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FREE Plugin - "Stereo Swapper" from Raising Jake Studios

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We have released a simple utility plugin we named "Stereo Swapper" that does a simple task of swapping the left and right channels on any stereo bus. If you have been working on a mix project for a long time you might be surprised how different it sounds when the left and right channels are switched at your monitors or headphones. A better overall mix balance, EQ, etc., can often be achieved by simply monitoring your mix while toggling the left/right channel routing. Stereo Swapper can be used on the monitor bus (if your DAW has one), on the main stereo bus - or even stereo tracks within a mix - to quickly flip the left/right channels without having to mess with pan settings.

Stereo Swapper a simple little plugin that can help you make better mix decisions or left in place on stereo tracks within a mix that ends up sounding better "flipped".

Stereo Swapper will soon be posted on our website however can be downloaded directly here:


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