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    FREE https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/?utm_source=Spitfire+MASTER+List&utm_campaign=a0626b2c53-LABS_Scary_Strings_Announce&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_df4ead2b5d-a0626b2c53-344042709&mc_cid=a0626b2c53&mc_eid=d87ba9184d
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    It's of no use unless you have one (or more) of their products.
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    I know it was you Gswitz. I was one of those who joined in. A nice thing to be able to help someone out. I think it was a great characterisic of the old forumites as it wasn’t the first time we did it.
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    This Theme has been retired. As there appears to be no way to delete a post I'm having to change this original post, can admin possibly remove please?
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    VSTBuzz: 50% off “Ravenscroft 275” by VI-Labs - Normally €174 Now Only €87! More information at: https://vstbuzz.com/deals/50-off-ravens ... y-vi-labs/VSTBuzz: 50% off “Ravenscroft 275” by VI-Labs - Normally €174 Now Only €87! More information at: https://vstbuzz.com/deals/50-off-ravens ... y-vi-labs/
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    LennarDigital updates Sylenth to v3.055 PC/v3.056 MAC 2019 update changes... What's new in v3.056 17 April 2019 Fixes slow preset browsing in AU version. What's new in v3.055 15 April 2019 Fixes skin resizing issues. Fixes crash bug in Ableton Live. Fixes crash in 32-bit AU version. What's new in v3.053 25 March 2019 Added option to link AmpEnv A and B parameters. Added locking options for all parameters and parts What's new in v3.052 1 March 2019 Fixes offline installation bug on Windows. Fixes problem with installation through script on Mac. Added parameter highlighting for AAX version. Added AAX page tables for Avid control surfaces. Now fully compatible with Retina displays. What's new in v3.051 7 February 2019 Fixes aupreset loading issue. What's new in v3.050 15 January 2019 Improved oscillator sound quality (improved high frequency content, reduced aliasing). Improved filter response and sound quality. Further optimized CPU performance. Added oversampling options for realtime playback and render mode. Added Arpeggiator Swing knob. Added master tuning frequency adjustment. Improved pitch accuracy. Added Nitro skin by Scott Kane. Improved host automation for buttons and option controls. Fixes compatibility issue on Linux. Fixes high memory bug in 32bit version. Added midi learn autoswitch control option. Added 156 new presets in FactoryBank6. How to get update: Assuming you have license for V3...
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    Does the track have the MIDI icon? Or the instrument tack icon? Sorry I'm at work and cant post screenshot, but you know what I mean.
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    Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts - not sure if these are the same ones, but they are free: https://redroomaudio.com/product/snaps-claps-slaps-stomps-shouts/
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    Have to chime in or I will forget to download! I didn't realize these existed until around Christmas, but these guys keep pumping out some of the most usuable freebies that exist. Simple, functional, and relatively small footprints.
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    Sounds like they are off to a good start. The social aspect and getting others involved is the biggest win if the owners can achieve that. Sadly, younger people tend to think of "social" as "online media" rather than "interacting with a person face-to-face," so the 45+ doesn't surprise me too much. Playing instruments seems to also be slipping away, so hopefully they will be able to chip away at both of those issues. The biggest hurdle is getting folks involved in what is going on, so the "everyone I've met has been kind" is a huge plus. Kids will tend to be shy but want to participate, so it takes people doing things with them to get them involved (karaoke tends to be simpler for them). Even with open mic nights here, a lot of the fun was people wanting to sing certain songs and the players doing the best ad-hoc renditions they could. [Aside since I mentioned karaoke] Karoke bars are actually a business model in China, and they are laid out so that each group gets an isolated room to eat/drink with its own system. I have never seen anything like that in the US yet, but is an idea for folks who really want to participate but really get stage fright too. There is also the subset of people who do not have gear at home, so the only time they can participate is in a place that allows them to touch gear (you see them in GC and the like, but GC isn't overly social for this). If they keep focusing on social and participation in a laid-back environment, word of mouth should kick in pretty nicely for them going forward. Things that fell apart around this area were when "laid-back" disappeared... it is amazing how people back out of social events when "not fun" enters the picture (yet this seems to surprise those who made it not fun in the first place for some reason).
