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    Did ya got it at 25 $ ? It has a tendancy to exite the highs ..and attack lows pretty easy , exellent when need but just beware of that ... of course you can play with the sidechain for lows detections .... For me the key is that it sounds great from start , tweaking is fast .... the overloud being the one of that mojo and the Fet from softube still a beast ... Elysia Mpressor gets also underatted like crazy ... Testing testing for another video
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    I have an engl 646 pluginfor sale by the way .... as well as elysia nvelope elysia museq millena tcl2 bx console E bx pan eq bx saturator x Voila just wanted to spam Larry s post lol
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    Both @Morten Saether and @msmcleod have a deep understanding of Cakewalk's features and limitations. At the same time they also are able to produce small, visual aids that simplify new or complicated uses and have published some aids in the forum to explain a feature or provide step-by-step instructions. Please see this or this post for excellent examples of what I'm so excited about. I would like to see these visual aids incorporated into the Cakewalk Help Module, Online Help Guide and Cakewalk Reference Guide. Please note I'm assuming the Cakewalk Reference Guide will be published in EPUB or another file format that supports animated GIFs. Please see this post.
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    I shouldn't really say this as a citizen of the U.S. but a part of me would love to see the royal family working construction jobs for minimum wage.
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    I wish this update included VST2 plugins sort by OS folders I am still waiting this feature so badly it is too hard to organize plugins in plugin manager
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    I have them but haven't touched them since I picked up the Orange Tree libraries which are outstanding. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/ Indiginus has superb libraries as well https://indiginus.com/ https://indiginus.com/renegade_acoustic.html IMHO the Pettinhouse stuff isn't bad, but I was never really satisfied with it; but as they say YMMV.
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    Thanks @Base 57 - I didn't know it was that easy! For those who want a video to @Base 57's instructions:
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    Well it appears the content it re-downloaded was the SD content. It appears all I have to do is point the instruments at the HD content folders from the V10 installation and all is well. However I have not done all the instruments yet so that may change if there had been any updates to the sample content on any of them.. I get diverted, I love the 200 and 88 electric pianos and start noodling.
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    In a BOGO sale no less with either MODO bass or drums*. *For those that don't already have either.
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    I like it even if Steve doesn't.
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    Don't forget that SONAR had its own set of one knob thingies - Style Dials, or whatever they were called. If you can't get the job done with one knob, then you really need to improve your technique.😉
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    I finish one song for every 50 I start. Such a low completion rate can lead to a paralysis of indecision and procrastination. I've gone months without any creative output because I wonder what's the point when it's probably just going to suck. What keeps me going is that wonderful feeling you get when a song suddenly clicks and you start to actually enjoy listening to it. It's always a surprise when that happens. Sometimes I spend weeks on a piece that goes nowhere. Other times I'm sure it's going to suck and then one day it doesn't. Rarely do I know up front when I've begun a project that it's going to come out OK. It's like putting one more dollar into the slot machine: sure, it just took my money the first 50 times, but you never know. Here's a tip. Every failure is going to have some little kernel of goodness in it. Might be a riff, a beat, a clever lyric or a cool synth patch. 5 seconds of brilliance buried in 5 minutes of crap. Those gems are like pocket change; toss one into a jar every day and over time they'll add up to something of value.
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    In case you missed it, we have a new early access build available. We plan to release sometime next week, so please post in the thread if you notice any issues. There is a brand new "Instrument track per output" feature that is useful for multitimbral synths like Kontakt, and also some audio engine optimizations and better engine load metrics.
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    Give a listen to my "Gypsy Fire" if you wish. It's a showpiece for solo violin with piano backing. Larry Graham Alexander
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    Hi all, Thanks for your reports on yesterday's authorization issue. We're happy to report the SG team resolved it quickly once it was diagnosed. We apologize for any setbacks or concerns the outage may have caused. This was a momentary server side issue, so no resolution was possible from the desktop side, either from BandLab Assistant or CbB. Bottom line: CbB is no longer launching as "Not Activated". Such issues are infrequent, typically affecting only fresh installations as they tend to get resolved quickly. Please note that the team is taking steps to minimize the likelihood of this reoccurring in the future. All being well otherwise, the Bakers continue to crank away on the next release - looking forward to sharing some great stuff soon to come! Have a great weekend! The Bakers
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    Here is my all-pizzicato "Pizz". (Duh) Larry Graham Alexander
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    Lol yeah after a while high gain is high gain is high gain w/ these things
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    Very nice. I didnt read your post at first and just listened straight to the track... and thought there is breathing there. Had to listen again to make sure I was right. I thought it worked well... as it definitely caught my attention wondering what was going to happen next. keep them in 🙂
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    For that price you can't go wrong , i do find it's not a groovy one like Overloud .... alos cpu hit is on the higher note for a PA plugins but due to oversampling and quality I do think it shine on acoustic drums mastering the kicks andgiving that cymbals shine ..... and snap to snares ... Gonna try it aginst the overloud on electronic stuff ....
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    Great song love the intro snare sound , vocal was way upfront super guitare work Ooohh yeah well done
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    Fellow Composers, Of all of my many works for piano I think this one may be my best effort in all of my seventy years of composing. You can be the judge of that. Here is my "Patterns". I hope that you like it a tad. Larry Graham Alexander
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    Keep in mind you could also crash any daw doing this & it could corrupt the project file.
