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    (or donation) https://analogobsession.com/?fbclid=IwAR2Oy3PVnG_09fUwofVgInfFkkRtaZM1fBZ7zItisg37DX3yAa1QRjrnpI4
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    ROFL! This thing is truly modeled after a vintage piece of gear. The broken one.
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    As the sale only goes for a few more days (ends 2/24), I decided to finally get a video up on the HALion FlexPhraser. This is something I wanted to do for a long time, but it took me a long time to figure out how to pull it off technically. This is my first video demonstrating software in a DAW. I hope to do more of them and get better at it. Reid
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    Still gets a lot of use even after the release of collection 2!!!
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    For me this is even the worse problem than to uninstall T-Racks that I don't have, because there is no work-around to avoid those silly messages! But in general I think both of these issues show that IK Multimedia is not really listening to customers, instead they think this is a good promotion for there products, but I doubt in that 😉!
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    Why not have this optional? I.E. check box to toggle all or just previously installed modules? I personally only want what I own/purchased to be installed and have to manually delete the unlicensed.
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    So, after a break from Theme creation and using Cakewalk more with my own Themes I've realized how harsh most of them can be on the eyes so from now I will try to make any new Themes easier on the eyes starting with this one and hopefully from the next one even more so. Free Download Here.... M-New Gen Cakewalk Theme Tip Jar, should you wish to send me a tip for my time and efforts creating my Themes... https://paypal.me/MatthewJohnWhite (No Paypal Account needed if you don't have one)
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    OK I bought this, and it's quite good but super complex for a beginner I would think. I previously have Zynaptiq's Adaptiverb, Intensity, and the freebie Subspace so perhaps I'm just a bit more adept at their weird nomenclature universe. The only way I got on with Unveil is by watching this video, at least twice, while playing with the demo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL9cRsF2IFA I tried Unveil at the task of reducing some annoying reverb on the Hollywood Pop Brass horns. They are excellent funky horns but, even with all their reverb turned off, there is still a high shiny ringy parking-garage reverb baked in. Unveil got rid of 80% of the 1-second tingy tail, and that's all you need to get the horns to sit much better in the mix. It is also fantastic on drying up drum tracks and old spoken word audio from some ancient movie. Nicely incorporates a bit of a graphic eq (in Zynaptiqspeak: "focus bias") so you can tell it to dry up just the frequencies you want to dry up. And it has a treble make-up add ("Presence") to put back whatever high end the processing took out. So it's kind of a multiband transient shaper but a lot deeper in the toolbox of usefulness dept. There - so I'm not that lazy after all ! This will be a good plugin and a good buy for some people but yes perhaps maybe for the upper level dark arts sort. cheers, -Tom
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    By the way, anyone wondering where the presets are stored it's here... C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Trackbout\Ripchord\Presets Replace {username} with your own user name. You can move any downloaded presets there.
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    Here's an acoustic ballad I've been going back and forth with for a while. Shortened it a few times but now settled on this longer version. Fictional lost love break up song from a guy getting the last word in , but too tired to get excited . Any feedback welcome. Thanks for the listen .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/so-cold
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    Wow. That thing grooves hard. Vocals up would be my only offering. Well done sir! -Tom
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    I have them all but Strategy, They are good and versatile and will do what you want. They are as good as you will get at this price. As you already have the full version of Kontakt also look at Indiginus, these are close to the Acoustic Samples in capability for strumming but have more articulations for solo work. https://www.indiginus.com/ Alternatively, but a lot more expensive are the Orange Tree guitars for Kontakt player which have a wider range of articulations and features. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products
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    just posted that all was ok - but my post is held for a moderator to check ! it was because I posted to a link on audios$x.com - basically google it - but legit https://www.gearslutz.com/board/new-product-alert/1299640-announcing-new-way-analog-obsession.html
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    Wow.... What extreme amount of emu freebies... It is a pity there is a choice between kind of subscription ($5/month) or free. I believe additional choice with one time donation could give developer some additional and significant money. Now need to put myself into insane mode with anti-anything checking and then test something to feed my curiosity... EDIT: hm, insane checking mode failed, multiple alerts. What is strange (and suspicious?) I cannot see any contact info to developer on web pages... Well, I will not take any risk, full armed with many plugins, will check in a few months again the web...
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    What, not understanding how a cond0m* works? * I see the profanity checking software is Catholic.
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    Still safer than trying to sample your own, they spit, bite, and kick quite a bit. If you transpose them up a few semitones they might sound like your ex. But don't try sampling your ex and transposing down... they can spit, bite and kick too.
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    I'm still partial to While My Guitar Gently Weeps off the White album.
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    @craigb I've heard some people dispute that and mention they think "Revolution #9" is the best Beatles song. Me, I think "Hey Bulldog" is an under rated treasure.
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    As an alternative.... https://www.arturia.com/products/software-effects/preamps-bundle/trida-pre it's €49 until March 4th...
