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On The Wind Of Dreams (Remix now availble)


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17 hours ago, emeraldsoul said:

Those are some tasty synths and rises

Thanks Tom, you are most kind, glad you enjoyed my little song, for your information the following synths were used.

Arturia's CS-80 V and DX 7V in parallel in Analogue Lab 4. 
Korg's Wavestation Version 2 and M1 Version 2, the recent updates to these are great, re-sizeable GUI,  exposed CC values for ease of Automation. 
Arturia's Mini V on bass duties.
Along with Superior Drummer 3 Rock Warehouse Tight Rock kit tweaked a little.

Thank you again.

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On 5/18/2020 at 9:27 PM, Lynn said:

I love it!  More vocals, please!

Thanks Lynn, nice to know you survived.

Lyrics/vocals are not something that occur to me very often, inspiration is normally a word or a short sentence that I can expand into a tune.  Something has happened over the last two and I am not sure what that is.

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