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  1. I am trying to convert midi clips to step sequencer but it seems to only convert the 1st beat
  2. Asif Ali


    Hi, I don't know if it is just me but since the previous update and with this one, I am getting cakewalk freezing. (Not responding)
  3. When I open or save a project I get this error box attached in 2021.04
  4. Feature request when inserting time to be able to insert beats
  5. Small point, but the new menus are a different size font
  6. Crashing when drag copying arranger sections
  7. The maximise minimise track button has disappeared but only in one project
  8. Is there a product support contact email for cakewalk bandlab?
  9. The ruler is un usable when zoomed out, but only on this project so it must be something I have done
  10. When using input echo when recording audio on larger projects, there is a delay
  11. Autocrossfade in take lanes does not always work when extending the length of a clip over another but sometimes changes the length of the other clip
  12. When reordering busses in the track view, if an automation lane is showing the orange move to line is two lanes out of place, if two automation lanes are showing from different busses, the move to orange line is four lanes out of place
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