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    What are the odds? Two people working on songs with the same title. A good old fashioned mushy love song here, completed almost completely in CbB. Hope you enjoy it. https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/waitingforyou20-05cb669c?revId=3f3a4aaa-9854-ea11-a94c-0003ffd1c4f7
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    Maybe we should cut him a bit of slack ? They are free after all
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    Liked this one... I agree with more bass and kick that will really drive it. Little bit of Human League vibe... one of the first albums I ever bought was "Dare" Well done.
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    Hey welcome you rawk star. The highlight is that crisp guitar riffage which is an awesome performance for sure. Vocals I could hear Rik singing just peachy. Mixwise you might look at the drums, especially the hi hats, they have a bit of flange going on which I think you could do without. It could be the conversion to mp3 if that's what happened? Did you start with a .wav and upload to Soundcloud a 128kbps mp3? Or did you upload a full blown .wav to Soundcloud? It kind of sounds like you started with a 128 mp3 and then uploaded that to Soundcloud, which might have degraded the high end a bit. Wish I could sing like that. Welcome to the medium show! Looking forward to the opus, Magnum. cheers, -Tom
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    $9.99 https://shop.pcmag.com/collections/educational-software/products/pianoforall-incredible-new-way-to-learn-piano-keyboard?utm_source=techdeals
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    Haha yeah. I’ve got Yala and I think it’s great. Analog obsession has been a bit cryptic as to why he’s stopped. Can someone shed light on what’s going on?
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    Sports Update! Things seems to get better when I changed SONAR to only record MIDI "Notes" (see below). I'm still testing this but turning off the Controller and other check boxes might be what's helping keep the volume consistent. Film at eleven...
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    I actually don't think it's the keyboard. Once the keyboard records a simple part such as a 'triangle' on 4 downbeats in a measure that records and sounds perfect it's no longer in the equation. The playback mode through the Kontakt triangle VST that once sounded fine suddenly has no volume without any change to the original MIDI recording by the keyboard.
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    ***** shit piss ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** damn ***** ***** dick ***** ***** boobs
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    So does that mean they have got viruses or not? This is getting confusing. I really like Yala, lovely vintage smasher. Though I think as Analog Obsession’s going down so he’s taking all us freeloaders with him 😂
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    Downloaded VST3 versions .. all good and working in my BLCakewalk
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    BEWARE BEFORE YOU START UNZIPPING THESE!!!! HEADS UP FOLKS! My McAfee anti-virus has flagged a few of these ZIPs!! I'm going to try and check whether or not they're false positives. I'll come back with a list of the ones that got flagged. ----- edit ----- I downloaded ALL the VST and VST3 plugins and RESCANNED. McAffee threw up warning messages on: YALA VST, Fetish VST, Rare VST, OAQ Vst, Jamp VST, Blackshow VST and Zuppa VST. I rescanned the folder after downloading them anyway and McAffee came up clean. I also scanned the folder with MalwareBytes and Windows Defender which also came up clean. So I am assuming the warnings were false positives - it wouldn't be the first time. Sorry to be alarmist!
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    An elephant went up to a camel and said..." you look ridiculous with those breasts on your back" The camel replied.." that's a bit rich coming from someone who has a dick on his face"
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    Profanity Eraser Needs Intelligent Setup. Censorship Only Nurtures Delusions Of Moderation.
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    Yes a great listen on a Friday night, amazing , thank you . . . I had to laugh when JohnBee58 and David Sprouse said Boz Scaggs, because it is so reminiscent of that sound, but never thought it until it was mentioned . . . so much talent in the guitar work in all your songs I've heard here.
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    Chord changes are unique and interesting. Is that a Rhodes model (or perhaps the real thing)? Arrangement flows nicely. 😀John B
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    like a summer breeze. Boz Scaggs influence?
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    There might be plenty of AMD motherboards available with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, but it's only now that one has been officially certified by Intel: the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3.
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    Great stuff all way through. Love the use of the guitar with the synth sounds, really fits great together.
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    I like all these suggestions! We don't wanna overload the bakers, but damn good ideas!
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    I first became a grandfather (dubbed Bapu) at age 44. I've yet to become a grandmother.
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    Does this mean we run the installer then have to UN-install all the plugins we don't own? Not that I'm complaining about an update, but I guess I'm complaining... 🙂 P. I DO like my T-Racks plugins though, just not all the "mess".
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    I like the tempo view as it is, because sometimes I transfer parts of a project into other programs/hardware or to friends and then it is comfortable to have a bunch of readable values that can be easily reentered in another system!!! Runs perfect that way.
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    I know it's really too late to ask this question, especially as the CAL/Studioware has been abandoned for a long time ago, but I don't understand why it all remains hidden if it's functional? It's just a line in the menus, why not hand over the Studioware editor to those to whom it's useful?
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    I use Studioware Panels and CAL scripts every day with my work flow in CbB. I have created my own custom Studioware Panels and CAL scripts specifically for this purpose. Hint to the Bakers: Please don't ever remove support for Studioware Panels and CAL scripts from CbB. In fact, if an update of CbB ever removed the use of Studioware Panels and CAL scripts all together, I would be forced to stop at the last version of CbB that supports Studioware Panels and CAL scripts.
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