FX Rack to an FX Chain and docks the FX Chain. This places all the plug-ins for a track/bus into a single tab. The effects are displayed at the bottom of the FX chain. From there one can open the plug-in UIs, reorder, add or delete plug-ins.
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    I do have several Behringer comps and my old ART SX mounted in those rack legs if you know what I mean. But right now I don't have them hooked up. I may not hook them back up. Depends on how I figure out the way my work flow will go with the new Apollo. Speaking of organization... I swore I would not let my studio degenerate into the state that I find it in today. I got to get it back in order!
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    Run the SAA and select the Update to tab to update
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    English: A few years ago, Cakewalk tried to create a Sonar version for Mac OS, but it was ultimately cancelled. Please see (and translate) the discussion below for more details. Google translated into Portuguese: Alguns anos atrás, o Cakewalk tentou criar uma versão do Sonar para o Mac OS, mas acabou sendo cancelada. Por favor, veja (e traduza) a discussão abaixo para mais detalhes. http://forum.cakewalk.com/The-SONAR-Mac-Prototype-a-collaboration-between-Cakewalk-and-CodeWeavers-m3593807.aspx
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    For now, instead of using Windows minimize try docking plug-ins in Multidock. Docked effects have a tab with the plug-in name and track hosting the plug-in. Docked synths have a tab using the name from the synth rack.
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    I keep asking around town what "LGBT" means, but I never get a straight answer... 😁
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    I cancelled mine and got a deal on Zinio 3 months later. I prefer Zinio. I don't know why I keep subscribing. Most of the free stuff I have something better. I keep their Zebra and Dune editions because they will load presets. One of my projects was to take the one shot samples to make refills for NNXT. ( fail) Anyone remember CM Muzy's? It was a full featured DAW. I don't think it's on the DVDs anymore. I think that developer got sued. They do have mapped out samples for their version of Alchemy but I could never get them loaded in the PC Alchemy. Most of my time reading CM is the reviews.
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    When I open up a DAW like Bandlab that reminds you have over 1000 plugins you have to say over and over again do I need more? Every new plugin has to be better than the ones I have. yep those old ones are going to rust out and become dust., or they no longer fit our demand for a GUI with eye candy. I always admire users who can use what's inside a DAW. I remember the big "who-hoo" when Sonitus became Cakewalk. There's probably some newbs enjoying those. There are plenty of DJ Live users always using those Live plugins. I'm often humbled when I see FL Studio projects done with their 3xOsc and FL effects. This is our nature and hard to have wisdom. It's really no different than anything else. Many dude invest in golf clubs hoping it will drive far and straight overcoming their lack of skills (what a similarity). I remember buying a lot of angling gear and then there was the color selector marketing. Then there's an infomercial on a $20 jig that was "guaranteed" success. I think collecting is a hereditary thing as well. My grandfather and uncle started collecting anything with John Deere on it. When this is over I wonder how many of us will look at the already cool DAW stuff we have or go back to our old ways? I will probably be that latter because it's a habit hard to break.
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    Love it! Very Eno-esque. I'm totally chilled out. Love the title. The music takes me right there to that harbor. And I kind of liked that good old vinyl scratch sound. Haven't heard that in a while.
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    You should be able to remove the agreement from Paypal directly though so the charge wouldn't be able to go through even if they tried.
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    Closed Back, now you won't hear your XX calling you at all
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    I wonder if whoever typed that managed to do it keeping a straight face and not blushing?
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    Spoke too soon. Was automatically logged in to the site No download links or serials 😞 Sent a support ticket!
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    Note: If you ever forget and leave Youlean loudness meter turned on on a pre or master bus , you'll start getting blue screen's when trying to do anything like bounce to clips or freezing . I thought my project was badly corrupted. Lesson learned. ms
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    MConvolution MB is $24.98 in cart at Audiodeluxe.
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    Change the streaming option within Play and fast bounce works.
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    Have you tried Melda's free plugin MConvolutionEZ ? They also have one with a few more features called Convolution MB that's on sale right now for $27. And then they have their top of the line convolution plugin called MCabinet. It's $107 right now, but if wait for a sale you can get it cheaper.
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    Nobody cares what I say, but I don't really get it. I've tried lots of headphones and while there's a little difference, I'd have to be made of money to spend 4-5 hundred on a pair of headphones. Now my kid buys these $200 blue toothy things. I don't want blue toothy things. Once you add the wire, the price comes way way down and they sound great. If I really want to hear the music, I run it through speaks. 🙂 I jam along perfectly happy with earbuds to $50 headphones and feel very satisfied. Now my next guitar, I think I'm going to spend like crazy on that. I'm taking jazz guitar lessons and everyone everyone is playing a Gibson. I was one of two strat players and the other one just quit the class. Very lonely. Right now, I'm saving my pennies and adding fun stickers to my guitars to make them feel new.
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    I picked up a used Apollo Twin USB with a really good amount of plugins with it for a really decent price. It was like brand new! Still had the plastic protective covers all over it. : )
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    OP Updated...I found the correct link. You have to join their Newsletter to get the $10 price
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    Where's this month's monthly vouxher? Did they go out yet? I don't want anything lol
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    For now either create a category at the top of the Sort by Category layout or create a custom layout with a favorites section to hold your most used plug-ins.
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    You probably should avoid the Rocky Mountain Oysters too...
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    The headphone foam casing falls apart, and they want $25.00 to replace.
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    I’ll raise you $10.
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    Paolo: I find your post culturally insensitive and in poor taste, and therefore approve.
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    Some footnotes to what others have already stated: Since my mouse motor coordination has gotten worse over the decades, I tend to prefer a larger target than a smaller target to grab onto. Also, when dragging tracks into folders, the destination changes from a single line to a rectangle.
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    RME UCX. Rock solid performance. A few less preamps and way more money than I think you have been paying but it works - all the time. Use that stimulus money and buy one. :>)
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    Love it - I also love Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream etc Great stuff You know I once saw Tangerie Dream play a live quadraphonic gig - well i sort of rememeber, so to speak!!! Nigel
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    This is what I want to listen to when I'm in the outer bay airlock preparatory to my spacewalk to go pry the Neptunian Squid off of the starboard sewage port. sonically, 10/10. cheers, -Tom
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    You've got this genre down, brother. Awesome. cheers, -Tom
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    HI:) 1 CAL for Session Strings Pro (Keyswitches C-1, D-1, E-1, F-1, G-1, A-1) 1 CAL for Session Horns Pro (Keyswitches C-1, C#-1, D-1, D#-1, E-1, F-1, F#-1, G-1, G#-1) I bound it for the moment to Ctrl+Numpad0 and Ctrl+Numpad1. Bassman. Ins_Art_SSPro.cal Ins_Art_SHPro.cal
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    Cool! I got memories from school times. Posture ... Sit up straight... don't lay on the desk etc. ... But the music was horrible back then. Teacher played a pump organ. 😀 But You've done a pleasant soundtrack for the instructions. A bit sad atmosphere but still beautiful music. Good mix and sounds.
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    I think it pays to know where the ideas come from to better understand the music. Thanks for sharing this. Highlights for me were the nice synth bass and counter point going on in the background! Thanks for sharing!
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    I enjoyed the listen Bjorn - yeah - it made me think a bit of Kraftwerk. I thought the "good posture" dialog fit well with the music. Creative as always - nice job.
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    Must have Melodyne installed; must be standard .wav file; other than that it sound magic.
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