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  1. I will keep chasing GBs. Its just too much fun.
  2. Al old stuff. but all very good stuff. I have KU and pretty much all the stuff I use the most is included in this. Drumlab, Massive, Monark, Scarbee Rick and the two hybrid keys are 10+. Same with Maschine. My most used expansions are Solar, Lical and True. The FX are so so..
  3. Why does it seem to me like this is the same developer that makes "Nirwana bass " and "Duff Punk'd guitars" 🙂 https://pasttofuturereverbs.gumroad.com/l/dydjz
  4. Mick can't sue. Its impossible. "You shouldn't have named yourself after a car you stupid 'ole git"
  5. what do you get with WUP? all your plugins get 13.x installers?
  6. I have seen big sales on this before. Wasn't it $99 at one point? Samplitude is one of those DAWs I need to check out. It is used exclusively by some people I follow.
  7. Updated to TRacks 5 latest too. No issues thus far. Can't see this new plugin in TRacks standalone, so I guess it's only in the DAW. Have not had a chance to look at it yet.
  8. Hello. So I finally managed to find time to upgrade to 5.4.0.x. Ampitube 5 seems to load faster than before. But I can confirm, I am seeing a similar behavior in CPU as others have mentioned on the thread . I tried it in both stand alone as well as within the DAW. Basically, clicking the double amp and then going back to single seems to bring down the CPU usage by a bit. I am running on Windows 10.x on a slightly older Intel Xeon processor. But for most part, have not run into issues with the application thus far and I tried some of my projects in the DAW and the settings are still intact, so that's more important for me.
  9. I just heard. Very sad news.
  10. you can get it for $91 with JPs. so this is an emulation of a bunch of different units in one insert. interesting ..
  11. i'd' get the Heavy Metal bundle. it would be more fun.. :0) https://www.humblebundle.com/books/supermassive-heavy-metal-books?hmb_source=search_bar
  12. Yet again, the mysterious "General Reliability Improvements" ... there must be a new T-racks module about to be released. The demo will be thrown in to you. 🙂
  13. I use the one that is built into the Heatbeat drum machine. I quite like what it does. I too am deciding as I recall I demoed it, I like it, but then I am able to get decent results with many other things I have in my collection.
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