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  1. I think a new modeling approach or a new cab room modeling might be good. I can definitely hear a difference between AT 4 and S-Gear and NeuralDSP stuff --but not enough to want to ditch AT 4. I don't if this is because what is in AT 4 is a little older and maybe there is something IKM can put on market to compete with the others sound wise.
  2. well. i hope is AT 5. Time to IKM to bring out something to compete with Neural and NI GR6.
  3. Yeah. That was a classic SciFi show. Everyone had a crush on Jane Badler back then. Ahh. those 80s girls .. the only thing fake about them was hair spray and shoulder pads. Miss them all.
  4. I installed. All the links in the email to the extra stuff is the same 942mb file. Unless I am missing something. So I guess that same file installs all the extras?
  5. i am going to guess the Akai MPK Mini integrates better with their software?
  6. when the king comes back
  7. I am out of money. Blew it all on toys
  8. keep trying wong50 that has been the general format of a lot of their discount codes.
  9. cool vid. need to try demo. got too many amp sim stuff.
  10. I will hold off on upgrading Kontakt and Maschine. I usually do anyways. It seems that it always has some sort of issues at first.
  11. I don't know if it is just me or whether I am the only heavy Guitar Rig user these days. Something really weird got pushed out in the last NI update that happened via their Native Access tool. Something inserted extra Tracktor FX in all my custom user presets in Guitar Rig 5. I have tons of custom presets that I use. It's really strange. I have to keep manually removing them every time I load GR and want to use them.
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