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    I racked all my geetars up.... .....and then chopped off the headstocks just for this photee 😁😁
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    Just another brick...
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    I put my guitars up on the wall. Since I’ve acquired chronic amnesia, I can’t remember when, I needed all the help I can get
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    I did the same thing on my wall. Works great. Always have my main guitars at hand.
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    Here is my ever evolving studio. Made the desk in 1988 and have been carting it with me for some years. Finally reduced down to 1 full rack for processing sound and a half-rack for generating sound. Cakewalk since 2002
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    Billy Joel though......... For many years and for no reason whatsoever I always imagined that guy was a boggle-eyed onanist of the highest order. Turns out I was right.
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    This one is a little out of date - I recently made the jump to Windows 10
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    Nice wall. Did Mexico pay for it?
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    Just received the following email. Riffstation is a great program and is currently free. It'll be interesting to see what they replace it with. +++++++++++++++++++++ Goodbye, Riffstation Pro We are sad to announce that Riffstation Pro (Mac/PC) will no longer be available for download. We are immensely proud of the success Riffstation has experienced and of the legion of dedicated guitar players it has seen develop along the way. We'd like to thank you for your support over the years. We will be coming out with an exciting new product soon. In the meantime, if you are using an older version of Riffstation Pro, we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version now to future-proof your app. It's free to download until March 15, 2019. Download Please note that you will need Mac OS X v10.10/Windows 7 or higher to run the latest version of the application. See you soon, The Riffstation team
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    One of the photos captured by yours truly on a recent visit to The Black Country Living Museum where some of the location shooting for Peaky Blinders takes place. It cries out for the monochrome treatment, but personally I think I just prefer the full fat colour version 😊
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    This from guy whose prize synth looks like a 1970's telephone switchboard?😉
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    Yeah I watched Hired Gun too. In fact, as the credits rolled ( yes I read them!) I saw that Jason had a lot to do with the filming, and I remember reading something about this a while back and thinking "I want to watch that!" Well I did. It was an eye opener. Good thing I didn't make it. I would have been eat up and thrown up against the wall. A lot!! Because I am hard headed and keep doing the same thing expecting..... I also have a DVD of a film new film made last year that I haven't had a chance to watch yet. Sidemen. About the side men that played with the great blues players we all know.
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    Sad but quite possibly true .... 😂 Hey , You got one out of 20,199. ...just messing w you ...have a good one ... Overall , I agree with you there James . Liberty 's sections of the film had me sitting on the edge of my chair . He seems like a no nonsense straight shooter from the hip . A few decades of playing and hanging around with the same band members and having the same boss could have taken it's toll . Who knows the truth about what happened since we only heard one side of the story . This dialog does seem to bring up an interesting point . What happens when you find out about a band or a musician that was placed on a lofty pedestal (by oneself) Then over time the back story comes out and the facts indicate they had questionable integrity or in plain English they were just a Douche ? That's one thing about watching these type of films I find interesting ...I find out so much stuff I didn't know about some of my hero's .... It's not always good , in some cases it may even be tragic ....ex Terry Kath playing Russian roulette w a non revolver / a semi auto pistol w one in the chamber ...sad indeed all the best, Kenny
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    We should put bikinis on them all 😍
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    Thanks Lars. If it was anyone else you might think a new product on the way.
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    Don't like the stock Cabs (don't like them in Helix, HeadRush, and most other AmpSims both hardware and software). Using my preferred Cab IRs, TH-U is sounding pretty good. Comparing it to Helix Native and HeadRush (hardware) side-by-side, it's holding up pretty well. Overloud has a set of "British" profiles available for purchase for the Rig Player. The included Profiles are (IMO) a little on the lower-end side. Just enough to show what's possible... but leaves you wanting better Amp/Cab/Mic "Rig" profiles. CPU use is pretty low (even when running at 96k) On higher-gain setting, background noise is a little lower than some other AmpSims. Working with guitar/bass pickups in close proximity to a computer (EMI), that's always a welcome thing.
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    Wow, not only do you guys have gear, but walls too!!! 😶 *Jealous...*
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    "feedback loop" implies a two-way street is users suggest stuff shouldn't there be some response? (even if just to say "no"?)
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    Definitely check out the demo - there's another thread about the update under the deals forum and some are underwhelmed about acquiring this upgrade. If you are planning on buying it... If you're on Time+Space's mailing list check your email for a 10% off discount coupon code. If you have Time+Space loyalty points you can drop the price further still. https://www.timespace.com/products/overloud-th-u-full-guitar-amp-simulator?variant=20701205266545
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    Even (especially) if you have the paid version, get this release. When I got this machine last year, I had issues getting my serial to take for authorization (customer support was still alive then, so got it resolved). I am assuming that this download going away also means that the registration servers will go offline. This free version is unlocked and may be the only way to re-install RiffStation in the future.
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    Do you really want to advertise this 🤣 🤣 😂
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    It's been a while since I visited, so I thought I would check out the new forum. I had some issues uploading to Bandlab and had to find another track. This is my latest instrumental.
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    Spending far too long wondering why your Netflix programme won't rewind before remembering that you're actually watching a DVD that requires a different remote.
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    SAVE NOW VALENTINE'S DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Save 33% Don't have a Valentine this year? Well cheer up, because you always have Soundiron! While Valentine's Day is full of grand romantic gestures and elaborate 5 star dinners, it can definitely add up! So, we thought we'd give your wallet a break and offer YOU a chance to save. So we're running a Flash Sale on our heart warming Emotional Piano and the always endearing Elysium Harp.
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    I think that's pretty normal. Hits have vocals. When Mike Oldfield tried to get Tubular Bells out, he was met with "put some vocals on it and you have a deal". Glad he didn't. I think instrumental music can do something popsongs can't do. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Dear Strammy, May I borrow your P bass? Dear James, May I borrow your black Les Paul?