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    interesting! Thanks for the post
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    I have RME Firefox 400 and recently I've installed the last driver update, namely fw-win- 3125 of 02/25/2019. My RME with Cakewalk is currently going as a shining star.
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    Awesome story. We have some open mics around here. I do half my recording in bars but I've never recorded an open Mic. Interesting thought. This is a straight up warehouse. I'm thinking the practice rooms are enclosed for year round climate control as much as sound-proofing. Virginia gets both hot and cold. The whole thing is 1/16th or less of the whole warehouse. They sell sodas but aim for beer. So far, everyone I've seen there is over 45. They have a slack channel for subscribers only. You can't store gear there and i haven't seen the bathroom. None of that matters to me. It is a nice gathering place where religion and politics won't dirty the water. I was thinking that it'd be a fun space to reamp tracks super loud... Maybe on a Saturday morning before anyone cares. There is a nearby bay door that could provide a stage for the parking lot on weekends. Industrial park location means loud is no problem. The owners are enterprising and adventurous. Everyone I've met has been kind. I'm signing up at some level. I'll bet everyone who goes also owns a home, but should be a nice crowd to be a member of.
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    Changing the buffer size will force a change in AUD.INI, so although it isn't quite the same as deleting it (which would force Cakewalk to create a new one), it was obviously enough in your case. As you say though, having a mismatch between 44.1K & 48K would have caused issues too. Some drivers don't always change their sample rate / buffer size when Cakewalk tells them to, so it's best click the ASIO Panel button and check there too. I'm glad it's all sorted now
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    SOLVED ! I found the answer here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Troubleshooting.26.html For some reasons, the sampling rate had been changed (I don't remember having done that). TTS-1 only supports 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz. I have set it back to 48 kHz and now it is working again!
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    Its the same thing being referred to. The issue was certain plugins like the IK multimedia plugins and some synths like Addictive drums apparently are not designed to be multiprocessing compliant so they exhibited problems. As a result we had to disable some changes until further notice.
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    Cool, Thanks Larry for the news 😎
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    SWA Complete Sonar X2 - a playlist of 50 video tutorials. This is an older version of Sonar, but much of these core features will still apply to CbB. YouTube Playlist Chapter Contents (1-50) and length (click the YouTube link to directly access chapters from the YouTube playlist: 1. Audio Interface Setup - 7:24 2. Audio Interface Options - 8:20 3. MIDI Device Setup - 8:58 4. MIDI Clock & Sync - 10:19 5. Control Surface Setup - 14:20 6. File Options - 10:08 7. Plugin Manager - 6:44 8. Instrument Definitions - 10:09 9. GUI & Track Overview - 14:48 10. The Browser - 8:58 11. Multidock & Control Bar - 11:41 12. Inspector & Control View - 7:02 13. Piano Roll View & Screensets - 10:05 14. Project, Track & Bus Templates - 14:02 15. Exploring the Track - 14:35 16. Exploring the Track (Pt.2) - 14:50 17. Exploring the Track (Pt.3) - 13:55 18. Exploring the Track (Pt.4) - 7:52 19. MIDI Synths - 13:03 20. MIDI Synths (Pt.2) - 5:47 21. Session Drummer & Drum Maps - 12:13 22. Audio Routing - 13:06 23. Working with Video - 4:02 24. Audio & MIDI Basics - 23:26 25. MIDI Advanced - 10:46 26. The Matrix - 16:15 27. Step Sequencer - 12:03 28. Editing Basics - 11:47 29. Editing Basics (Pt.2) - 11:45 30. Editing Basics (Pt.3) - 16:17 31. Editing MIDI - 11:22 32. Editing MIDI (Pt.2) - 8:50 33. Staff View - 6:22 34. Comping and V-Vocal - 17:22 - (V-Vocal not in X3) 35. Groove Loops (Clips) - 12:32 36. Working with Tempo - 10:24 37. Working with Audiosnap - 8:47 38. Working with Audiosnap (Pt.2) - 8:26 39. Working with Audiosnap (Pt.3) - 9:34 40. Working with Audiosnap (Pt.4) - 6:23 41. Console View - 9:32 42. Clean Up & Bouncing - 8:25 43. Control Groups & Gain Control - 10:24 44. Pro Channel & Side Chains - 12:56 45. Working with FX & FX Bins - 11:31 46. Working with FX Chains - 10:30 47. Working with Automation - 7:58 48. Working with Automation (Pt.2) - 10:53 49. Working with Automation (Pt.3) - 13:04 50. Exporting - 8:05
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    When a vector based font is rendered into a bitmap in a program like Photoshop, it normally uses anti-aliasing to make the contours smooth. Thus when the text blends with the background there’s more or less “smear” around it. Unless not only all the font attributes (size, weight, slant, spacing etc.) are identical with the Cakewalk original, but also text and background colours and perhaps most importantly rendering algorithm, there will be differences. In Photoshop CS6 (which is what I use) there are five different text rendering options which can be found at the bottom of the Font panel: None, Sharp, Crisp, Strong and Smooth. I think that newer Photoshop releases have a couple more. Depending on font attributes, the selected algorithm may have a huge impact on the rendered result. With all these different parameters I would say that it’s practically impossible to create text in a theme that matches Mercury and/or Tungsten perfectly. Unless, of course, BandLab would publish a theme font manual. But I can't really see that happen in the foreseeable future...
