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  1. Helix Native is great. If you haven't checked it out, IKMM's ToneX is also amazing.
  2. Tight competition between AMD/Intel is really going to drive performance.
  3. Sorry, I missed those details. If you've already reseated the CPU and all power connections, the only reason loosening the heatsink mount could cause things to "start working" is cold/bad solder joint/s or problem with circuit trace/s.
  4. If you have reasonable expectations, you probably won't be disappointed running Cakewalk on something like a SurfacePro. The issue with tablets is the same as with laptops (but more extreme). Thermal management (heat) is tough in a super tight enclosure. There's no space for large heatsink/fan... so CPU clock-speed has to be kept low (to keep heat in-check). There's also power-management (performance throttling) to ensure longer battery life. If you're doing general-purpose tasks (Surfing Internet, Email, Word docs, etc), you won't notice the low clock-speed. Running a DAW application at low latency with lots of realtime processing (virtual-instruments and effects), low clock-speed is going to be limiting. ie: The $2400 Surface Pro 9's CPU is running at 1.7GHz. By comparison, the 13900ks (13th Gen desktop CPU) is running at 6GHz. If you have much in the way of high performance expectations, a tablet is not the right choice.
  5. Yes. 13th gen has been out for several months. 13900k performance is amazing (scores over 40k with Cinebench R23 multi-core). Requires robust cooling (as in large AIO)
  6. I'd reseat the CPU... That's more of a long-term solution (that was my point). You might also reseat all power connections to the motherboard (worth a try)
  7. FWIW, I would certainly not recommend this. If this is the "solution", there's a problem with the CPU (as mounted). You want the cooler surface to be making best contact possible.
  8. Recent Nvidia cards don't have issues with drivers causing high DPC Latency. In fact, if you're really pushing the limits of ultra low audio latency performance (say running at 32-sample ASIO buffer size or smaller), you're better off with a RTX-3xxx video card than AMD 6xxx. Audio will start glitching sooner with the AMD 6xxx series. I've tested side-by-side with otherwise identical configuration.
  9. Power spin up/down in endless loop is usually either power-supply, motherboard, or (less often) video card. As was suggested, I'd disconnect power, pull the CMOS battery for 12+ seconds, then reinsert the battery and try booting. This will reset the BIOS.
  10. I've got a client who (along with Tim Pierce) meets occasionally at JB's house. This client once accidentally bumped into his hanging 59 Les Pauls (swinging like wind-chimes). 😬 Note that these aren't reissue '59 LPs (which would still be $7-10k per guitar)... but the real thing. Talk about a brief moment of panic! In all seriousness, I wish IK would Capture JB's amps with ToneX.
  11. Most roomy Mid-Tower cases will accommodate that cooler.
  12. There's also coolers like the IceGiant ProSiphon Elite. It's sort of a hybrid between an air-cooler and water-cooler. It uses a radiator... but relies on gravity vs using a pump.
  13. Typical AIO (all-in-one) water-coolers are closed-loop (no maintenance). The water is circulated thru the radiator via a small pump (similar to how an auto engine is cooled). Custom Loop water-cooling is beyond what most folks want to deal with (both construction and maintenance). Distilled water doesn't conduct electricity. At trade shows, you'll sometimes see an electric device fully submerged in distilled water... running as normal.
  14. I get the fear... but the odds are greatly against a leak. FWIW, I've used scores and scores of AIO water-coolers. Out of all of those, one leaked (caught it before install so it wasn't an issue).
  15. 😂 With a large top-tier water-cooler, the temps really aren't bad. The 13900k next to me idles in the 30s C.
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