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  1. I now have two of the eight free. Filter and Louder. 6 more years to go. .:-) But seriously, I have never really used them. But I do use the H-Comp on almost every project. Got it freebie and that thing is amazing.
  2. I am eagerly awaiting to see what the group by will be this year to see if MODO is in it..
  3. Man alive.!! I finally got this thing to work. What I think was happening was, the password in authorization manager was out of sync with the password on IKM site login and the product manager. The password reset in authorization manager does not generate an email to change your password. So I fixed it by changing the password on the IKM site.. and then using that password when launching authorization manager. Tried it out this morning. Its cool.. sounds like a SampleTank piano.. 🙂
  4. the presets are also included in sale. they range from $2.50 upwards Some decent ones can be found in you have the collection. https://www.arturia.com/community/presets
  5. oh.. yeah.. i got banned from KVR too. in good company.. 🙂
  6. meh.. i want AAS to do another humble bundle ... that one was good.
  7. is anyone on here a big Jupiter user? Is the upgrade to Jup 8V worth it?
  8. i have issues with getting this item to authorize. it seems the login to IKM site is different than the login to the authorizer application. Trying to reset the password does not seem to generate a reset password email. Very odd.
  9. yeah. the metal video. similar grooves is cool features. hmm .. show similar grooves crashes cubase here. also, the alignment is little whack. bar 849 in cubase seems to align to bar 214 in EZbass.. but that i can work around updates. so looks like it doesn't crash on a smaller project that is a few bars long. works fine. no idea what to say about it. either way.. it is cool software. defiantly can make a bass sound more realistic than playing on midi keyboard. updates: all good. i found the manual.apparently lots of things it can do with the articulations. https://www.toontrack.com/manual/ezbass/6/6-2-the-grid-editor/#6-2-3-articulations updates: after extensive demoing.. i picked it up.. i guess i will get accustomed to the song mode. you can still articulations as per NI Scarbeee but you lose out the advanced articulations Toontrack has
  10. I still need to work through the other YT tutorials on EZbass. i havent seen the feature where it suggests other bass parts that are based on what you recorded in midi. it seems articulations are particular to tooktrack. when i tried the EZbass midi with NI Scarbee. no articulations. just notes. 😞 i guess not the end of the world. but the idea of having to start a project or chord framework within EZbass or manually replicating the existing chord progression in EZbass seems like it might be a problem. i am checking out tooktrack forums to see if this is indeed the case.
  11. just wanted to check.. is/has anyone been able to use EZbass song structure with Cubase chord tracks? It seems a little odd you are sort of forced to build around within the Toontrack interface of EZbass and then work outside it in the DAW.
  12. I demoed EZBass today.. still tinkering with it. it seems more of a songwriting tool. for very straight standard songwriting formats. I tried the AI and it got all messed up with the guitar voicing i use on one track. it came up with sort of gibberish parts. RE sound.. I think my Kontact NI Scarbee sounds better but lacks the articulations of EZbass. so EZ sounds more realistic but I don't think it sounds better than NI for my tastes. maybe i don't know how to use it properly. i was able to copy the midi out of EZbass into DAW and use a different bass VI.. but it does not have the articulations.. 😞
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