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    FYI - I found out the hard way that the Fernandes Sustainer is actually a licensed version of only one of the models created by Sustainiac. Eventually, I'll get a different clip-on model they have so I don't have to modify any of my customs, plus I can use one on multiple guitars when I want that effect! 👍
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    What did you think of the place Geoff? The "sound-proof" on the rehearsal pods is a bit hard to believe. I am so remote that the closest thing that used to be around here were open mic nights where a band set up their gear and let anyone who wanted to use it. The guy who ran those got sick about 10 years ago, and another took his place for a while he recovered. Unfortunately when he recovered the closest place he ran them in shut down, so I haven't seen anything remotely similar in years (and nothing to the level of what the OP is promoting). Pat Martino actually stopped by and gifted him a guitar as he was recovering, which was an incredibly nice gesture.
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    Wait... There's a solved Rubik's Cube there? Ok, that might make up for the accordion... I used to be able to solve a cube in (according to the Guiness Book of World Records attempt I did) an average of 39 seconds over five scrambled cubes (not even close to the fastest at the event though... 😕). I even used to do alternate solutions like the one below: Front side and back. You can't spin a solved cube to get these, you actually need to solve the cube this way! 😀
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    My water bottle checking out the place... It stayed after i left. 😁 So i went back later...
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    Sounds like you have the PCI card. I updated the RME USB drivers on 2/25 and nary a problem here. Smooth as silk.
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    Painted fonts are hard to get spacing and letter width "exact" with app fonts of same face & point size. For fun, type a letter in Photoshop. Then keep typing that same letter several times. The 1st 3 or 4 letters will be displayed slightly different. If you keep typing the letter it will repeat those variations. If you grab a screen shot of some text item in CbB/Sonar and zoom in you'll see multi colored pixels, not so with painted text.
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    If you bounce to clips - this should merge and note and controller data from different clips. There are a few CAL routines that remove duplicate data in the event you have exact note conditions at the same time stamp. You can also look at the " event viewer " to see if you have duplicate notes at the same time stamp. I think in the Piano roll -you would have to grab the note and pull it up or down to see for sure - hold shift while you do it to keep the time locked, it would be a good visual tool if over lapped or covered notes would light up a different way. Maybe a bright red splash color.
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    Sorry to be such an ass but seeing CbB is free now he’s probably over at Avid trying to get the forum there to pony up for a copy of Pro Tools for him.
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    I guess there's two types of counterfeit products: 1. Cheap imitations, where they look the same on the outside but the components inside are completely different; and 2. The company actually manufactures the real goods on behalf of the original manufacturer, but decides to illegally sell re-badged or unofficial versions of the product without the original manufacturer's knowledge. What you're actually getting is the real product, but the original manufacturer doesn't get any money from the sale. Both are bad of course as they both damage the original manufacturer. But the worst part is there's no way of telling the difference until you actually get it - and even then you'd need a real one to compare it to. That's why I always buy branded music gear from a respected music retailer.
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    Play only works with iLok licensed libraries. Installing it without owning something from EastWest will give you nothing, I don't think there are any demo/limited/trial libraries even. So yes it requires iLok software be installed.
