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Berklee Online - Introduction to the Music Business for Free


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We know these are difficult times for the music community, but if there’s one thing we know about musicians,
it’s that you are resilient and resourceful. To help you make the most of the current situation, we’re offering a
collection of free course experiences and content to keep your mind busy and your music skills sharp.

Take Introduction to the Music Business for Free
In this free four-week course experience, John Kellogg, entertainment attorney and former chair of the
Music Business/Management department at Berklee College of Music, will teach you how to navigate
the modern music business. This is an abridged version of the full 12-week Music Business 101 course,
featuring videos, quizzes, and exercises.

Start Your Free Course

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Also this:


Take Your Free Ableton Live Fundamentals Course

About the Exclusive 4-Week Course:

Ableton Live Fundamentals is a perfect point of entry if you’re looking to learn this fascinating program, which will open up new possibilities and change the way you think about making music. Ableton Live is not only an ideal tool for recording, but it can also be used for composing, arranging, mixing, and especially performing. This course touches upon all of these fundamentals, as well as production, synthesis, sampling, effects processing, and workflow inside of this unique software.

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There's also this one:

Take Your Free Pro Tools Basics Course

About the Exclusive Four-Week Course:

Pro Tools Basics is taught by Chrissy Tignor, a full-time faculty member in the Contemporary Writing and Production department at Berklee College of Music. In the course you’ll learn to record a live performance into Pro Tools, how to identify the various components in the Pro Tools interface and organize session files, how to use a sampler and a synthesizer, and how to balance your production mix by adjusting levels, using pan, and applying effects such as EQ, reverb, and compression.

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Cakewalk used to be almost across the street from there and the only course I ever saw offered for Cakewalk wasn't free.

@jesse g The music theory course was pretty basic but did have some interesting content. The instructor looks the same, so not sure if is the same video files (I took that 10 years ago now). There was a similar one in name offered from a Scottish school that was rather hard core. I forget which company offered that one though (Coursera sounds familiar).


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3 hours ago, Fleer said:

Used to pass by on my way to Daddy’s Junky Music store. Gone forever, alas. 

That's Boston, right? 

Does that mean I should start reading your post with a Boston accent in mind, adding remarks like, "wicked smaht post!"  "pissa!" and "yah, no" in my head?  

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Thanks for the heads up about the 404 warnings.  I just checked the two links I posted here when someone reported getting 404 errors.  The links I posted still work.

On 3/4/2023 at 2:18 PM, User 905133 said:

I also got the 404 error. It looks like they have some resources for prospective students:  https://online.berklee.edu/free-music-course-resources (account needed) as well as some other promotional and informative resources that are available without an account: https://online.berklee.edu/takenote/podcast/music-is-my-life/.

This one also works: https://online.berklee.edu/courses .


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to add another non-404 link
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On 3/25/2020 at 8:57 AM, cclarry said:

Introduction to the Music Business

Step 1 to start making money with your music: stop spending thousands of dollars on plugins and libraries.

Just kidding guys, INDULGE!

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Have all the free courses filled up?  Not seeing any, only free samples lessons.

What I see is stuff like:
3-Credit Tuition

Non-Credit Tuition

which to my eyes means I'll need to pay either $250 or $1,265 to attend.

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