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Mixed & Mastered on cakewalk, Thoughts? WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS


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Songs needs to be longer? why?

                     i guess any song can be as short or long as the composer desires.i like your song and for meself i'd like to hear more and maybe even go to some other changes beats,chords.jack c.


kick add some bottom a tad

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16 hours ago, JEISONX said:

what do you mean by more developed?

As your song progresses it does not change, the lyrical content does but the actual back/supporting music does, not whilst I appreciate that this to some extent is the nature of the genre you can make subtle changes that will keep the interest of the listener and allow you to extended your song.  You can change the nature of the Bass by adding a few additional notes that would allow you to repeat a vocal passage without it sounding like you are just repeating the same thing.


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