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  1. looks cool. too heavy for my music. i pass.
  2. is there an upgrade path from lite to regular?
  3. i tried this today. i dont get how thats angel sounds. maybe i messed up the install. i hear synth sounds mostly.
  4. FWIW.. totally off topic. but that APress deal is bitchin if you are in (or are aspiring into) IT infra work. some of the titles cover containers and storage which is big salary boost if you know it.
  5. I have all the sessions from another purchase in my account. does it make sense to transfer those or the ones in this bundle?
  6. amazing deal. i really like their stuff . i picked up. it sounds great but i think you need to use the full version of Ultra Analog vsynth to tweak them. I may be bring. I dont see those player presets in Ultra Analog vsynth sessions. I will check. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/ultra-analog-va-3/
  7. whats. still deciding if I want to get WUPed. NOTE: I see you can get this free if you have the required plugins. https://www.waves.com/plugins/multimod-rack#image
  8. i'll bite. what is the most valuable and useful Waves plugin at $29.
  9. wow.. that's insane. if that thing ever dies , you lose 18TB of data...
  10. I caved in and picked up a GA expansion. I didn't get Zilhouette Strings. The demos I hear didn't really ***** away and you can't demo it yourself -- so I passed on it. Getting into GA. It seems more powerful than what I have been using.
  11. Thanks. I am looking at the Jazz expansion and the Indie one and trying out GA SE that comes with my DAW. So far, it's been a good experience. I also like the idea of the integration with the DAW. What I don't get is the Phillps Jazz expansion has "560 MIDI files, 9500 samples" and the Indie Metro Heights expansion has "over 17,400 samples". If I understand correctly, I can load up the Indie kit and apply the MIDI files from the jazz expansion. I am a little confused why there is such a huge discrepancy between samples between the kits. Why the India kit has that many more and costs less while the Jazz and the Nashville kit (~8,000 samples) have around the same. Does anyone recall -- were there ever any GA expansion bundle deals? I only see they regularly have the 50% off deal and these expansions are not in Absolute from what I can tell, so they would not be covered in an Absolute deal.
  12. Looks like all of DrumForge is on sale. https://drumforge.com/products/drumforge-classic https://drumforge.com/collections/all Anyone use this? How does it compare to SD or EXDrummer?
  13. Hi, i am looking at the Jazz exp. Do you still feel the same way about GA? I just started exploring it. It seems more powerful than NI DrumLab and Abbey Road that I have been using. The 24 bit sounds also sound better than 16 bit in NI.
  14. telecode 101

    Cop The Feel

    You know what. I don't think I am regretting it. I really did demo the shit out of all those VSTs and compared it to what I already have. I have waaayyy too many advanced synth VST's and have barely scratched the surface of them. Plus, pretty sure they will do another push get to a sales boost in 1.5 to 2 years. Maybe by then I will have a change of heart. You realize that that NI/U-he bundle cost more than Fabfilter Total bundle on sale.
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