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  1. wow.. demos is right up my alley. i never heard of this developer.
  2. for those still looking for items in the lower tiers. ny best <$99 picks have been - hugh pdgham drums - then the various AT 5 items from the MAX collection. I used the Nu-Tron 3 on a keyboard with a vintage compressor in front of it, and it sounded amazing. For non-guitar players, don't understandable the usefulness of the effects in AT5 with amp and cabs disabled.
  3. telecode 101

    Softube Vol 5

    is this a decent price?
  4. FWIW.. I picked p a iRigs I/O on clearance and it got me into the $199 tier. Not the best build quality, but who cares. I got so much free stuff that I really wanted from the GB.
  5. good developer. i like their meters.
  6. yeah. looking at that. read some other articles on that studio and the piano. i was just curious what people think it add to SampleTank that isn't already included. these are all the same piano sampled for different platforms, right? Alan Parsons Imperial Grand Piano for Motif XS/XF/MOXF Alan Parsons Imperial Grand Piano Refill for Reason
  7. does anyone have any thoughts on the Alan Parsons piano?
  8. as per bapu.. it seems the IKM list does not detect all the Tracks stuff I have so I am able to select some of the Tracks modules I had as freebies. But not other things. I think things like DynaMu, Metering, some of the Classic series like compressor and X-Saturator.
  9. just to confirm, we have until Nov 30 to pick the freebies, right?
  10. FWIW.. I think I am gonna pass on the Arc 3. I have a lot of other issues in my setup.. and probably should invest in a lot more rockwool first. Also, Arc 3 and the mic and software will come included in an iLoud MTM purchase, if or when, I upgrade by old studio monitors. I will probably complete my ST 4 and AT 5 collections. I am finding it a really good ecosystem. I really like the idea the IKM Talks dude on YU does which is make a present that empties out all the effects quickly in ST4 patches. It's been a life saver.
  11. I don't know bruh.. you may want to revisit your priorities in life. Ramen has been good for lots of successful people.. They are one of the biggest and most influential labels in modern rock history.. 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/fueledby/?hl=en
  12. cheaper at B&H if they get stock. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1633237-REG/ik_multimedia_ac_250_mic_in_mems_microphone_for_arc.html from IKM.. with Jams it would be $100 for me. as the Mic is $50 and the shipping is another $45 😞
  13. I don't have a room. I work in a concrete basement. So an Arc would do me no good. But I am in the process of building a room. I have one wall done and installed. Need to do 3 more walls and a door. So I was debating picking this up and then a separate MEMS mic. The the reality is, I am mostly a player.. not an engineer. So just not sure if I will ever really make use of it. (I finally wrapping up my unversity degree in December and will now have all the time in the world to do the walls. never going to skule again!)
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