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    Have to agree that this is a piece that doesn't need a vocal track ... I listened to it while looking at some photographs of Triesenberg (I'm geekie like that) and it worked well, so, very enjoyable mind trip .....Might even visit one day looks nice .... SPAK
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    I could never post a pic in the old Forum but all I have to do is drag and drop now? What the...
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    @Bapu listened to both Ed and the SC sounds clearer and more defined than the BL version which I suspect got a touch of their mastering which I have yet to try which probably translates to never.
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    it's quieter than i would have imagined. 😁
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    As we all know, training a dragon is no easy feat. Reason why we've created this brief video showing you exactly what to do! Read full article (includes video): https://audioplugin.deals/keepforest-evolution-dragon/
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    Works fine here. I use the Komplete Kontrol VSTi that runs Kontakt. Just a tip! The Symphony Series tend to put the Dynamic wheel to bottum if you do not program in some CC/movement. I always start wiht puting in a Dyn W recording in in front of my recording som that it is at least have sound when playback.
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    Most of them are 'Chord 180', black metal discs with adjustable arms - currently £2.71 each on Amazon! The others are 'String Swing' which have a nice hardwood block to fix to the wall.
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    Andy, you really are Old School. If you use the Snipping Tool, you already have cropped it the way you want, and you can "Save As..." right from there into your Pictures folder. No need to two-step it through Paint.
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    Nope! And his wife wouldn't even give him $1 for it!!! : )
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    My first reaction is "ouch," "lackluster," or possibly Kevin Klein's "Disappointed!" (from A Fish Called Wanda). Jim posted in another thread that the Rig Player doesn't allow recording "for the time being," so I ratcheted down my expectations before popping off the demo. It took another hit when the text insert in the TH-U manual for the Rig Player states "Overloud does these rig modelling in house using top quality tools and procedures, to allow users to play with the best guitar tones possible." "In house" makes me assume Rig Modeling will not be "in studio" any time soon (defeating the purpose of ambient modeling as well). The Amp Tweak is also not available on Rig Models as far as I can tell, which drove another nail in the coffin for me (even if I could model my tube amp, I cannot alter it). With all of the hype behind the Rig Player, it would have been nicer to be upfront to what it actually is... which appears to be a method to market other people's rigs, not capture your own. This left me with putzing around what I could find new and the new shimmer effect (nothing earth-shattering for me). The search feature would have been nice back in the TH2 days, but at this point I have already sorted things manually, so that is OBE for me. I will hold off till I get a better feel for what is actually new (I missed some things), and what is intended going forward. Just wanted to give folks this heads up, since Rig Player got touted pretty heavily in the past month. In reality, this fell far short of what got marketed.
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    I love those guitars! I see the Paul is ready to go ~ nice~
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    VSTBuzz: 73% off “MAD Drums RocknFunk” by HandHeldSound - Normally €175 Now Only €48! More information at: https://vstbuzz.com/deals/73-off-mad-ro ... heldsound/
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    A few weeks ago I enabled the Group Policy Editor on my Home edition PC (not my DAW) to play with it, but yesterday I got upgraded to 1809 Build 17763.292, and -- surprise! -- it's no longer enabled. I don't really care, but I believe MS polices this with such rigor because in the profit-based community, if you are a "pro," you simply have to pay more, and if you are an "amateur," you simply get less. I ran into a version of this when I started my half-inch 8-track studio in the 70s, in the same neighborhood as Gold Star, Sunwest, Wally Heider, etc. With my Tascam 8-track I wasn't paying the price required to be a "pro," so the guys at those places mocked me for using "home" equipment, and wouldn't speak to me at AES shows. At least in that case I got the last laugh, because I was still booking sessions after they all went out of business. Pretty sure none of those schmoes would have been able to tell the difference between the quality they were producing, and mine. These days I don't have paying clients, so I leave Window Defender running, and a bunch of other background services that I should probably turn off, and I rarely have a glitch in my projects.
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    Some of the "portastudios" as they were called, offered 2 speeds. I believe the Yamaha MT2X was one. My Fostex also had only the higher speed. 😀JB
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    This is one of my favorite libraries by far. Very helpful in working on orchestration if you are just getting into it. It's a lot easier to play something like this across your keyboard than to keep referring to a chart to remember what the standard range is for specific instruments. You just play on your keyboard and you hear how a string or brass or woodwind ensemble sounds. And the solo instruments and ensembles sound good enough to be in my template, and compare surprisingly well with some of my other libraries. Good sounds with lots of articulations. There are also some amazing multis that are very inspirational. Plus percussion and a choir. Well worth checking out
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    Doood, you need to level you surface, everything is gonna fall off.
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    very beautiful Tim! really, really great stuff! I was moved through many feelings as I listened and it carried me with it. very nice!
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    Indeed! We do have a fix and expect to deploy a hotfix later this week.
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    The reason the clip gets split I think is because of comping. If you notice, all clips gets split all in the same place, like it does when you make your sections to comp. Not sure if this as intended or a type bug. if you do go with the section parts like I do, you might wanna think about doing them all the same day with the same feel. I have done sections over time and they all did not have the same feel/sound to them. Had to go back and redo them! So keep that in mind. Like you, all I use to do was record to tape.
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    To heal splits, you can swipe through an entire take lane, starting outside the longest running clip with the Comp tool in the lower half of the lane; usually that means swiping from right to left, and swiping past 1:01:000 to avoid creating a new split where you start or end the swipe. Or you can select the track or any lane in it and Ctrl+click any selected segment with the Comp tool. Both methods will heal all splits in all takes. To heal a single split just select any two adjacent clips, and Ctrl-click one of them with the Comp tool.
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