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  1. Hi Adam, I've reloaded my main studio DAW... and don't currently have EuCon installed. I don't recall having either issue you mention above. I remember it was a bit tedious (at first) getting everything configured... as EuCon isn't directly supported. I had no issues setting up transport control, undo/redo, arming tracks for record, and other common things I'd want from a remote.
  2. Beware of Win10 Pro copies that are ridiculously cheap. The codes are often pirated. BTW, This can even happen with what looks like a fully legit copy. You can purchase a copy of Win10 off Amazon/etc... that comes in a fully "legit" package (MS disc/code/seal)... and find out the install key has been pirated. Even though the package is legit, it's useless. If you call MS, you'll be told it's not their problem... contact the seller. If it sounds too good to be true... it usually is
  3. Hi Adam, Where have all the years gone??? 😉 It's good to see long-time Cakewalk users using/enjoying CbB. Of recent, I've learned to be somewhat of a home-body. Miss playing out... but (on the flip side) the break has been nice. Hope you and yours are safe/well! Hope the Bakers are all safe/well!
  4. There will never be high demand for "vintage" (old) CPUs. I don't know if I'd agree that Intel is overpriced. Overpriced compared to what? I paid less for a i9-9900k than I did for a P2-266 ~23 years. AMD is great in some areas (heavily multi-threaded applications)... and weak in others (extremely low latency audio). The new 10900k is $600... and all 10 cores will run locked at 5300MHz... and it'll do so running quietly with quality air-cooling. You won't get all-core clock-speed anywhere close to that with AMD (or socket 2066 Intel for that matter). TDP for the 10900k is 125w That's about the top end for a quiet air-cooled machine. Threadripper has TDP of 280w... and (if you use PCIe 4.0 to get crazy fast M.2 Ultra SSD speeds), you've got an active-cooled chipset (tiny high-RPM fan). With TDP of 280w and active-cooled chipset, there's no such thing as a quiet Threadripper build (unless you allow it to thermal-throttle - which defeats the whole point).
  5. FWIW, The 10900k is pretty nice. 10 cores all locked at 5.3GHz is a formidable machine. It's slightly louder than the 9900k (which is extremely quiet with all 8 cores all running at 5GHz). Given the two extra cores... and higher clock-speed... this is what you'd expect. If you compare the 10700x vs. the 9900k, that's where I'd take the 9900k. Lower TDP (95w vs 125w)... and essentially the same number of cores/clock-speed.
  6. 10900k will run slightly hotter than the 10700k... and is (under heavy load)... right about the limit of what you'd want with air-cooling. ie: The 10900k's that we've tested/used have been able to run all 10 cores locked at 5.3GHz. That's about the limit of quality air-cooling. 😉 Assuming you also want the machine to run quiet (not like a vacuum cleaner)...
  7. If you're after a pretty fast ultra-quiet machine, it's (still) hard to beat the 9900k.
  8. BTW, You can configure the 10900k (using TDP-down) to achieve TDP of 95w. Of course, that means slower clock-speed.
  9. You can run a 10900k with quality/large air-cooling. It's right about the limit of those coolers. You can't run a 10980xe (under load) with quality/large air-cooling (gets too hot under heavy loads). There's no way you can run Threadripper 3970x with large/quality air-cooling. Well... you can... but the CPU will thermal-throttle (defeating the whole purpose)
  10. 10th gen Intel Comet Lake CPUs: TDP = 125w 9th gen Intel Coffee Lake CPUs: TDP = 95w Socket-2066 Intel Cascade Lake CPUs: TDP = 165w AMD Ryzen-9 CPUs: TDP = 105w AMD Threadripper CPUs: TDP = 280w If you go AMD, it sure isn't going to help with TDP. This is partly why there's essentially no OC headroom on modern AMD CPUs.
  11. The K1 does have 8-Bit piano samples. They sound terrible... 😁 Never could get a decent acoustic piano sound out of it.
  12. The "All-Notes-Off" message used to drive me crazy. ðŸĪŠ
  13. Presonus started by making audio hardware. Portastudio???
  14. Haven't had any time to use it...
  15. Simple plugin at that (no installer just the VST plugin dll)
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