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  1. They always selling those old versions. Does it pay off for upgrade?
  2. Oh boy.. no.. I am a drum addict. Is this best price it has ever been? I fuggin love beat machines. It’s between this and that new NI expansion that came out now… where does one get that voucher from? Do you need a high priced UVI product to get those? I think I have Synsations in my account.
  3. Anyone have any opinions on which of these sounds best for jazz, rock r&b? I use a lot of Modo these days. But was eyeing the EZB expansions.
  4. I have no idea. But I like using WA stuff in Maschine . It’s lite weight. And generates results.
  5. Huh… crowded market even more crowded. Maybe a good thing
  6. Are UA muscling in on smaller companies? I don’t ever remember UA plugins being this affordable.
  7. I don’t own anything from them. But I read some of my fav composers use some of their products. They never reveal exactly which one.
  8. Good try TT. But wallet safe.
  9. Now I see why UAD are giving away freebies. They want to hook some fishies.
  10. Wow. I guess we shall see if anyone uses this live.
  11. I managed to get it. Tried it last night and compared it to other widener fx i own. Its much more advanced. Check out their manual. Also uses much less cpu resources than other softube plugins i have.
  12. I already have jupiters by arturia and ikm . Do I really need this?
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