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Izotope Email


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I just received an email from Izotope with the Subject "Like Free Things".
Upon opening the email...it's blank.  Nothing but "White Squares".

Anyone else get this?
Was there supposed to be something there?

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1 minute ago, Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann said:

There were also 4 free preset packs for vocalsynth

(note: I didn't have them but I don't know if those have always been free or not)

interested , any link or isit installed automaticlaly ?

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@Zo They are in the page that @telecode 101 posted above, just scrolling down.

Here are the direct d/l links just in case





And I just noticed that if you keep scrolling down there are a few additional free presets for Tonal Balance, ebooks, spire sessions, etc

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