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    Yes it overwrites/uninstalls Play 5 and Play 6 is 64 bit only. So if you need the 32 bit version of Play for any reason don't upgrade!
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    It did on my system. So I recommend downloading 5 if you don't already have it stored, just in case, and then install
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    This apology is a week late. Now you'll need to apologize for that! 😀
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    I downloaded it...then promptly shifted it to the "not used" pile on my storage drive.
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    Hmm, guess the OP figured it out, or it wasn't that important.
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    Soundwise (Alisa) is still on here. She always struck me as someone smart which is probably why she stays out of this pit (plus she plays guitar better than we do and doesn't want to damage the fragile male ego)! 🤣
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    I'm a bit confused! I have found the "Show Start Screen" setting in the newest CbB version ( and I have disabled it long ago. It is in Preferences > Customization > Display > Other !
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    This is a beautiful instrument, both the real and virtual ones. And a great price! I had to wait a couple of years for this price. I picked up the 3-piano bundle (Italian, German, American) at a great price years ago, but had to wait for the Ravenscroft. If you like good sampled pianos, get this one! Note that it runs in the free UVI Workstation, so the library uses UVI's excellent compression!
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    I phoned Sweetwater, where I bought ST4, and the tech showed me how to get them installed. I'm glad that I did call because there were a few system options that had to be changed. I would never have found them on my own. He then did a couple of installs while I watched him doing it and then had me do a few while he watched, just to make sure I had the gist of it. He even opened up Cakewalk to make sure that everything was showing up properly. (they did/do) I am really throwing flowers to Zach and Tyler over at Sweetwater... without them I would still not have my software up and running. Thanks to everyone here who responded to my question. Very much appreciated!!!
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    Hard Rock/Heavy Metal taking its toll...
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    Hey Tezza, I am using my 1 TB drive as the C:\ with OS and and installed programs on the computer. My other 1 TB SSD contains Cakewalk Projects, Samples, Loops and the like. My 500 GB drive is used as a storage drive of all downloaded Software, plugins and updates to the software. The last 1 TB drive is used to Backup my C:\ drive using AOMEI Backupper. (Shameless Plug) 😎
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    Features & Enhancements Arpeggiator Rate Lock option to prevent the rate from changing when selecting arpeggiator presets Bug Fixes Rename Clip command not available if clip automation is present Renaming a synth in the Synth Rack does not update the corresponding MultiDock tab Selection range does not refresh properly while dragging if Aim Assist is disabled Automated Mute not working correctly on MIDI Tracks MIDI Mute envelopes can’t be assigned to other MIDI envelope types German text is cut off in the Control Bar Export module Selecting a Lens that contains a screenset will not update the UI under certain circumstances (for instance, projects based on the ‘Empty Project’ template don’t show tracks in the Track view if a Lens is selected) VST2 plug-ins can fail to load from MRU list on systems with vast number of plug-ins Quick Group Freeze of tracks only works a single time in a project Freeze Tail Duration is ignored when ‘Track FX’ is deselected in the Freeze Options dialog box Rare crash when deleting envelopes Potential crash if closing project during Opening Project toast notifications Hang opening projects with Opening Project toast notifications when control surface is active Potential hang when opening project with UWP MIDI driver mode (can happen if Bluetooth MIDI devices are disconnected while opening Cakewalk) When disconnected there will be a delay of a few seconds while Cakewalk tries to connect before it times out. Projects containing certain plug-ins could crash when closing project if the Start Screen is enabled Loud pop at end of AudioSnap clip when 64-bit engine is off when using élastique stretching Control Bar Export module is not available in Lens Manager CWAF Tool reads CbB files as Future Version Hotfix Mar 26, 2019 Available in build Some 3rd party plugins not compatible with asynchronous bounce Opening templates from Start Screen do not respect the default sample rate Bouncing audio results in gaps in audio for some users Start Screen not shown on app launch for some users Note: Fast Bounce optimization in the 2019.03 release has been temporarily rolled back in order to address regressions with 3rd party plug-ins that are not multiprocessing compliant. We look forward to introducing even faster bounce functionality in a future version. Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
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    I got it free with a purchase in Nov or Dec and glad I did. I waited pretty long up till then. I'm glad every one gets it now but this seems like a really screwball strategy.
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