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  1. @LOPSON How did you fix this, i cannot see the sonitus eq to remove it?
  2. Hi, when I was importing a pro channclass3_03122022_105842.txtel preset of my own, I got this crash, twice, I apologise if this is the wrong place to send this class3_03122022_105842.zip
  3. Amazing Tim E. I will test this out, thank you
  4. Hi, thanks for this, I would like to get much more granular, do you happen to know the formula? I can cope with maths
  5. Hi how is the node level in the automation lane related to the frequency when automating the frequency in the prochannel eq? Eg. 0 = 20hz, 100 = 20000hz. I wish to type in level percentages to achieve frequency values
  6. Asif Ali

    3/4 quantize

    Hi I am trying to quantize in 3/4 whole but it does not snap to the whole, it seems to be thinking in 4/4, am I doing something wrong?
  7. Asif Ali

    Windows 11

    Hi, does cakewalk by bandlab support windows 11?
  8. I am trying to convert midi clips to step sequencer but it seems to only convert the 1st beat
  9. Asif Ali


    Hi, I don't know if it is just me but since the previous update and with this one, I am getting cakewalk freezing. (Not responding)
  10. When I open or save a project I get this error box attached in 2021.04
  11. Feature request when inserting time to be able to insert beats
  12. Small point, but the new menus are a different size font
  13. The maximise minimise track button has disappeared but only in one project
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