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On 1/31/2020 at 11:29 AM, abacab said:

The "how-to" and troubleshooting needs/concerns are probably quite different.

I test drove the web-browser-based Bandlab two or three times. As a long-time Cakewalk user, I'd say they are quite different. Not saying one is better than the other; I think they both serve different needs.

On 1/30/2020 at 2:47 PM, Brix Boston said:

Is there a forum specifically for using BandLab online only and those using the app? Seems like a totally different "crowd" between desktop users and app users. There also seems to be different issues and troubleshooting going on. 

When I saw this yesterday, I looked, but didn't see a forum.  There is a searchable "Knowledge Base."  I didn't mention that yesterday because I got the sense that you were looking for a forum like we have here.

I believe the social media focus of Bandlab lends itself to sharing projects-in-progress with others who use that platform (specific people, IIIRC) . I don't remember if there is online chat. I do remember getting help from someone from here and also looking at one of his Bandlab Projects through the Bandlab interface.

I did explore (very minimally) the potential to export Bandlab projects (*.blx) and then import them into Cakewalk. So, I know it can be done; I just can't tell you how.

I do know you can drag loops (audio and/or MIDI) from the Bandlab Assistant App into Cakewalk.  For me, the audio loops were not of the highest resolution. 

Clearly Bandlab (the app and the site) is directed towards people interested in social-media connectivity.  I explored it because someday I might want to take advantage of that focus.  Right now, for me/for what I am doing, it took too much time to figure out the logistics of the online composing process. 

If you are interested in learning more about exporting Bandlab Projects and importing them into Cakewalk, I can look up the links--but I think the sections are in the Reference Guide and in one of the Feature Updates a few updates ago.

Hope this helps.

PS: I didn't explore this, but perhaps there is interactive stuff (help) there.

PPS: It looks like there are some people listed in the tutorials link that use Facebook for Q&A.  I don't have Facebook (being not very sociable), but maybe that is the way the social-media crowd interacts (as opposed to forums). 


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