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  1. MusicMan makes great instruments. About 10 years back, I bought a pair of Silhouette guitars (HH with FR Trem). They were blue and green translucent finished... with Ash bodies. Weight was about 7.5 lbs for each Nice looking, playing, sounding guitars. Can't give a good reason why I sold them. I got them new from GC for ~$1600 each. Those same guitars today would be ~$3500 each. MusicMan prices have gotten to the point where they're about even with PRS Core series. Love MusicMan Stingray basses. Some of the best (IMO) you can get. Live... they just work so well. The US made Sub series may already be collectable. If not already, I'm sure they will be at some point.
  2. https://www.diskpart.com/gpt-mbr/convert-system-disk-to-gpt-without-losing-data-3889.html
  3. In Windows 10 v1703 and later, there's a command line application (MBR2GPT.exe) that'll convert the boot drive from MBR to GPT (without losing data). It's located in the Windows\System32 You can also use a 3rd-party (paid) application called AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional ($50) Before proceeding, make sure you have proper backup and read up on the necessary steps.
  4. Hi Zo, Yes, With version 11... I'm finding performance at ultra low latency is less prone to ASIO peak buffer overloads.
  5. Jim Roseberry

    PA Mega Sale

    Dirty Shirly or the BE-100 BE-100 is extremely versatile (real amp or model)
  6. If you don't already have a copy of Cubase, the cross-grade is also on sale ($231.98).
  7. FWIW, I've noticed that Cubase 11's ultra-low latency performance is a significant improvement vs. version 10. ie: With version 11, I can run Helix Native at 96k using a 32-sample ASIO buffer size (1ms total round-trip latency)... with zero glitches. Version 10 was more prone to ASIO buffer peak overloads (glitches).
  8. Hope it works well for you! I had a 5059 Summing Mixer. Loved the sound and flexibility Couldn't get over the fan noise... so I returned it.
  9. Jim Roseberry

    Windows 11

    Looks like MS is talking later 2021 into 2022 for the Windows 11 upgrade roll-out. If you're not wanting to be a beta-tester, don't be an early adopter. There will be early issues that'll need driver updates, software patches, Windows updates, etc.
  10. I'm aware of that... 😁 If you deal with enough quantity, you see a percentage of defective parts... across all computer components. Lately, and I think this is somewhat related to manufacturing during the pandemic, I've seen a higher percentage of defective Intel CPUs. The rate is still extremely low... but it's more common today than several years back.
  11. Using the Samsung 980 as an example (popular/good NMVe SSDs): 250GB version is warranted for 150-TBW (terabytes written) or 5 years (whichever comes first). I've seen reports where M1 Macs were writing ~0.682TB of data per day to the onboard SSD. If the onboard SSD has the same specs as the Samsung 980, it could potentially fail after ~220 days. You should have a backup of your boot drive (no matter what you're running). With that backup in hand, I'd not get overly obsessed about it. It's a tool. Tools are meant to be used. Of course, it's a whole lot easier to replace the boot drive in a PC (vs the M1 MBP, MBA, and Mini).
  12. Modern SSDs often have 1.5 million hours MTBF (or better). It's the number of writes that people are worried about... as those are finite.
  13. Yes, the DAW has to allocate resources for many additional I/O channels, etc. But it doesn't consume the same amount of RAM as using separate/unique sample libraries. Let's say your lean OS install idles at ~3.1GB RAM Fire up Studio One Pro v5 with an empty project... and you're at 4.3GB Add a single instance of Kontakt 6 (empty - no libraries loaded)... and you're at 4.5GB Load The Grandeur into the single Kontakt 6 instance... and you're at 4.8GB Load a second instance of Kontakt 6 with an instance of The Grandeur. You've now got two instances of Kontakt 6... each with The Grandeur loaded... RAM use is now 4.9GB. If you load the same two instances of Kontakt 6... load The Grandeur in the first... and The Maverick in the second... RAM use is 5.2GB. Both piano libraries are a bit over 7GB in total size. I'll liken the situation to testing drive speed. Let's say the drive you want to benchmark has 128MB cache. What happens if you benchmark with a 32MB file? What happens if you benchmark with a 1GB file? With the 32MB file, you'll be testing the speed of the cache. 😉 With the 1GB file, you'll circumvent the caching... and get the actual speed of the drive. Load up 20-30 libraries that are similar in size to The Grandeur (but each a unique separate library). Report back with the RAM use and RAM Pressure graph. I pushed the 16GB M1 Mini ridiculously hard... and it did a pretty remarkable job. The RAM caching, compression, etc allow you to squeeze a lot out of 16GB RAM. That said, if you really push it... the RAM Pressure went thru the roof... and it took a LONG time for this type of project to fully load, RAM to be compressed/cached/etc. It's not ideal in a heavy load workstation type scenario... and (to me) not a real substitute for having enough physical RAM for your largest projects. To be fair, Apple doesn't market the machine for that type of use. For what it is (small form-factor, inexpensive, silent), it's a nice machine.
  14. I specifically mentioned this when talking about running stress-tests on a "RAM limited" machine. If you load many instances of the same library, it completely invalidates the test. Why? Because the single library is only buffered once (in RAM). RAM wise, you may as well only be running a single instance of The Grandeur. To actually stress-test the machine's limited amount of RAM, you need to load separate/different large libraries.
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