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MIDI’s “touch sensitivity” compatible with Spitfire’s BBC orchestra?

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Morning all, new to the community. 

My keyboard is a Kawai CA49 - usb to host. Unorthodox, but it has a killer touch sensitivity setup, feels just like the instruments I had at school. Exactly why I want to use it specifically for piano parts. (Already looking at a second midi for everyday else)

That touch sensitivity has worked perfectly with Cakewalk’s E. Piano, and the other plug-ins. Not so with Spitfire’s. I’m wondering if it’s a limitation of the plug-in or if I’m missing something. 

I’ve been poking around and I love everything I see here. This community looks awesome and I am happy to join it!


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3 hours ago, Hildegard Michael said:

Yes. Is my newbie showing? 

Any of them really, ideally the concert grand. 

Try adjusting the dynamics.  If this is set to maximum, then velocity will have little to no affect.  

This is usually the slider to the immediate left of the huge rotary controller in the Spitfire GUI.

On the spitfire pianos I have, This is usually set to be controlled by CC1

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