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  1. Q: How many FET compressors can one man have? A: Never enough!!
  2. ugly color. for a little more, i'd get this. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/sterling-by-music-man-stingray-roasted-maple-neck-maple-fingerboard-electric-bass
  3. you can, unless there is something in the blurbs that state, it has to be a purchase license of GA.
  4. Yeah.I gotta chime in as a regular IK customer and speak up. There is lots of truth to these posts. @Peter - IK Multimedia There are the IK customers like me, who went the group buy routes, are active customers and regular users of the products, and submit bug reports and help people online and what not. I have most of the stuff in IK Max, but there are a few lingering items (some missing items from AT5, a few synths from Syntronick) . So now, because I went the group buy route, its a big waiting game of group buys for me, because its not worth it for me to buy into the Max product. I already own 80 to 85% of the products in it from group buys. So now I have sit around and wait 12 to 24 months to start using certain things that I know I will probably use (Joe Chirelli or Farm Stone -- which I know I will probably use as its stuff that I do) .. to start using them because it's not worth it for me to buy all the products I already own and use if I buy an upgrade to IK Max in the current product portfolio offerings. I have no solution for the problem, but maybe if there was calculation on the backed on the site that shows that if the account has > 75% of the products already, perhaps an additional upgrade tier can be added for those people?
  5. I can upgrade to Absolute 6 from Groove Agent. The reality is Halion 7 and Backbone is the only thing that interest me. Still thinking about it. Th reality is, I have Pigments that I neveruse enough of. And Also Padshop2 that I rarely touch. So not sure if H7 is worth investment at this point.
  6. What’s the goth keys MIDI like for you?
  7. I didnt get much. Saving up for a DAW deal. IK Bionic Drums IK Swarm TT Fusion Midi EZK
  8. yeah .this was one of the reasons for me. I am technical and a these days a bit interested in what these plugins really do to the audio signal. but no plans to get involved in aliasing discussions.
  9. hmm.. do i need this ? i was always curious about all those alias plugin guys and what they are up to.
  10. i had some wishful thinking that maybe they would count the full price as a purchase price.
  11. Cool. Does they count as a $99 purchase though?
  12. All good posts. I might wait it out for v10. though to be honest, there is really nothing in there that i really want.
  13. is the pro version worth in? its $40... i use IKM meter and Cubase LUFS and guage loudness by that.
  14. I would like to know whats is this? If keeps getting installed on my system by NI i think.
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