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  1. i did the reinstall method from the links you provided me *AND THANKS* first i installed the earliest version on the website 2.1 & scanned vst folder, got the same error messages. then i installed the newer version 2.2 & scanned vst folder, got the same error message (one for each missing .bmp). as i was typing this, i was also looking at the names of the image files it was looking for, and they were the names of the resources bmp files in the first z3ta+ (i must've done something stupid way in the past to make that happen!). i copied & pasted them and put them in the Z3TA+2 resources folder & now the problem is gone. that's some workaround lol
  2. i will post the paths that it is complaining about this evening after work @Starship Krupa thanks and thank you @heath row for that possible fix. hopefully the files are there. it's weird that they are not available from the Command Center download.
  3. kinda surprised that i am the only person to have experienced this issue. does someone have all the .bmp resource files that i need to make this problem go away? i am a legitimate license owner of Z3TA+2. when i try to reinstall from Command Center, it does not fix the problem. Z3TA+2 continues to look for image files in the Resources folder that do not exist in the Command Center download.
  4. everytime i want to rescan my VST folder, i have to hit OK what seems like 30 times while scanning Z3TA+2 because it says it cannot locate missing graphics files in the Resources folder. i even went as far as trying to uninstall Z3TA+2, but i would still get the same error messages during a VST scan. the names of the image files it is looking for are not a part of the Z3TA+2 package that i downloaded from the Command Center. i find it strange that i cannot fix this problem with or without Z3TA+2 on my system. any ideas?
  5. just out of curiosity, will the Cakewalk by Bandlab software continue working after the Sonar/Next release?
  6. yeah, i also use Jam Origin's MIDI Guitar 2, but it helps to have a few synth VST plugins to make full use of it (there are some decent free ones out there if cost is an issue). word has it that a new version of the software is coming out soon & if you already own MIDI Guitar 2, the new version will be free
  7. i have had problems with bundles in the past (like, more than 10 yrs ago in the past) but they were bad enough problems for me (corrupt .bun files) to decide to never use bundle files ever again. external hard drives with project folders has been good for me
  8. thank you both for the insights! i was wondering about keeping the page file off of an SSD (and on an HDD) because it seems like it could shorten an SSD's lifespan with all that activity, but maybe that is not a thing.
  9. i just got 3 Crucial mx500 SATA3 1 TB drives to replace the 3 HDDs that i've been using since 2014, and i have a couple questions regarding the Pagefile. my system has 16 gigs of RAM, and an AMD FX-6300 (6 cores, 3.5 Ghz) & Windows 10 Home. in a perfect world, i would get a more powerful PC with more RAM capabilities, but 16 gigs is where my motherboard maxes out at & i can't afford a new PC at this juncture in this market. how big should my page file be? and should i keep the page file on one of the existing HDDs (where the only thing on the drive would be the page file)? thanks!
  10. currently, my fav is Massive X, even though it is tough on my CPU & it's browser kinda stinks (unless you open it up in Maschine or Komplete Kontrol where it then has a great browser. go figure).
  11. i missed the boat with Rapture Pro, regrettably, so i would probably snag that if given the chance, or an updated 64 bit version of Beatscape; though i have more vst instruments than i could shake a stick at lol. come to think of it, the virtual instrument market seems pretty glutted
  12. i have also had this error message pop up a few times this past week. i was thinking it may have had something to do with adding an Arranger track to the project
  13. i updated EQuivocate last night, and it seems broken. on projects that already had it instantiated, none of the sliders can be changed, and sometimes none of the graphics are visible at all. the previous version of the plugin worked like a charm; i probably shouldn't have updated during this time that i am finishing up a few songs. hopefully, there is a way to get the previous version re-installed. [FIXED] i got it working after opening and closing the iLok software. weird
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