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  1. OK. I got it working. It was Bluetooth. There was an entry for my Bluetooth headphones in the audio devices list, in Device Manager. Once I disabled *THAT*, p5 successfully profiled and loaded up. I sincerely want to thank everyone who weighed in. Seriously.
  2. Yeah I think this is the best workaround. I have also discovered that Ableton *does* allow MIDI loops to be any length, so I may also pick up a copy of Live Intro. Don't really like the interface but maybe I can get used to it enough for the next project. Thanks for the help! Edit: Also, just got Project 5 working again! Apparently it didn't like there being an entry in the sound devices list for my bluetooth headphones, because once those were disabled, BAM, she started right up. So as it stands now I'll be creating the MIDI in P5 where MIDI looping is *incredibly* easy, and then importing the MIDI into Sonar or Bandlab for actual mixing/tweaking.
  3. Haha, ok so, this is embarrassing, but in my attempt to get it to work I deleted p5aud.ini, expecting it to recreate it, but apparently it doesn't get that far. What's worse: uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't create one either. Can anyone attach a copy? Edit: it was still in the Recycle Bin! restored, going to edit now.
  4. #2 doesn't work because the hypothetical 7/8 clip will be running against clips of different lengths. 7/8 against 8/8. Against 6/8. 11/8 against 12/8 15/8 against 14/8. And so on. It's process music, think Steve Reich. 'Measures' don't matter at all. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  5. Yeah. Thanks for the help guys. I guess I'm doing this the hard way 😢
  6. There's a newer version of the Presonus drivers than I was using, going to try that.
  7. Will try this tomorrow and let you know, thanks so much.
  8. I uninstalled, restarted, did a clean install, same behavior.
  9. Alas, my P5 2.51 won't run at all now. It seems to choke while trying to profile the sound card. I've tried it without the 1818VSL plugged in, just winks out back to desktop. Anybody know of a way to keep it from auto-running the WDM profiler? I'm trying to get in to use the ASIO Presonus drivers. Really frustrating. I know I got many more years out of it than I reasonably should have, but for the stuff I do, the pattern editor and .ptn files that act as MIDI loops of literally any length are both vital. (Reich-style process music) Shot in the dark. Anyway, thanks for the good times P5 if not.
  10. This raises an interesting possibility... just using 7/4 at a ludicrously fast tempo. I'm a little hesitant since I'm going to be driving outboard hardware synths, and I'm new to that, and I'm not sure how their tempo functions will respond... Thanks for responding
  11. It's so frustrating that they've built in that limitation. Leaving aside that 7/8 is not 3.5 beats, it's either seven beats, or it's 2+2+3 or 3+2+2 or whatever, there's really no reason for the groove clip creation process to be making decisions about the length of the clip for me. Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it.
  12. Yeah for working with MIDI it was fast and intuitive. Lacked serious audio tools. If they'd just upgraded it to x64 I'd be using it still, rewired into Sonar. If I could get it to run on this machine I'm currently on, which I can't, I would write the piece of music in MIDI in P5, save out the MIDI clips (which you can do) and import them into Sonar (which you can do) I may try uninstalling and reinstalling, as I have all the installers on a NAS drive.
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