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  1. I did the survey and i am a big IKM fanboi and user and gave them quite detailed personal answers. and i got nada. LOL!!
  2. cool. but man those prices for Weiss. why do they need to be so high.
  3. and a few others on the AD site. on sale from $29 to $49 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/search/site/eventide?f[0]=im_field_brand_term%3A229&solrsort=iss_commerce_price asc
  4. I like their stuff!!
  5. i dont use them enough either, but those Statement are good instruments.
  6. Tape Echoes upgrade is USD 19.00 I see.
  7. I d/l the update on weekend and tried it. it was good on my end.
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