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  1. all my pleasure 😉 I'm personally a bit doubt because they had some sale about 5 month ago and they usually make singe sale per year. wonder what do you think on the subject ?
  2. Larry your doing such amazing work hear, I'll be happy to Gift you my Cubase LE, feel free to DM if your still looking for it 👍
  3. no they don't, take a look at the screenshot 🙂
  4. Instruction 1) register at Reasonstudios.com 2) open follow link https://www.reasonstudios.com/plus and apply coupon code: SPLICE-REASONPLUS-90 have fun
  5. thank you very much cclarry for great headup! 👍
  6. wow that's great :) does it usually comes on specific date or unpredictable?
  7. wonder do they ever go lower then that ? ) UltraPAK vs UltraPAK+ seems to have single difference of "Songs & Lessons PAK" yet its significant price difference is UltraPAK+ really worth the extra ?
  8. PG Music "Band-in-a-Box" ($96.75) with code: FB25ABLETON https://www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.packages.htm
  9. Steinberg support availability and its service is usually pretty disappointing indeed (
  10. Neural DSP released Archetype: Tim Henson https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/archetype-tim-henson
  11. link: https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/54-Vocal-Processing/4413-VocalSynth-2
  12. Purchase the Cubase Artist and redeem the download access code (DAC) by August 1, 2021, it will automatically upgrade your Cubase Artist license to Cubase Pro for free. https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/cubase-buy-artist-get-pro/
  13. that's amazing huge save on the long run much thanks buddy 👍
  14. Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann tell me please I already have Cubase pro 10.5. if I'll buy now the "Cubase 11 pro Update" and hold it without registering for example 2 years once they release 12 version and only then I will register "Cubase 11 pro Update" will I be able to received automatic grace update to 12 version for free? 🙂 Thanks you
  15. Leok85

    Gig Performer 4

    somehow you really don't get the nesty trick they done by this "PROMOTION" I'll try to give you illustration and honestly hoping you could understand the feeling. you buy ticket to theater show but surprising you receive a recorded CD to watch it at home but yet the ticket seller tell "you want to see the live show pay additional cost" thats exactly the feeling because if me so as everyone else would know prior the "PROMOTION" that in next 2 weeks I'll have to pay addition cost to use recent version I probably wouldn't buy it on the first place
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