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  1. The $99 deal upgrade. Though to be honest, i picked up Syntonic 2 and have been using that exclusively. It has more punch and the common interface to manage the samples is a time saver.
  2. FWIW.. I looked at some of those. I realized I have pretty much all the of the cinematic compendium. I have been picked them up at 50% off during promos over the years. whatever is here and 50% off. i still don't own the latest V collection. https://www.arturia.com/sounds
  3. yup. that is indeed a good option. i have so many plugins now. i just look at it and ask myself, "will i use it?" if you think you will use it, then go for it.
  4. It sounds very good. Unfortunately I am heavily invested in so many other drum libraries.
  5. Waves make some decent plugins. i dont pay WUP. ever.
  6. Thanks. if its free. i will take it. !!
  7. well.. thats one way to get demo's onto peoples machines. 🙂
  8. wow. all time low for softube. to be honest, i don't really use it but i should.
  9. I must admit, I am quite surprised by this IKM product being some on PA and wonder what is going on it the background. Are PA turning into APD and using their e-commerce store to generate revenue?
  10. This is me with these IK guys and their deals.. Jeez.. I picked those up for peanuts less than 2 weeks ago.
  11. I also picked up the 1.5 in the last GB, It installed and all my kits are seen and work -- old and new kits. Check to make sure your paths to the kits are correct and also, try to launch product manager and refresh it. I do recall that upon first launch of ModoDrum, the old kits had a pad lock on it. But then the screen refreshed and the padlock disappeared. My guess is something refreshed in background. Good luck,
  12. Nice buy. I am itching to get another guitar.
  13. I guess it was too much work and not enough incentive to keep working on it?
  14. Cool. It looks like a IKM MixBox killer. Nice!!
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