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  1. Link https://groovemonkee.com/ apply 10% coupon code at checkout: shootie-B7QK0
  2. Upgrade €24.50 🙂 available until 31 July, 2022
  3. sadly it might be a time to say goodbye to another subscription runner (
  4. seems to be Generic 2022-05-25GS81TZiTw39 but in term of transfer it now worth nothing because of $75 min ☹
  5. Leok85


    Happy Birthday Larry 🙂
  6. all my pleasure 😉 I'm personally a bit doubt because they had some sale about 5 month ago and they usually make singe sale per year. wonder what do you think on the subject ?
  7. Larry your doing such amazing work hear, I'll be happy to Gift you my Cubase LE, feel free to DM if your still looking for it 👍
  8. no they don't, take a look at the screenshot 🙂
  9. Instruction 1) register at Reasonstudios.com 2) open follow link https://www.reasonstudios.com/plus and apply coupon code: SPLICE-REASONPLUS-90 have fun
  10. thank you very much cclarry for great headup! 👍
  11. wow that's great :) does it usually comes on specific date or unpredictable?
  12. wonder do they ever go lower then that ? ) UltraPAK vs UltraPAK+ seems to have single difference of "Songs & Lessons PAK" yet its significant price difference is UltraPAK+ really worth the extra ?
  13. PG Music "Band-in-a-Box" ($96.75) with code: FB25ABLETON https://www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.packages.htm
  14. Steinberg support availability and its service is usually pretty disappointing indeed (
  15. Neural DSP released Archetype: Tim Henson https://neuraldsp.com/plugins/archetype-tim-henson
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