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Cubase Upgrades on Sale 40% off

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2 hours ago, Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann said:

@Leok85 Yes, that's how it should work (as long as the current policy for upgrades stays the same  - they've maintained it for years but, as financial advisors say,  "past performance does not guarantee future results")

that's amazing huge save on the long run

much thanks buddy 👍

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I've generally stayed current on Cubase, but am currently on 10.5.  I went for this deal, but will wait until 11.5 is released at the end of the year to activate.

I purchased the update for 10.5 - 11 for both Pro and Elements.  I received two "Download Access Codes."   Previously, I received "Activation Codes" when I purchased upgrades in the past.

Are the "Download Access Codes" what I sit on until the end of the year?  Was I supposed to receive "Download Codes" or "Activation Codes"?

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