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@Variorum Hi, the new version of CSMultiCompanderV2 is great! very useful for rapid velocity adjustment.

if I can, after trying it for a while, I would like to kindly suggest you some improvements.

  1. The "start" and "end" points (0,127) should be adjustable also on the horizontal axe and not only on the vertical one. This is a very important improvement. It would become possible to correct the absolute "minimum" and "maximum" values of the velocity.
  2. Add maybe the possibility for the user to add more "points" to better tune the curve or if it's difficult, at least change from 4 points (as it is now) to lets say 8 for example.
  3. When you select the "velocity mode" it would be very helpful if the indicator panel on the bottom of ctrl chng that do nothing in this mode could display the two velocity value numbers. Before and after the curve adjustment.

Just my suggestions for improve this even more. And thanks again! for your time and work on these MFX plugins, they are all very useful on some situations.


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