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  1. not a bad deal. IIRC, I got 2 free expansions with my first mikro and 4 free with my Jam.
  2. did the promo start as of today or is it back dated? you could check with NI support. Did you buy it refurb from NI or some other store?
  3. thanx! entered! now.. lemme win something..!!!
  4. decent deal if you are in market for an new interface.
  5. very nice freebie. this is one of the most used sims in their collection i use. its amazing.
  6. i sort of like the way NI and Arturia do things. I dont like IKM much. This weird business of charging for downloads of old files is sneaky. As is their weird upgrade practices where a bundle is considered a separate and distinct product from a single purchase? I have never seen something that stupid. If you own software X you qualify for upgrade to software X because you already own it. It doesn't matter how you acquired it. Just my thoughts.
  7. is it worth it? i like the sound of session a lot. i just aleady have a lot of VST synths.
  8. what do you mean by Apollo emulations? Are you using apollo interface? btw.. feel free to post sample clips.. i would be curious to hear the results as i dont know if i am using tape sims properly. i get meh results..
  9. yup. thats how i used it. i think it would be nuts to add an instance of it on each track. but what do i know.
  10. cool. but.. i already have 2 of the tapes plus tape echo. .. we sit and we wait for group buy baby!!
  11. is this that rock and roll dude from YT? he is funny guy.
  12. sorry to resurrect an old thread. this looks really cool. is this the only amp sim product they have like this? everything else is see is mixing consoles and compressor e.t.c.
  13. you get the 20% off if you own other of their stuff. Comes to $95 USD. I would still wait for a 50% sale. LOL.. I like how IKM gave away Soldano for free a few weeks ago to screw them. It's like their have a snitch in NeuralDSP or something.
  14. bitwarden is the new popular one. https://bitwarden.com/pricing/ but i agree with above poster. being reliant on an application for all your passwords is not loggical.
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