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    Uninstall and re-install of CbB does not touch settings in the registry or user directory.
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    Yep, thanks I saw it. I know it is kind of gamble however from time to time there is optimal setup from lottery for our current stuff. It is always nice feeling to use voucher to grab something we would really like to have. I was excited the purple beast few months ago but currently my favorites little changed. But the true is gamble is not good activity for impatient people The 'funny' part I was on December $9 away from earning $50 voucher for next year so 'of course' I picked the opportunity gladly... I could also keep not crossing the threshold to have still $25 voucher. I would see if it was good decision in few next months... Everything depends on the lottery
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    You know what, If I worry about being good, or loved, or respected, or a star, I will never get anything done. I understand the sentiment that you start something that sounds like a good idea and turns into a bad one, or a bad idea turns into a good one. The question for me is why do I try, and the answer is to express myself. I've been called weird around these parts more often than I have received a positive response, and I still keep cooking. I eat every day, and more often than not I cook my own meals. Some days I just grab whatever is around and toss it together. Other days I try to make something by the book, with a twist of course. But when I'm done eating, I always feel full. Maybe I wouldn't make a dish again, but at least I know I had something to eat, and I would share my meals with anyone who is hungry. Some of the best meals are the simplest, and take little thought at all. So I guess the whole thing is who we choose to be, or are capable of being, and the standard at which we measure ourselves. And in the end, your life doesn't depend on whether you make music. Now I a feel like I am down the rabbit hole, the circuitous path, towards the meaning of it all, and the fact that I always end up in the same damn place. Here or nowhere? Nobody can tell me. I know that is the nature of the coffee house, fart. boob, revelation, inanity, suffering and joy. Paul, I hope you find the key.
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    This thread was specifically created for the 2020.01 early release. New features and bug reports not specific to the early release should be posted elsewhere.
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    So at least they started to involve people with 50&75 vouchers as now we have Herbert & mc77 both for $50... Not bad pair... If I only knew what they planned next not to grab these and miss something I would be interested even more...
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    The email I got 19 hours ago says that the sale is for 48 hours, so you got heaps of time my man.
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    If there's still time and if you want someone's opinion you can read this dude's opinion real quick. He gives it 5 stars. https://honestampsimreviews.com/2019/09/10/brainworx-diezel-herbert/
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    Of course you can, been doing it every month...
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    Thanks for the info. abacab. User905133 - this problem is at the installation level. The install does not see Rapture (installed) on my C drive. Kind regards, tecknot
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    Grab the demo and check it out. For me, I did when it was first released, never bought it then, nothing has changed, still not buying it. But you may like it, hence it's better to try it for yourself than to put to much in other peoples opinions.
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    Damn, looks like someone just said: "Let's just cram Cubase, Sonar and Pro Tools in here and call it a day!" As for me, I got enough DAWs I have no idea how to fully use 😂 so it's a skip for now.
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    I took it down. One of those songs that turned into carp overnight.
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    Cancer is scary. I pray for your fast and complete recovery. 😊John B
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    Nice freebie... Installation instructions and walk through on all the new presets
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    Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, sir!
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    Nice job. On my monitors it sounds a little flat. As one poster has pointed out there doesnt seem to be much top end. You dont happen to have a highpass filter enabled on mixdown on some tracks?
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    Probably has more to do with the plug-ins than anything else. For example, if the plug-in has a large lookahead buffer, the DAW needs to wait for the buffer to fill up to keep all the tracks in sync.
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    We did discuss the "Tracks" parameter and how best to rename this. We considered changing it to "Repetitions" which more accurately reflects what it's actually doing, however this wasn't going to translate easily for other languages and still fit nicely into the dialog. The conclusion was that we probably need to revamp the dialog, which we'll do in a later version.
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    Pre-Midi here as well. Thought it was magic that one synth / sequencer could control another. Pre Midi synth - a second hand Yamaha CS01 (still got it). First midi synth - Yamaha DX100 (still got it). Had a Yamaha QX21 sequencer follow by an Atari computer with Steinberg Pro24. Suddenly my Fostex X15 cassette four track had a lot more possibilities (with a synchronizer).
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    I remember MIDI being first introduced. I bought a very early version of the Prophet 600 that had an add on option for Midi output . I think that was around 86. My first major Midi recording program was Texture 2.5. Cake walk and Voyetra were the about the only other PC compatible softwares back then. This was probably pre windows.
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    ..a more efficient and true Staff/Score view/editing...
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    However Z3TA+2 did not, as it is VSTi only. The original z3ta+ could be an fx insert because it was also supplied as a separate VST fx plugin. "c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\z3ta+\z3ta+_fx2.dll". The VSTi version was not capable of that. Surge Synth is only supplied as an instrument plugin [VST, AU, LV2]. EDIT: I did run across this article outlining some ways to use surge as an effect by feeding audio to it via sidechain. Unfortunately this is only compatible with a few DAWs [Ableton, Ardour/Harrison, Cubase Pro, Logic X, Reaper], but Cakewalk is not one of them. https://github.com/surge-synthesizer/surge-synthesizer.github.io/wiki/Using-Surge-as-an-effect-(and-vocoder) If you are interested in that feature you may want to take a look at SynthMaster 2 or SynthMaster One. They each ship with an effect plugin version.
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    As long as Meghan doesn't try to sing like Yoko, I'm ok with it. 🤣
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    The power of a woman.....................................................................................................................................................................
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